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Accessories are a category of items that grant a perk or buff while held in a player's inventory or Accessory Bag (they do not work in Backpacks or the Ender Chest).

Accessories are often labeled with common keywords such as:

  • Talismans
  • Rings
  • Artifacts


Accessories grant a buff while held in the player's inventory or Accessory Bag, with the exception of the Piggy Bank, which needs to be held in the inventory in order for it's ability to work.

Accessories can be reforged to provide stat boosts, such as Strength iconStrength or Crit damage iconCrit Damage. Higher Rarity accessories' reforges often grant stronger and more impactful stat boosts.


Many accessories are upgradable, often following the path of Talisman → Ring → Artifact. An example of this is the Feather Talisman, the Feather Ring, and the Feather Artifact. The upgrades of each accessory are often found within higher tiers of the same collection, and the crafting recipes usually require using the lower tier accessory to craft the higher tier accessory. These upgraded accessories often provide the similar bonuses, but more effective, and of a higher Rarity.

Note that if two of the same type of accessory are held (ex: a talisman and a ring), only the effects of the best one will count. For example, if Feather Talisman, Feather Ring, and Feather Artifact are all held simultaneously, only the Feather Artifact's reforge and ability will count.

Note that any Reforging on an accessory is lost upon upgrading to a higher rarity, except for Campfire Badge, Ring of Love, and the Personal Compactors.

Talisman Spamming

Each accessory can be reforged to grant additional Stats. This means players should acquire as many accessories as they can in order to boost their stats and provide useful perks.

Most experienced players optimize their reforges to increase their Strength iconStrength and Crit damage iconCrit Damage. This is commonly referred to as Talisman Spamming.

Forceful is the best reforge for Common, Uncommon, and Rare accessories. Strong is the best reforge for Epic and Legendary accessories.

Since the Reforge Update, only the Unpleasant reforge gives Crit chance iconCrit Chance, so set the reforge to Unpleasant if you have a low Crit chance iconCrit Chance or reforge your armor to pure and talismans to hurtful.

Accessory Bag

The Accessory Bag is unlocked in the Redstone Collection and is located at the bottom right of the SkyBlock Menu. Placing accessories in the Accessory Bag will allow their effects to work as normal while saving inventory space with the exception of the Piggy Bank's ability.

Accessory Bag upgrades
Size Slots Collection Redstone Needed
Default 0 - -
Small 3 Redstone II 250
Medium 9 Redstone VII 10k
Large 15 Redstone IX 50k
Greater 21 Redstone X 200k
Giant 27 Redstone XI 400k
Massive 33 Redstone XII 600k
Humongous 39 Redstone XIII 800k
Colossal 45 Redstone XIV 1M

List of Accessories

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The following are items that hinted at in the game but marked as “Coming Soon”.

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