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Scam-prone.png Warning! Essence scammers often ask for a high amount of collateral for you to star their Aspect of the Dragons. While they may show you a sword that may cost many many millions of coins to make in terms of materials (e.g. they may show you an AOTD that is recombobulated, fuminged, and t6 enchanted), the actual value of the sword is usually very low. Please refer to Scams for further information.

The Aspect of the Dragons, commonly abbreviated as AOTD, is a Legendary Sword dropped from an Ender Dragon. Its ability deals damage and knocks back enemies.


The Aspect of the Dragons is obtained by defeating any Ender Dragon in the Dragon's Nest (except Superior) located at the bottom of The End. Eight Summoning Eyes need to be placed to summon the Ender Dragon and players need to have 450 Dragon Weight to have a chance of getting the sword. The sword has a 4-6% drop chance per eye placed.


At least Stone Sword.png Combat XVIII (18), and if a dungeon item,The Catacombs.png Catacombs XVII (17) is required to use this item.

When its ability is used, it produces a fiery cone 7.5 blocks long and 60° wide. All enemies within the cone take 12,000 base Ability Damage and take extremely heavy knockback. This knockback is effectively infinite, meaning mobs are knocked until they are stopped by a wall. The ability costs 100 Mana to use and has no cooldown.

Slayer bosses, Mythological Creatures and Sea Creatures are unaffected by the ability.

Essence Crafting

This sword can be upgraded with dragon essence.

Essence Required
Dragon Essence.png
Dragon Essence
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png50200
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png100300
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png200500
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png300800
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png 4001,200


  • This weapon's stats can be further boosted by the Ender Dragon Pet, with a maximum of 50 additional ᚏ Damage and 30 additional ❁ Strength.
  • The name may be a reference to the buff from the game League of Legends called "Aspect of the Dragon".
  • For a long time, this sword was considered the second-best sword after the 50 million Midas Sword. However, many swords from Dungeons such as the Livid Dagger, Giant Sword, Hyperion, and Valkyrie now outclass this weapon.
    • Previously, if the Dragon Rage ability was used on a Dragon, it would disappear completely, leaving only the boss bar up top. No other Dragons could be spawned during this time, and it would stay that way until the server was reset. Gregory the Opportunist would also stay there until the server was reset since there was still a dragon fight in progress. However, this was patched in a later update.
    • In Patch 0.9.10, sea creatures could no longer be affected by Dragon Rage. This made fishing a lot less painful as Great White Sharks, Sea Emperors, and Yetis could no longer be knocked into their despawn range or into the void by griefers.
  • The Lost Adventurer mini-boss in The Catacombs attacks with an Aspect of the Dragons and occasionally uses the Dragon Rage ability, although in chat it is displayed as "Dragon's Breath".
  • Aspect of the Dragons is a reference to Dragon Sword in another Hypixel minigame, UHC Champions.
  • This weapon's best reforge is Withered. however, Fabled may be preferred if on a budget.
  • No longer requires Catacombs level to use


SkyBlock Prototype
Aug 2, 20190.7Aspect of the Dragons.png Added Aspect of the Dragons.
Dec 18, 20190.7.5Halved the drop chance.
July 1, 20200.7.11Item Ability cooldown removed.
Item Ability damage increased (from 700 to 12000).
Now requires Combat 18 to use.
Nov 2, 20200.9.10The Dragon Rage ability no longer affects sea creatures.
Mar 30, 20210.11.3Aspect of the Dragons Catacombs requirements lowered to 17, essence cost upgrade reduced to 150 and 50/100/200/300/400 Dragon Essence per star.