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Accessory Bag (previously named Talisman Bag) is a bag in the SkyBlock Menu that lets the player store their Accessories, allowing their effects to work outside the Inventory.


The Accessory Bag is unlocked and increases in size through the Redstone collection, according to the following table. It is accessible through the SkyBlock Menu with 3 slots as soon as the Redstone II milestone is reached.

Bag Collection Slots
Small Redstone II 3
Medium Redstone VI 9
Large Redstone IX 15
Greater Redstone X 21
Giant Redstone XI 27
Massive Redstone XII 33
Humongous Redstone XIII 39
Colossal Redstone XIV 45
Titanic Redstone XV 51
Preposterous Redstone XVI 57

In Community Center, the Accessory Bag can be further expanded through Account Upgrades, 2 slots at a time. All upgrades are free to start, but take longer to complete each time.

Tier Duration Extra Slots
I 4 days 2
II 6 days 4
III 8 days 6
IV 10 days 8
V 14 days 10
VI 18 days 12

The Accessory Bag can be further expanded via Jacobus, in exchange for coins.

Purchase Cost Per Upgrade Extra Slots
1 1,500,000 coins 2
2 - 5 5,000,000 coins 4 - 10
6 - 10 8,000,000 coins 12 - 20
11 - 20 12,000,000 coins 22 - 40
21 - 99 20,000,000 coins 42 - 198


The Accessory Bag can hold any Accessories within it, including the Crab Hat of Celebration. With all upgrades, it can hold up to 267 different accessories.

Within the Accessory Bag, the effects of Accessories will apply to the player (except the Piggy Bank's ability, which requires to be in player's Inventory to take effect). Accessory Bags split pages every 45 slots.


  • The Accessory Bag was once called the Talisman Bag. It still is called talisman_bag in the SkyBlock API.
  • Unlocking the Greater Accessory Bag upgrade grants the achievement Accessories Galore.
  • Certain counters such as the Beastmaster Crest counter do not show properly within the Accessory Bag; requirements to use certain accessories such as Slayer accessories will also show as if the player has not reached them. However, their stats and effects will still work.
  • It costs 1,761,500,000 coins to reach the maximum upgrade at Jacobus.


Alpha Hypixel Network
Apr 16, 2022Added Accessory Bag upgrade at Jacobus (198 more slots).
SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Accessory Bag.png Added Talisman Bag.
July 9, 20190.6Added Greater Accessory Bag Upgrade (from 15 to 21 slots).
Sep 11, 20190.7.1Renamed to Accessory Bag.
Added Giant Accessory Bag Upgrade (from 21 to 27 slots).
Having multiple of the same accessories in your inventory no longer count the extra reforge stats.
Items that can be reforged now have a text at the bottom, to make it more clear, this text goes away if there are too many lines.
Feb 21, 20200.7.6Added Massive Accessory Bag Upgrade (from 27 to 33 slots).
Added Humongous Accessory Bag Upgrade (from 33 to 39 slots).
June 21, 2020Added Colossal Accessory Bag Upgrade (from 39 to 45 slots).
Sep 8, 20200.9Added Accessory Bag Account Upgrades (12 more slots).
Dec 3, 2020Added Titanic Accessory Bag Upgrade (from 45 to 51 slots).
Jan 15, 20210.11Added Preposterous Accessory Bag Upgrade (from 51 to 57 slots).
Apr 23, 2021Accessory Bag temporarily disabled due to data wipe issues.
Apr 26, 2021Accessory Bag re-enabled.
Oct 5, 2021Can now filter by rarity when reforging the entire Accessory Bag.