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The Auction House (commonly abbreviated as AH) is a location in the Hub World, that conducts auctions. It is a Medieval-styled large building, found to the west of the Village spawn or to the left of the map and the Hub Portal.

Auctions are created and bid on by players. Players can set the starting price of the auction and how long it lasts. To browse or create an auction, the player must interact with the Auction Master or any Auction Agent NPC in the Auction House. Alternatively, if you have a Booster Cookie active, you can use /ah to open the Auction House menu, from anywhere in SkyBlock. Creating an auction requires a fee to be paid, equal to 1% of the starting price of the item, plus some coins proportionate to the length of time the auction is to be held.


This text is shown when a player enters ⏣ Auction House for the first time:

  • Auction off your special items.
  • Bid on other player's items.


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(Co-op) Auction House
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Auction Browser[]

Auction browsing is done in multiple sections:

At the bottom of the GUI, there are a few options: Search (Oak Wood Sign), Item Tier (Eye of Ender), and Sort (Hopper).


The Search (Oak Wood Sign) option, when clicked, gives a place to type the name of the item.

The Sort (Hopper) option will show options for filtering: Highest Bid, Lowest Bid, Ending Soon, and Most Bids.

  • There is a minor bug with this ability where, if you sort the items by Ending Soon, auctions that are ending in 5 or fewer minutes will be on the last page.

The Item Tier (Eye of Ender) will view the different rarities of items: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Divine, Special, and Very Special.

  • However, certain items such as Pets are not categorized by this ability and are always viewed as Common, even though they may be a higher rarity.

The BIN Filter (to the right of Eye of Ender) will switch between viewing Show All (Powered Rail) which shows both auctions and BINs, BIN only (Gold Ingot) which only shows BINs, and Auctions Only (Gold Block) which only shows active auctions. Unlike the other settings, this one can be personalized and does not have a default viewing, meaning it will always automatically go into the mode you were in previously.

To bid on an auction, you must have enough coins to meet the starting amount, or 2.5% more than the most recent bid subtracting the amount you have already bid on it. Click on an item, then click the gold nugget ("Submit Bid") button. This will subtract the amount from your Purse. If you do not have enough coins, the gold nugget will instead show a poisoned potato.

The Bid History of an item is shown when clicking on the item in the Browser and hovering the map.

The Auctions Browser defaults to viewing: Weapons, All Tiers, Highest Bid

Auction Manager[]


To manage your auctions, click the Gold Horse Armor in the Auctions Master GUI. If you don't have any auctions active, it will automatically show you the Create Auction screen. This will show what item you have on auction and their current bid if you already have auctions active.

Creating Auctions[]

To create an auction, click the Gold Horse Armor again at the bottom of the management GUI. This will open up the auction creator. Clicking an item from your inventory will select it as the one to be put up for auction. Clicking the gold bar will let you choose the minimum bidding price. Clicking the clock will let you select the total amount of time players will have to bid on your auction. There are several options from 1 hour to 2 days as well as an option to customise the auction time. If you want to retrieve your item from the top slot, just click it again. Note that if a player leaves this screen (by pressing ESC or E) while an item is in the slot, it will still remain in the slot. You can see it again by going back to the Create Auction screen.

The player must pay 1% of the starting price as well as a scaling fee for hours listed. For auctions above 1m, an additional 1% tax fee is collected, but the tax cannot go above 1m coins. This serves as an excise tax to reduce inflation and market saturation.

BIN (Buy It Now)[]

By pressing the gold ingot next to the arrow, you can switch your item from being an auction to being a BIN. This allows players to instantly buy your items without needing to wait and does not let other players outbid them, though prices are usually a little higher. Additionally, the 0.13 update introduces a 20s grace period after creating a BIN auction.

Auction Tips[]

Making Auctions[]

  • Create a minimum price that helps you profit while not being too high. Remember, the minimum price is the LEAST you will make, so make it low enough that your auction will still get some bids.
  • If you are selling a valuable high-demand item, such as Superior Dragon Armor, you may want to sell it at auction with a low starting price. This will attract buyers who will compete with each other to get the item. Conversely, if you are setting a low-demand item, it is better to use BIN, at a fixed price to eliminate risk of the item getting sold below market value.
  • If you are unsure of what price you should set for your item, look at other prices for the same item, and use that as a guide for setting your price. You may have a higher chance of getting a bid if you set your price lower than the other same items.
  • Advertising an auction in chat after it is created at a low price can garner multiple bids from users who may continue competing up to the equilibrium value. However, since everyone does this, the effect gets neglected a lot.
  • If you create an auction for a high-value item at a very low price, it's a good strategy to put the auction duration to 1–2 days so people have lots of time to bid on it, and it will eventually get up to the normal value of the item.
  • If you know an item will sell out very fast (e.g. new year cakes for 200k) then set the duration of the auction to 1 hour if it is a BIN auction. This will save coins and is especially useful on cheaper items.
  • Common and Uncommon items can't have an Auction starting price or BIN price set to higher than 5 times its default NPC sell value.

Bidding on Auctions[]

  • Don't bid excessively high. Bid enough to win the item, but not enough that it won't be worth it.
  • Before bidding on an auction, check the lowest price on BIN and see if it's worth it. If the auction is more expensive than BIN, buy BIN instead.
  • If you have the time and dedication, bid on an item at a normal price near the start of the auction, to discourage more bids toward the end.
  • Utilizing the sorting functionality to select the appropriate category and rarity of the desired item, then sorting by ending soon helps to locate multiple copies of the item and can be used to gauge a proper buy value.
  • If you are outbid (which nearly always occurs), then it is shown in chat. Click on the message to view the auction.
  • You can bid on a specific player's auctions by typing /ah [Username].

Mayors' Effect[]


  • The lowest possible starting bid you can set for an item is 1 coin. You can bypass the limit of 10 coins by using the default starting bid of a stick or something equally worthless.
  • The top auctions can be found downstairs; there is a staircase leading downstairs to the left of the Auction Master.
  • If you have over 100,000[Confirm] coins to claim, when you hover over the Claim All option, it will say "Wow that's a lot of coins!"
    • Similarly, if you have over 500,000[Confirm] coins to claim, it'll instead say "Wow that's TONS of coins!"
  • When you jump into the area where the Auction Agents/Master stands you will take knockback and be launched back into the middle. If you re-enter the booth fast enough (with jump boost or an Aspect of the End) it will teleport you to the entrance of the auction house.



SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added Auction House.
Aug 2, 20190.7Added Claim all button to all your finished auctions.
The default recommended auction durations are changed to 6 hours.
Players can now specify how many minutes the auction will last.
Players will receive a warning if they are bidding way over the price of the item.
Added the item you are bidding on, in the confirmation menu.
Common and Uncommon items' starting price can no longer be set to be ×5 their price.
Sep 11, 20190.7.1Changed the auction displays to only show the hottest auctions, instead of the highest prices.
Oct 11, 20190.7.21% tax added for auctions collected above 1M coins (the tax amount also can't go above 1M coins).
May 19, 2020Added Buy It Now (BIN) option to the Auction House.
Added Cancel Auction option to Auctions with 0 bids.
Pets can now be sorted by Rarity. Only applies to pets put up for sale at the Auction House after this update.
June 2, 20200.7.9Added suffixes ("K" for thousand and "M" for million) and decimal support to the Auction House.
Aug 13, 20200.8.1Changed coordinates location and revamped the design.

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