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Image for the Alpha Hypixel Network used in the introduction announcement.

The server as seen in the Minecraft Multiplayer tab.

The Alpha Hypixel Network (acronymized as AHN), or Alpha Network, is a testing server that allows players to test upcoming updates for games on the Hypixel Network. This server is on alpha.hypixel.net.

The Alpha Hypixel Network hosts testing sessions in which the server is open players to test specified subjects, usually upcoming updates or features for specific games. Currently, SkyBlock is the only supported game on the server, and upcoming updates for the game are planned to be tested in the server. A rank requirement may be present for joining the Alpha Network.


The Alpha Hypixel Network is currently closed

Is it the correct alpha network status? If outdated, please update Alpha Hypixel Network/Status.


Alpha Network Reset[]

When an Alpha Network Reset (or Network Reset) happens:

  • Any previous progress on the Alpha Network is wiped.
  • Upon joining SkyBlock, a player will enter the profile they last played on the main server.

Upon joining the first profile after a reset, a Transfer of Progress may happen:

  • All progress made by the player on all profiles on the main server will be transferred the Alpha Network, including all built structures on the private island of each profile.
  • Player begins receiving game messages about achievements/collections unlocks, and skills/pet leveling up, until they are the same as on its corresponding profile on the main server.
  • Note: The above is the intended behaviour. It can happen that a player joins the Alpha Network without a proper transfer of progress. That is, they start as if they play SkyBlock for the first time.

General Points to Note[]

  • Progress made after the Transfer of Progress is branched out from the main server, and later progress on either alpha or main server will not affect the other.
  • New features or new testing sessions on the Alpha Network do not necessarily come with a Network Reset; It is on admin's decision to trigger a Network Reset.
  • The player limit of during each session, shown on server listings, can change on admin's decision. This limits the number of players that can play the Alpha Network at the same time. The highest capacity for this player limit is believed to be 400.

Observed Behaviour[]

The observed similarities and differences of the Alpha Network with the Main Server is listed below.


All events seems to also happen on the Alpha Hypixel Network. For example:


Changes on the main server may not be reflected on the Alpha Network immediately:

  • When Simon Sprite.png Simon was removed on the main server on 11 April 2022, he was not removed at the same time on the Alpha Network. When the Security Sloth Sprite.png Security Sloth was added to the main server on 24 May 2022, it was not added immediately on the Alpha Network. Instead, both changes were done when a session opened on 9 June 2022.
  • When the Main Server Hub was Easter-decorated in 2022, the Alpha Network Hub was not changed.


Clock.gif Opening Sessions of Hypixel Alpha Network
Year 2022
Session Period Remarks
9 June - 10 June Unknown
7 June - 8 June Testing Backend Change[1]
22 April - 25 April
15 April - 20 April
Reforging Update
21 March - 7 April
16 March
12 March - 13 March
8 March - 9 March
Nether Update Alpha Testing Phase 2
2 March Nether Update Alpha Testing Phase 1: Performance issues
23/24 Feb This testing session is for the new island; the Crimson Isle. (selected people only)
22 Feb Nether Update Alpha Testing Phase 1
Jan 21 - Unknown Unknown
Jan 6 - Jan 18 This testing session is for the new "Stranded" game mode and the new armor slots.
Year 2021
Session Period Remarks
Dec 13 - Jan 1 This testing session is for the new "Stranded" game mode and the new armor slots.
Oct 25 - Unknown This testing session is for the new "Museum" mechanic.
Sep 28 Unknown
Sep 8 - Unknown Unknown
Aug 27 - Sep 1 Unknown
Unknown Dates This session is for some internal testing.
Jun 30 - Jul 23

This testing session is for SkyBlock 0.12, the Crystal Hollows update[2], and the Weaponsmith Workshop City Project.

Year 2020
Session Period Remarks
May 5 - Unknown

This testing session is for The Catacombs.

  • May 5 - Entrance Floor - Floor II avaliable
  • Unknown Date - Floor III avaliable


  • The server was announced on May 5th, 2020, along with the return of linking to the Hypixel Discord through the /discord Command, and access to the #admin-lounge channel for testers.[3]
  • When attempting to use /skyblock after a Network Reset, if the player was on a  Stranded profile when joining, this message can appear:
    You were kicked when joining that server!

    Cannot join an island on a stranded profile!

    Clicking on the SkyBlock Lobby NPC does not trigger this warning and player is able to enter SkyBlock normally.
  • When the player is awarded Bingo Points from previous Bingo events, this message can appear:
    You have been given [#] Bingo Points that were missing from the [n-th] Bingo.
  • When attempting to join the server when it is closed or when rank is insufficient, the connection screen will show:
    Failed to connect to the server
    The Hypixel Alpha server is currently closed!


Alpha Hypixel Network
Mar 12, 2020The Alpha Hypixel Network increased the player limit from 200 to 400 players.
May 5, 20200.7.8The Alpha Hypixel Network was announced with the beginning of the first testing session.
August 2020alpha.hypixel.net is redirected to the main Hypixel server.
June 2021alpha.hypixel.net is connected to the Alpha Hypixel Network, no longer being redirected.