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The Auto Smelter is a Common Minion upgrade which automatically smelts everything the minion produces, which can be very useful for Ore Minions, like the Iron Minion and Gold Minion.


It can be crafted using Coal.png 1x Coal surrounded by 8 slots each filled with Cobblestone.png 8x Cobblestone. It is unlocked at Cobblestone  III.


Dwarven Super Compactor[]


It can be used to automatically gain the smelted version of the block (if it is listed below). This upgrade is useful for Minions such as the Iron Minion, which require the smelted version to upgrade. It can only be placed in the Upgrade slot.

Minion Item Smelted Version Notes
Iron Minion I Iron Minion Iron Ore Iron Ore Iron Ingot Iron Ingot
Gold Minion I Gold Minion Gold Ore Gold Ore Gold Ingot Gold Ingot
Cactus Minion I Cactus Minion Cactus Cactus Cactus Green Cactus Green
Sand Minion I Sand Minion Sand Sand Glass Glass
Oak Minion I Oak Minion Oak Wood Oak Wood Coal Coal
Acacia Minion I Acacia Minion Acacia Wood Acacia Wood Coal Coal
Cobblestone Minion I Cobblestone Minion Cobblestone Cobblestone Stone Stone
Clay Minion I Clay Minion Clay Clay Brick Brick
Clay Minion I Clay Minion Clay4 Clay Hardened Clay Hardened Clay Compactor must be used.


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Furnace.png Added Auto Smelter.
July 2, 20190.5Auto Smelter now works with Cactus to produce Cactus Green.