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Arthur is an NPC who has no Quests, but serves to inform new players about Minions. They have a Wheat Minion next to them (the only functional minion outside of a Private Island). Players may take the Wheat/Seeds his minion produces, but not its upgrade items.


Primary Condition Guaranteed Dialogue
Attempting to pick up the Minion or its Upgrades [NPC] Arthur: Sorry but that's mine!
Secondary Condition Random Dialogue
None [NPC] Arthur: Fuel makes your Minion work harder for a limited time.

[NPC] Arthur: There are multiple types of Fuel, like Coal, Enchanted Bread and many more!

[NPC] Arthur: If you place your Minions poorly, they will complain!

[NPC] Arthur: Open their Menu and look for their Perfect Layout!

[NPC] Arthur: Once you unlock a Minion, you also unlock all their Level up recipes!
[NPC] Arthur: Budget Hoppers will make your Minions automatically sell their work once full!
[NPC] Arthur: My favorite Minion Upgrade is the Compactor, sooooo useful!

[NPC] Arthur: I have one in my Minion, Look!

[NPC] Arthur: People always empty the storage of my Minion when I'm not looking!
[NPC] Arthur: Minions always have 4 Upgrade Slots where you can place Fuel or else[sic]


  • Arthur's Wheat Minion has a piece of Enchanted Bread that never runs out. It also has a Compactor that it uses to compact Wheat into Hay Bales.
  • His Wheat Minion is Level V, but can be upgraded up to Tier XI. It will reset upon server reboot.
  • As of now, Arthur's Minion may randomly freeze and stop farming.


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Arthur.png Added Arthur.