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Accessories are a category of items that grant perks or buffs while held in a player's inventory or Accessory Bag. Accessories can be Enriched, and have Powers applied to them to grant additional stats on top of its original buffs.


Accessories grant a buff while held in the player's Accessory Bag, Accessories do not grant their buffs within the Ender Chest, Storage, or Inventory.

Having more Accessories gives the player more Magical Power, depending on their Rarities. Accessory Powers can be applied to the player's Accessories, granting them Stat boosts, which increase based on the player's Magical Power. Accessories can also have Enrichments applied to them.

Accessories usually follow the naming scheme of (in order of lowest to highest tier):

  1. Talismans
  2. Rings
  3. Artifacts
  4. Relics

However there are several exceptions, for example Wolf Paw Wolf Paw, Scarf's Grimoire Scarf's Grimoire or Survivor Cube Survivor Cube

Many accessories are upgradable, often following the path of Talisman → Ring → Artifact → Relic. An example of this is the Candy Talisman Candy Talisman, the Candy Ring Candy Ring, the Candy Artifact Candy Artifact, and the Candy Relic Candy Relic. The upgraded versions of each accessory are often found within higher tiers of the same Collection, and the crafting recipes usually require using the lower tier accessory to craft the higher tier accessory. These upgraded accessories often provide similar bonuses, but more effective, and of a higher Rarity.


If two or more accessories in the same upgrade line are held, only the effects and Power stats of the highest rarity will count. For example, if Feather Talisman Feather Talisman, Feather Ring Feather Ring, and Feather Artifact Feather Artifact are all held simultaneously, only the Feather Artifact Feather Artifact's Stats from Powers and ability will count.

The only exceptions are the compaction ability of Personal Compactors and the removal ability Personal Deletors, which work together with separate target items. Note that their Powers still count only the ones with the highest rarity.


Enrichments are items that give small bonuses to Legendary or Mythic rarity talismans. They can be bought from Elizabeth for 5,000 Bits each or from the auction house. The enrichment of all owned enriched accessories can be changed with the Accessory Enrichment Swapper Accessory Enrichment Swapper.

Accessory Bag[]

The Accessory Bag is unlocked in the Redstone Redstone Collection and is located at the bottom right of the SkyBlock Menu SkyBlock Menu. Placing accessories in the Accessory Bag will allow their effects to work as normal while saving inventory space with the exception of the Piggy Bank Piggy Bank's ability. Players can also upgrade the Accessory Bag by buying it at the community shop for an extra 12 slots, making the maximum amount of slots in the accessory bag 57.

Accessory Bag upgrades
Size Slots Collection Redstone Redstone Needed
Default 0 - -
Small 3 Redstone II 250
Medium 9 Redstone VI 5k
Large 15 Redstone IX 50k
Greater 21 Redstone X 200k
Giant 27 Redstone XI 400k
Massive 33 Redstone XII 600k
Humongous 39 Redstone XIII 800k
Colossal 45 Redstone XIV 1M
Titanic 51 Redstone XV 1.2M
Preposterous 57 Redstone XVI 1.4M

List of Accessories[]

To sort by rarity or name, click the arrows on the table header


  • Accessories of all kinds used to all be called Talismans. They are still often referred to as Talismans.
  • Accessories are mostly used for their Accessory Powers.


