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Barrier.png This item is no longer obtainable other than trading with players.

Armor of Magma, also known as Magma Armor, is an unobtainable Epic Armor set which used to be unlocked at Magma Cream VIII. Wearing the full set will give the player a total of 85 ❈ Defense & 270 ❤ Health. It can grant the wearer up to 200 extra ❤ Health and ✎ Intelligence after 2000 or more Magma Cubes are killed while wearing this armor set. If the chestplate is traded or auctioned (the set bonus is stored on the chestplate), the bonus will transfer over.


Armor SetVED
Helmet of MagmaHelmet of Magma
Chestplate of MagmaChestplate of Magma
Leggings of MagmaLeggings of Magma
Boots of MagmaBoots of Magma
Armor of Magma
Full Set Bonus: Absorb 
Every 10 Magma Cubes killed gives the wearer +1 ❤ Health and +1 ✎ Intelligence while wearing the set. Max 200 each.


The crafting recipe can be obtained after 25,000 Magma Cream collected. It is crafted with 46,080 Magma Cream or 288 (four and a half stacks) Enchanted Magma Cream.

Time to obtain using a minion[]

Daysⓘ to acquire Magma Cream 46,080x Magma Cream using a Magma Cube Minion
(By tier, No fuel, No Minion Upgrades)
If the player has multiple minions, divide the number of days by how many minions will be used.


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added Armor of Magma.
June 20, 20190.3+30 Total ❈ Defense (From 55 to 85).
Helmet 10 to 15 ❈ Defense.
Chestplate 20 to 30 ❈ Defense.
Leggings 15 to 25 ❈ Defense.
Boots 10 to 15 ❈ Defense.
Apr 20, 20220.13Removed Armor of Magma recipe.