Listed below are accessories that obtained from mob drop.

Image Name Rarity Effect Source Cost / Crafting Upgradable
Mob Drop
Bat Talisman
Bat Talisman Rare +1 Health iconHP+1 Speed iconSpd

+1 Intelligence iconInt

Bats Rare Drop from Bats (Bats spawn on a Roofed Forest Island) Yes Yes (Ring)
Spider Talisman
Spider Talisman Uncommon Reduces Spider, Cave Spider and Silverfish damage by 5% Brood Mother Kill the Brood Mother boss in the Spider's Den Yes Yes (Ring)
Fish Affinity Talisman
Fish Affinity Talisman Rare 5.0% faster catch time Water Hydra Drop from Water Hydra No No
Wolf Talisman
Wolf Talisman Common Reduces the damage taken from Wolves by 5%. Old Wolf Rare Drop from Old Wolf Yes Yes (Ring)
Tarantula Talisman
Tarantula Talisman Epic Every 10th melee hit on the same enemy deals +10% damage. Tarantula Broodfather (Tier III) Drop unlocked after Spider Slayer LVL 6 No No
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