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Brewing Stand.png Alchemy is one of the Skills available for players to level up as they perform certain actions that give them Alchemy XP.

Roman Numerals are used to express its level in-game.

Although Alchemy goes from levels 1-50, there is 50 XP required to reach the first level, meaning there is a "level 0", just like all other Skills.

Basic Leveling XP[]

By brewing potions, players can increase their Alchemy level as outlined in the table below. For more information on how to brew specific potions please visit the Potions page.

Basic XP Yields[]

Item XP Yield Area
Nether Wart +1 Blazing Fortress
Awkward Potion +5 Private Island

Potion Specific Leveling XP[]

Each Potion will be split up into separate categories for easier navigation. Note that Brewing experience is collected when the player takes the Potion out of the Brewing Stand. Potion leveling XP seems to be tied only to the first ingredient added to the awkward potion in most or all cases below. The ingredient column indicates which ingredient leads to this XP yield when added to the lowest level indicated in the level column.

Currently, the best method is either using Enchanted Sugar or Sugar Cane as they are easy to get. Note that although Enchanted Sugar is about 3x more efficient at selling up than Enchanted Sugar Cane it still takes longer due to Enchanted Sugar Cane potions being made so quickly.

Players with a lower budget should use Enchanted Melons, as they give the best XP to cost ratio, including the cost of Awkward Potions. Without including the cost of Awkward potions, Enchanted Melons yield 0.97 alchemy XP per coin spent.

Note: It is assumed that only the first ingredient after the Awkward Potion affects brewing leveling XP. In some cases, players can get a Tier V potion that is not in the recipe book such as adding Enchanted Glowstone to a level III Strength Potion. Although the player gets a tier V Potion, the player will only receive the tier III-IV XP reward.

Potion Ingredient Added To Xp Yield Ingredient
Bazaar Price
Total Shop Sell Price (per 3 potions made)
Awkward Potion +5 2.6 coins
Enchanted Sugar
+300 349.3 coins
Enchanted Sugar Cane
+15000 55,116 coins 17,499 coins
Jump Boost
Rabbit's Foot
Awkward Potion +12 8.1 coins
Enchanted Rabbit Foot
+600 907.3 coins 279 coins
Lapis Lazuli
Awkward Potion +5 3.1 coins
Awkward Potion +5 0.8 coins
Night Vision
Golden Carrot
Awkward Potion +10
Fermented Spider Eye
Awkward Potion +10
Spider Eye
Awkward Potion +10 5.7 coins
Glistering Melon
Awkward Potion +10
Enchanted Melon
+250 193.9 coins 66 coins
Enchanted Glistering Melon
+500 6,448.9 coins
Fire Resistance
Magma Cream
Awkward Potion +10 11.5 coins
Water Breathing
Awkward Potion +12 15 coins
Enchanted Pufferfish
+600 2,434 coins 549 coins
Ghast Tear
Awkward Potion +30 48.4 coins
Enchanted Ghast Tear
+120 295.6 coins V: 99 coins
VI: 108 coins
Blaze Powder
Awkward Potion +10
Enchanted Blaze Powder
+500 2,639.2 coins
Enchanted Blaze Rod
+23000 374,442 coins
Fermented Spider Eye
Water Bottle +10
Enchanted Spider Eye
+0 1,003.9 coins
Enchanted Fermented Spider Eye
+15000 68,440 coins V: 1,500 coins
VI: 38,700 coins
Ink Sac
Awkward Potion +0 696.8 coins
Enchanted Ink Sack
+0 58,000 coins
Fermented Spider Eye
Speed Potions (I-VIII) ?
Fermented Spider Eye
Healing Potions (I-VIII) ?
Awkward Potion +5 5.2 coins
Red Sand
Awkward Potion +5
Awkward Potion +10 7.5 coins
Poisonous Potato
Awkward Potion +20
Awkward Potion +15 22.9 coins
Awkward Potion +10 2.6 coins
Gold Ingot
Awkward Potion +5 4.5 coins
Enchanted Gold
+300 637.2 coins
Enchanted Gold Block
+15000 108,025 coins V: 1,500 coins
VI: 26,001 coins
Raw Salmon
Awkward Potion +5 10.3 coins
Awkward Potion +10 1.1 coins
Enchanted Cactus Green
+250 1,151.8 coins
Enchanted Cactus
+500 147,945 coins
Awkward Potion +0 18 coins
Enchanted Mutton
+0 3,383 coins
Enchanted Cooked Mutton
+0 128,281 coins
Enchanted Cake
Awkward Potion +400 11,139 coins


Brewer is an ability exclusively unlocked by leveling up the Alchemy Skill. Each level of Brewer grants a +1% effect duration on potions that the player brews.

Each level of Alchemy grants one level of Brewer. For example, if the player were on Alchemy level 15, the player would be on Brewer level 15.

Leveling Strategy[]

Enchanted Sugar Cane (Speed) is the easiest material to gain Alchemy XP with because players can make a Sugar Cane farm and it doesn't take long to get Enchanted Sugar Cane. Even if the player doesn't have a Sugar Cane farm, they are cheap for their value. Enchanted Blaze Rods (Strength) are the best for XP but very hard to get. There are other materials that the player can use using the chart above. Players with Alchemy XP Boost Potions (they can be obtained from Gifts in Jerry's Workshop) should save a bunch of materials and then drink the Potion for a significant increase in XP.

With the introduction to the Bazaar, Enchanted Fermented Spider Eyes are an alternative if purchased directly. While Enchanted Sugar Cane is easier to acquire, Enchanted Fermented Spider Eyes are also viable. Both yield the same XP value; however, Enchanted Sugar Cane can be brewed faster if the Awkward Potion is substituted with Cheap Coffee or Decent Coffee.

The following assumes the type of potions brewed, XP given per potion, cookie buff, and 5,000 potions collected per hour for achieving Alchemy 50.

Item XP Collect Time (hrs) Brew Time (hrs)
E. Melon 300 25.6 473
E. Sugar 360 21.5 395
E. Sugarcane 15000 0.52 9.5

E. Sugarcane is approximately 4x as expensive per XP, e.g. 73m vs 18m for E. Sugar. For near continuous collection ~19 autobrewers are required; however, refilling water and ingredients take more time.

Leveling Rewards[]

Alchemy has a maximum level of 50.

Level Effect Duration Intelligence
1-14 1% +1
15-50 1% +2

The cumulative rewards at Alchemy level 25 are:

The cumulative rewards at Alchemy level 50 are:


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