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The various named agents on Winter Island are part of the Operation Mayhem minigame (labeled Coming Soon) and guard the entrance to the Snowball Fight Cave. As the minigame does not currently work, they serve no purpose. There are 4 NPC's regarding Operation Mayhem:

  • Agent Kapustin
  • Agent Kvasov
  • Agent Kruglov
  • Agent Komarov

Agent Kapustin seems to be the leader in Operation Mayhem.

As of May 3, 2020, after the Defend Jerry's Workshop event, a message appeared in the chat saying "Operation Mayhem is starting in 30 seconds! Head to the Ice Caves to take part." This appears to be a bug, as Operation Mayhem does not actually take place.


Agent Kapustin:

  • Hey [Player Name]!
    • My crew is preparing Operation Mayhem in the caves.
      • Don't tell anyone, it's top secret!

Agents Kvasov, Kruglov, and Komarov

  • The penguins are hard at work.

Operation Mayhem[]

It is a coming soon feature in SkyBlock, but little is known about it.


SkyBlock Prototype
Dec 18, 20190.7.5Added Agents of Operation Mayhem without usage.