Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

Account & Profile Upgrades, accessible from Elizabeth in the Community Center allow players to upgrade their account and profile in various ways. Once unlocked, these upgrades are permanent. These upgrades are often free in the early levels, requiring nothing but time to upgrade, but may cost SkyBlock Gems in the later levels. These upgrades can also be skipped, allowing players access to them immediately, at the cost of 72 SkyBlock Gems per day skipped.


Here is a quick overview of which upgrades are available for free, and which are placed behind a paywall.

In order to max out every upgrade, 5150 Gems are required, which is equivalent to approximately $40 (you can either purchase one $50 package or $25 + $10 + $5). Solo players who opt to skip the co-op slots upgrade only require 3,350 Gems, which is just under $25.

Players who spend Gems get 3 extra slots for their co-op, 4 extra simultaneous guests to their island, 80 additional blocks of width to their island (this almost doubles the square footage of the player's island, 7 additional pages to their Ender Chest, 6 additional slots for their Sack of Sacks, 0.125% reduced tax in the Bazaar, and 7 additional simultaneous orders in the Bazaar.

Upgrade Type


Obtainable for Free Behind the Pay-Wall Cost to max out (in SkyBlock Gems without skipping time)
Profile Island Size 169x169 (stated as 168x168) 241x241 (stated as 240x240) 1675 Gems
Minion Slots +5 slots
Guests Limit +1 slot +4 slots (+5 total) 200 Gems
Co-op Slots +3 slots 1800 Gems
Coins Allowance +50k coins
Account Ender Chest Pages +1 page +7 pages (+8 total) 975 Gems
Accessory Bag +12 slots
Sack of Sacks +4 slots +6 slots (+10 total) 400 Gems
Magic Find +5 Magic Find
Bazaar Flipper +7 orders, -0.125% tax +7 orders, -0.125% tax
(+14 orders, -0.25% tax total)
100 Gems

Profile Upgrades[]

Profile Upgrades upgrade the profile they are accessed on, and are shared across co-op members.

Upgrade Effect Total Stats Cost (in SkyBlock Gems) Duration
Island Size Expand your island by adding buildable space on all sides. Def. 161x161 (stated as 160x160)
I 169x169 (stated as 168x168) Free 2 days
II 177x177 (stated as 176x176) 175 Gems 4 days
III 185x185 (stated as 184x184) 175 Gems 6 days
IV 193x193 (stated as 192x192) 175 Gems 8 days
V 201x201 (stated as 200x200) 175 Gems 10 days
VI 209x209 (stated as 208x208) 175 Gems 10 days
VII 217x217 (stated as 216x216) 200 Gems 10 days
VIII 225x225 (stated as 224x224) 200 Gems 10 days
IX 233x233 (stated as 232x232) 200 Gems 10 days
X 241x241 (stated as 240x240) 200 Gems 10 days
Minion Slots Gain extra Minion Slots for your island. I +1 slot Free 1 day
II +2 slots Free 4 days
III +3 slots Free 8 days
IV +4 slots Free 16 days
V +5 slots Free 24 days
Guests Limit Allow extra guests to /visit your island at the same time. I +1 slot Free 2 days
II +2 slots 50 Gems 4 days
III +3 slots 50 Gems 6 days
IV +4 slots 50 Gems 8 days
V +5 slots 50 Gems 16 days
Co-op Slots Allows you to /coopadd extra members to this profile. I +1 slot 600 Gems Instant
II +2 slots 600 Gems Instant
III +3 slots 600 Gems Instant
Coins Allowance Earn some coins every day when you login. I 10,000 coins Free 5 days
II 20,000 coins Free 10 days
III 30,000 coins Free 15 days
IV 40,000 coins Free 20 days
V 50,000 coins Free 25 days

Account Upgrades[]

Account Upgrades upgrade all of a player's profiles, and do not impact co-op partners.

Upgrade Effect Total Stats Cost (in SkyBlock Gems) Duration
Ender Chest Pages Unlock extra pages in the Ender Chest within your SkyBlock Menu. I 2 pages Free 6 days
II 3 pages 75 Gems 6 days
III 4 pages 150 Gems 6 days
IV 5 pages 150 Gems 6 days
V 6 pages 150 Gems 6 days
VI 7 pages 150 Gems 6 days
VII 8 pages 150 Gems 6 days
VIII 9 pages 150 Gems 6 days
Accessory Bag Unlock extra slots in your Accessory Bag. I +2 slots Free 4 days
II +4 slots Free 6 days
III +6 slots Free 8 days
IV +8 slots Free 10 days
V +10 slots Free 14 days
VI +12 slots Free 18 days
Sack of Sacks Unlock additional slots in your Sack of Sacks. I +2 slots Free 3 days
II +4 slots Free 6 days
III +6 slots 100 Gems 12 days
IV +8 slots 100 Gems 12 days
V +10 slots 200 Gems 12 days
Magic Find Gain a Magic Find icon.pngMagic Find bonus, increasing your odds of finding rare items. I +1 Magic Find icon.pngMagic Find Free 1 day
II +2 Magic Find icon.pngMagic Find Free 2 days
III +3 Magic Find icon.pngMagic Find Free 4 days
IV +4 Magic Find icon.pngMagic Find Free 8 days
V +5 Magic Find icon.pngMagic Find Free 16 days
Bazaar Flipper Manage more items at the same time and reduce the Bazaar tax. I +7 (21) orders, 1.125% tax Free 5 days
II +14 (28) orders, 1% tax 100 Gems 10 days


  • Upgrading all profile upgrades takes 244 days and 3675 gems.
  • Upgrading all account upgrades takes 195 days and 1475 gems.
  • Upgrading everything takes 244 days and 5150 gems.
  • Upgrading all free profile upgrades takes 132 days.
  • Upgrading all free account upgrades takes 147 days.