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The Bazaar (commonly abbreviated as BZ) is a commodity market for trading items. It is accessed through an NPC located at the Bazaar Alley, beside the Auction House or with the /bazaar / /bz Commands if they player has a Booster Cookie active.

Golden Hoe.png Farming, Jungle Sapling.png Foraging, and Stone Pickaxe.png Mining level 7 is required to access the Bazaar.


The Bazaar is a commodity market, where players may buy and sell commodity items such as Enchanted Rotten Flesh, Null Sphere and Super Compactor 3000 for a price determined by market demand and supply. Items tradable in the Bazaar cannot be sold on the Auction House.

The Bazaar is split into 5 categories: Farming, Mining, Combat, Woods & Fishes, and Oddities. Clicking on a category will show all the item types within the category, as well as their buy and sell price. If an item type has multiple products, such as Diamond, clicking it again will show all the different types of products under that item type, and their buy and sell prices.

A toggle is available between Direct and Advanced modes. In Direct mode, only the buy and sell prices of items are shown. In Advanced mode, the number and volume of buy orders and sell offers, as well as the number of instant buys and instant sells within the last 7 days are additionally shown.


Upon clicking into a specific product, 4 trading options are available: Buy Instantly, Sell Instantly, Create Buy Order and Create Sell Offer.

Placing an instant buy request first requires the desired quantity of items. A player cannot instant buy more items than their inventory can hold. Confirming the instant buy will purchase the items from the current cheapest sell offers available. The Bazaar will quote a price 4% higher than the cheapest sell offer, so that a small change in offers does not restart the buy process. If the order goes through at a price below the additional 4%, the extra coins are refunded.[1] If the offers change too much, the purchase will fail and coins will be refunded.

Instantly selling products takes all items from the inventory and sells them to the best buy orders automatically. Right-clicking the instant sell button allows the selection of quantity of items to instantly sell.

Creating a buy order first requires the desired quantity of items. Clicking the sign allows the purchase of up to 71,680 of that item in a single offer. 3 preset quantities are also available. For most stackable items, they are 64, 160 and 1,024; for most unstackable items, they are 1, 4 and 64.

Upon choosing a quantity, a unit price for the order must be set. 3 preset options are available: the same as the current highest buy order, 0.1 coins more than the highest buy order, and 5% of the difference between the lowest sell price and highest buy price. A custom price can also be set with the sign.

After the quantity and unit price are set, the order will be placed. Players who sell products of that type will fill the order.

Creating a sell offer is similar. Clicking the sell offer button will ask for a price, which can be matching the best offer, 0.1 coins below the best offer, 10% of the difference between the lowest sell price and highest buy price, and a custom price. Upon confirming, all items from the inventory will be put up on sell offer, and players will be able to buy them.

In the Bazaar main menu, the Sell Inventory Now option instantly sells all Bazaar items.

Any active buy orders and sell offers can be managed with the Manage Orders menu. Here, the active buy orders and sell offers can be viewed. The number of items and coins collected, the % completion and the top vendors of that order can be seen. Items and coins can be collected with left click. Right clicking on an order allows it to be cancelled, provided no goods or coins are left to claim on it. Buy orders which are fully filled can additionally be flipped to sell offer for a set price.

Buy orders and sell offers expire after 7 days.

A maximum of 14 orders and offers can be placed at once. The Bazaar Flipper perk increases this number by 7 per level. In addition, a maximum of 1,000,000,000 coins worth of items can be placed on sell offer at once.

There is a 1.25% tax on all Bazaar sales. The Bazaar Flipper perk decreases this tax by -0.125% per level.

Clicking on View Graphs in the product view will show a collection of graphs relating to the product. The graph of buy price, sell price, buy order volume, sell offer volume, instant sell volume, instant buy volume, instant sell moving coins, and instant buy moving coins can be seen. The range of these graphs can be changed between 24 hours, 7 days and 31 days by left clicking; the graph can be enlarged with right click. It is not recomended to use the graph as a prediction table as it has a delay of around one day.