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added Talismans.
July 2, 20190.5Added Fish Affinity Talisman Fish Affinity Talisman, Healing Talisman Healing Talisman, Healing Ring Healing Ring, Bait Ring Bait Ring, Sea Creature Talisman Sea Creature Talisman, Sea Creature Ring Sea Creature Ring, Sea Creature Artifact Sea Creature Artifact, Shady Ring Shady Ring, Crooked Artifact Crooked Artifact, Seal of the Family Seal of the Family, Ender Artifact Ender Artifact and Wither Artifact Wither Artifact.
Unknown DateRenamed Talismans to Accessories.
Aug 2, 20190.7Added Pig's Foot Pig's Foot.
Oct 11, 20190.7.2Added Zombie Ring Zombie Ring, Zombie Artifact Zombie Artifact, Devour Ring Devour Ring, Spider Ring Spider Ring, Spider Artifact Spider Artifact, Tarantula Talisman Tarantula Talisman, Survivor Cube Survivor Cube, Wolf Talisman Wolf Talisman, Wolf Ring Wolf Ring, Red Claw Talisman Red Claw Talisman, Red Claw Ring Red Claw Ring, Red Claw Artifact Red Claw Artifact, Hunter Talisman Hunter Talisman, and Hunter Ring Hunter Ring.
Oct 24, 20190.7.3Added New Year Cake Bag New Year Cake Bag, Bat Ring Bat Ring, Bat Artifact Bat Artifact, Candy Talisman Candy Talisman, Candy Ring Candy Ring, Candy Artifact Candy Artifact, Intimidation Ring Intimidation Ring, and Intimidation Artifact Intimidation Artifact.
Nov 11, 20190.7.4Added Wolf Paw Wolf Paw, Melody's Hair Melody's Hair, Legendary Ring of Love Rings of Love and Campfire God Badge Campfire Badges.
Dec 3, 2019Added Cracked Piggy Bank Cracked Piggy Bank and Broken Piggy Bank Broken Piggy Bank.
Dec 18, 20190.7.5Added Frozen Chicken Frozen Chicken.
May 21, 2020Added Speed Ring Speed Ring and Speed Artifact Speed Artifact.
June 7, 20200.7.10Added Personal Compactor 4000 Personal Compactor 4000, Personal Compactor 5000 Personal Compactor 5000 and Personal Compactor 6000 Personal Compactor 6000.
June 10, 2020Added Blank Icon.png Crab Hat of Celebration.
June 21, 2020Added Potato Talisman Potato Talisman.
July 1, 20200.7.11Added Cat Talisman Cat Talisman, Lynx Talisman Lynx Talisman and Cheetah Talisman Cheetah Talisman.
July 7, 20200.8Added Scarf's Studies Scarf's Studies, Scarf's Thesis Scarf's Thesis, and Scarf's Grimoire Scarf's Grimoire.
July 30, 2020Added Treasure Talisman Treasure Talisman, Treasure Ring Treasure Ring, and Treasure Artifact Treasure Artifact.
Sep 8, 20200.9Added Razor-sharp Shark Tooth Necklace Shark Tooth Necklaces, Beastmaster Crest Beastmaster Crest and Mineral Talisman Mineral Talisman.
Oct 20, 20200.9.8Added Bits Talisman Bits Talisman and Hegemony Artifact Hegemony Artifact.
Oct 30, 20200.9.9Added Candy Relic Candy Relic, Bat Person Talisman Bat Person Talisman, Bat Person Ring Bat Person Ring, and Bat Person Artifact Bat Person Artifact.
Nov 2, 20200.9.10Added Lucky Hoof Lucky Hoof and Eternal Hoof Eternal Hoof.
Nov 17, 20200.9.13Added Wither Relic Wither Relic, Auto Recombobulator Auto Recombobulator and Catacombs Expert Ring Catacombs Expert Ring.
Nov 26, 2020Added Emerald Ring Emerald Ring.
Dec 3, 2020Added Personal Compactor 7000 Personal Compactor 7000.
Jan 7, 2021Added Green Jerry Talisman Green Jerry Talisman, Blue Jerry Talisman Blue Jerry Talisman, Purple Jerry Talisman Purple Jerry Talisman, and Golden Jerry Artifact Golden Jerry Artifact.
Jan 15, 20210.11Added King Talisman King Talisman, Titanium Talisman Titanium Talisman, Titanium Ring Titanium Ring, Titanium Artifact Titanium Artifact, and Titanium Relic Titanium Relic.
Mar 9, 20210.11.2Added Personal Deletor 4000 Personal Deletor 4000, Personal Deletor 5000 Personal Deletor 5000, Personal Deletor 6000 Personal Deletor 6000, and Personal Deletor 7000 Personal Deletor 7000.
Mar 12, 2021Added Reaper Orb Reaper Orb.
Apr 4, 2021Added Dante Talisman Dante Talisman.
Apr 16, 2021Added Blood God Crest Blood God Crest and Spiked Atrocity Spiked Atrocity.
Apr 30, 2021Added Master Skull Master Skulls - Tiers 1-7.
May 31, 20210.11.5Added Soulflow Pile Soulflow Pile, Soulflow Battery Soulflow Battery, Soulflow Supercell Soulflow Supercell, Handy Blood Chalice Handy Blood Chalice, Pocket Espresso Machine Pocket Espresso Machine, and Ender Relic Ender Relic.
July 14, 20210.12Added Talisman of Power Talisman of Power, Ring of Power Ring of Power, Artifact of Power Artifact of Power, and Jungle Amulet Jungle Amulet.
Sep 27, 2021Fixed certain Accessory upgrade lines applying their buffs and reforges on different tiers simultaneously. Click here to view the list of fixes.
Oct 5, 2021Added Nether Artifact Nether Artifact.
Nov 29, 2021Added Bingo Talisman Bingo Talisman, Bingo Ring Bingo Ring.
Apr 20, 20220.13Added Accessory Powers as replacement of accessory Reforging.
Old accessory reforges no longer provide stats.
Added Odger's Bronze Tooth Odger's Bronze Tooth, Odger's Silver Tooth Odger's Silver Tooth, Odger's Gold Tooth Odger's Gold Tooth, and Odger's Diamond Tooth Odger's Diamond Tooth.
June 1, 2022Added Bingo Artifact Bingo Artifact.
June 10, 2022Added Blank Icon.png Crab Hat of Celebration - 2022 Edition.