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Note: In order to use arrows from your Quiver, make sure you have the Arrow Swapper Arrow Swapper selected to that arrow!

Arrows are consumable ammunition for Bows.


Arrows can be stored within the Inventory or Quiver. Upon shooting a Bow, 1 Arrow is consumed. Bows cannot be fired if the player has no Arrows in the Inventory or Quiver.

Bows which fire multiple arrows at once, such as Terminator Terminator, only use 1 arrow per shot. The Archer class Doubleshot passive does not use any arrows when triggered.

The Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage stat from Arrows is added to the Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage stat of the bow it is fired from. For example, if a Flint Arrow with +1 Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage is fired from a Juju Shortbow Juju Shortbow with +310 Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage, the Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage used for calculation will be +311.

The Arrow Swapper changes which type of Arrow should prefer to be fired.

Infinite Quiver increases the chance that an arrow will not be consumed upon firing, up to 30% at Infinite Quiver X.

Special arrows purchased from Jax cannot be removed from the Quiver.

List of Arrows[]

Icon Name Damage Special Effect Cost Bazaar cost Requirements
Flint Arrow Flint Arrow 1 64 for 320 coins
Reinforced Iron Arrow Reinforced Iron Arrow 5 64 for Iron Ingot 24x Iron Ingot 206.4 coins Stone Sword.png Combat 4
Gold-tipped Arrow Gold-tipped Arrow 10 64 for Gold Ingot 40x Gold Ingot 180 coins Stone Sword.png Combat 8
Redstone-tipped Arrow Redstone-tipped Arrow 15 64 for Block of Redstone 24x Block of Redstone 432 coins Stone Sword.png Combat 13
Emerald-tipped Arrow Emerald-tipped Arrow 20 64 for Block of Emerald 16x Block of Emerald 993.6 coins Stone Sword.png Combat 18

Target Practice II

Bouncy Arrow Bouncy Arrow 5 Arrows have a 50% chance to bounce to another target. Bounces up to 4 times, each bounce dealing 15% less damage. 64 for Slime Block 24x Slime Block 2,030.4 coins Stone Sword.png Combat 20

Slimeball VII Target Practice II

Icy Arrow Icy Arrow 24 Applies Slowness I for 3s to targets. Template:Effect 64 for Packed Ice 64x Packed Ice 2,611.2 coins Stone Sword.png Combat 21

Ice VII Target Practice II

Armorshred Arrow Armorshred Arrow 5 Hits ignore 5% of target's Defense Stat Icon.pngDefense. 64 for Enchanted Sand 2x Enchanted Sand 881.2 coins Stone Sword.png Combat 22

Sand VII Target Practice III

Explosive Arrow Explosive Arrow 3 This arrow explodes after 2s or on impact.

The explosion deals the arrow's damage split to mobs within 2.5 blocks. You will lose 10% of your Health Stat Icon.pngHealth if you are in the explosion.

64 for Block of Coal 24x Block of Coal 1,188 coins Stone Sword.png Combat 23

Coal VII Target Practice III

Glue Arrow Glue Arrow 15 Prevents victims from walking for 1.5s when hit.
6s cooldown per victim
64 for Tarantula Web 64x Tarantula Web 5,824 coins Stone Sword.png Combat 24

Spider Slayer III Target Practice III

Nansorb Arrow Nansorb Arrow 5 Replaces the damage reduction from the Piercing enchant to Skewer.

Hits through Piercing deal +7.5% damage than the previous one, up to 5 victims.

64 for Enchanted Cactus Green 8x Enchanted Cactus Green 9,215.2 coins Stone Sword.png Combat 25

Cactus VII Target Practice III

Magma Arrow Magma Arrow 40 +10% Crit Chance Stat Icon.pngCrit Chance 256 for Bundle of Magma Arrows 1x Bundle of Magma Arrows Blaze Slayer I[Confirm]


When holding a bow, the Nether star (SkyBlock Menu) in a player's hotbar will turn into 'Quiver Arrows'. When an arrow is shot, the Quiver Arrows will subtract one (64 quiver arrows into 63 quiver arrows), then regenerate back.


Alpha Hypixel Network
Mar 21, 2022Added Magma Arrow Magma Arrow.
SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added Arrow.
July 13, 2021All existing Arrows are now Flint Arrows.
Arrows now have Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage which is applied when shot. Flint Arrows have +1 Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage.
Aug 17, 2021Fixed each stack of Arrows in the Inventory and Quiver adding Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage.
Sep 7, 2021Added Reinforced Iron Arrow Reinforced Iron Arrow.
Added Gold-tipped Arrow Gold-tipped Arrow.
Added Redstone-tipped Arrow Redstone-tipped Arrow.
Added Emerald-tipped Arrow Emerald-tipped Arrow.
Added Bouncy Arrow Bouncy Arrow.
Added Icy Arrow Icy Arrow.
Added Armorshred Arrow Armorshred Arrow.
Added Explosive Arrow Explosive Arrow.
Added Glue Arrow Glue Arrow.
Added Nansorb Arrow Nansorb Arrow.
Added Arrow Swapper Arrow Swapper.
Apr 20, 20220.13Added Magma Arrow Magma Arrow.