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Axes are used in Jungle Sapling.png Foraging to obtain logs and in Golden Hoe.png Farming to obtain certain crops like Pumpkin, Melon, and Cocoa Beans. Unlike Swords, there are very few Hypixel-specific axes on the server. Although they are not intended for use against mobs, axes are regarded as Weapons in game.

SkyBlock Axes[]

The Raider Axe Raider Axe, Daedalus Axe Daedalus Axe, and Axe of the Shredded Axe of the Shredded are not listed here because they actually count as Swords.

Icon Name Rarity Damage Ability Pre-Enchanted Source Recipe
Rookie Axe Rookie Axe Common 20 Efficiency I Lumber Merchant (12 coins)
Sculptor's Axe Sculptor's Axe Common Right-click on any log on your island to turn it into a 6 sided log! Birch Wood IV
Sculptor's Axe
Promising Axe Promising Axe Uncommon 25 Gains a higher level of enchantment when breaking blocks.

(Efficiency I after 50 Blocks)

(Efficiency II after 200 more Blocks)

Lumber Merchant (35 coins)
Promising Axe
Block of IronBlock of Iron
StickBlock of Iron
Sweet Axe Sweet Axe Uncommon 25 20% chance of dropping an Apple when chopping logs. Lumber Merchant (100 coins)
Efficient Axe Efficient Axe Uncommon 25 Drops 5 planks from chopping Logs. Lumber Merchant (100 coins)
Jungle Axe Jungle Axe Uncommon A powerful Wooden Axe which can break multiple logs in a single hit!

Cooldown: 2s

Jungle Wood VII
Jungle Axe
Enchanted Jungle WoodEnchanted Jungle Wood
StickEnchanted Jungle Wood
Treecapitator Treecapitator Epic A forceful Gold Axe which can break a large amount of logs in a single hit!

Cooldown: 2s

Obsidian VIII
Coco Chopper Coco Chopper Epic Cannot break trees. 20% increased cocoa output. Anita (Gold medal, Jacob's Ticket x32)
Melon Dicer Melon Dicer Epic Gain +5% Farming exp from melons Anita (Gold medal, Jacob's Ticket x32)
Pumpkin Dicer Pumpkin Dicer Epic Gain +5% Farming exp from pumpkins Anita (Gold medal, Jacob's Ticket x32)
Sheep Axe Sheep Axe Uncommon Increases drops from sheep by 2 Jake (1,000 coins)
Rabbit Axe Rabbit Axe Uncommon Increases drops from rabbits by 2 Jake (1,000 coins)
Mushroom Cow Axe Mushroom Cow Axe Uncommon Increases drops from mushroom cows by 2 Jake (1,000 coins)
Chicken Axe Chicken Axe Uncommon Increases drops from chickens by 2 Jake (1,000 coins)
Cow Axe Cow Axe Uncommon Increases drops from cows by 2 Jake (1,000 coins)
Pig Axe Pig Axe Uncommon Increases drops from pigs by 2 Jake (1,000 coins)

Vanilla Axes[]

Grass.png This item is part of vanilla Minecraft. More information can be found at:
Minecraft Wiki: Axes

All vanilla Minecraft tools exist in SkyBlock, although SkyBlock alternatives are almost always better. Since tools don't degrade on use in SkyBlock, a common myth is that diamond axes are the fastest vanilla axe, but Golden Tools are actually the best due to their speed. The wooden version is used in various Minion recipes.

Icon Type Recipe Rarity Damage
Wooden Axe Wooden
Jungle Wood PlankBirch Wood Plank
StickJungle Wood Plank
Common 10
Stone Axe Stone
Common 15
Golden Axe Golden
Gold IngotGold Ingot
StickGold Ingot
Common 20
Iron Axe Iron
Iron IngotIron Ingot
StickIron Ingot
Common 25
Diamond Axe Diamond
Uncommon 30


These are the enchantments for axes. For more details see Enchantments.


These are the reforges for axes. For more details see Reforging.

  • Moil Log Moil Log (Moil): Gain +X% foraging exp.
  • Toil Log Toil Log (Toil): Gain +X% foraging exp.
  • Blessed Fruit Blessed Fruit (Blessed): Gain X% farming exp & +X% chance for double crops.


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added Axes.