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The Aspect of the Void is an upgrade to the Aspect of the End, and is unlocked as a recipe at Enderman Slayer LVL VI. However, it does not require Enderman Slayer LVL VI to use.



When the ability is used, it arrests its user's momentum and teleports them 8 blocks in the direction they are looking. This teleport cannot pass through walls, including iron bars, but can pass through 1-block holes in iron bar walls. After teleporting, its user gains 50 ✦ Speed for 3s. The potency of this speed boost does not stack with multiple uses, but the duration does. The ability has no cooldown and costs 45 Mana, 5 fewer than the Aspect of the End. Like other mobility items, the ability cannot be used in The Catacombs - Floor VII boss room. The bonuses provided from a full set of Strong Dragon Armor that affect the Aspect of the End also apply to the Aspect of the Void.

It can be upgraded with Transmission Tuners to increase its range by 1 additional block. It can be upgraded up to 3 times for a maximum of 11 total blocks. If an Aspect of the End has been upgraded with the maximum number of Tuners, the resulting Aspect of the Void cannot receive any more. (This is currently bugged and each Transmission Tuner gives +2 range instead of one, and can only be applied twice, give it +4 range instead of +2 range in total if both Transmission Tuners are applied)

Like the Aspect of the End, it can be reforged to Warped with a Warped Stone, granting it +165 ᚏ Damage and +165 ❁ Strength.

It can be combined with an Etherwarp Conduit and an Etherwarp Merger. This grants it the Etherwarp Conduit's long-range teleport ability when right clicking while sneaking.

Aspect of the Void
Etherwarp Merger
Etherwarp Conduit

Aspect of the Void


  • Unlike the Aspect of the End, when using the ability in 1.8.9, the user does not slow down to sneaking speed due to the blocking animation. It also can be held down to continuously teleport,making it more efficient than an Aspect of the End.
  • If it is reforged away from Warped, it would retain its status as a Dungeon item.
  • When reforged to Warped, it and its prior form, the Aspect of the End, were the only non-accessory Dungeon items which could not be upgraded with stars.
    • This was later removed.
  • Using the sword's ability just before hitting the ground will cancel any fall damage.
  • The item ability will always teleport the player to an integer Y coordinate, and 0.5 + an integer X and Z coordinates, which means that every time you use the ability, you will always end up in the middle of a block.
  • The item ability Instant Transmission is likely a reference to the technique used in Dragon Ball with the same name.
  • The item ability only works up to the vanilla build limit (y = 256). Trying to transmit past the build limit will result in the message "There are blocks in the way!" However, other tools such as the Grappling Hook can allow players to surpass the limit.
  • Despite the recipe being locked behind Enderman Slayer LVL VI, this item can be used before the player unlocks the recipe, meaning there's no requirements for using this item.
SkyBlock Prototype
May 31, 20210.11.5Aspect of the Void.png Added Aspect of the Void.