List of Items

Section Items
Golden Hoe.png Farming WheatEnchanted BreadHay BaleEnchanted Hay Bale
CarrotEnchanted CarrotEnchanted Carrot on a StickEnchanted Golden Carrot
PotatoEnchanted PotatoEnchanted Baked Potato
PumpkinEnchanted Pumpkin
MelonEnchanted MelonEnchanted Glistering MelonEnchanted Melon Block
SeedsEnchanted Seeds
Red MushroomEnchanted Red MushroomRed Mushroom BlockEnchanted Red Mushroom Block
Brown MushroomEnchanted Brown MushroomBrown Mushroom BlockEnchanted Brown Mushroom Block
Cocoa BeansEnchanted Cocoa BeanEnchanted Cookie
CactusEnchanted Cactus GreenEnchanted Cactus
Sugar CaneEnchanted SugarEnchanted PaperEnchanted Sugar Cane
FeatherEnchanted Feather
LeatherEnchanted LeatherRaw BeefEnchanted Raw Beef
Raw PorkchopEnchanted PorkEnchanted Grilled Pork
Raw ChickenEnchanted Raw ChickenEnchanted EggEnchanted CakeSuper Enchanted Egg
MuttonEnchanted MuttonEnchanted Cooked Mutton
Raw RabbitEnchanted Raw RabbitRabbit's FootEnchanted Rabbit FootRabbit HideEnchanted Rabbit Hide
Nether WartEnchanted Nether Wart
Diamond Pickaxe.png Mining CobblestoneEnchanted Cobblestone
CoalEnchanted CoalEnchanted CharcoalEnchanted Block of Coal
Iron IngotEnchanted IronEnchanted Iron Block
Gold IngotEnchanted GoldEnchanted Gold Block
DiamondEnchanted DiamondEnchanted Diamond Block
Lapis LazuliEnchanted Lapis LazuliEnchanted Lapis Block
EmeraldEnchanted EmeraldEnchanted Emerald Block
RedstoneEnchanted RedstoneEnchanted Redstone Block
Nether QuartzEnchanted QuartzEnchanted Quartz Block
ObsidianEnchanted Obsidian
Glowstone DustEnchanted Glowstone DustEnchanted Glowstone
MithrilEnchanted MithrilRefined MithrilTitaniumEnchanted TitaniumRefined TitaniumStarfallTreasurite
Hard StoneEnchanted Hard StoneConcentrated Stone
❤ Rough Ruby Gemstone❤ Flawed Ruby Gemstone❤ Fine Ruby Gemstone❤ Flawless Ruby Gemstone❤ Perfect Ruby Gemstone
FlintEnchanted Flint
IcePacked IceEnchanted IceEnchanted Packed Ice
SandEnchanted Sand
End StoneEnchanted End Stone
SnowballSnow BlockEnchanted Snow Block
Iron Sword.png Combat Rotten FleshEnchanted Rotten Flesh
BoneEnchanted Bone
StringEnchanted String
Spider EyeEnchanted Spider EyeEnchanted Fermented Spider EyeSoul StringArachne's Keeper Fragment
GunpowderEnchanted GunpowderEnchanted Firework Rocket
Ender PearlEnchanted Ender PearlEnchanted Eye of Ender
Ghast TearEnchanted Ghast Tear
SlimeballEnchanted SlimeballEnchanted Slime BlockMagma CreamEnchanted Magma CreamSludge JuiceYoggie
Blaze RodEnchanted Blaze PowderEnchanted Blaze Rod
Griffin FeatherDaedalus StickAncient ClawEnchanted Ancient Claw
Revenant FleshRevenant Viscera
Tarantula WebTarantula Silk
Wolf ToothGolden Tooth
Null SphereNull OvoidNull AtomRaw SoulflowSoulflow
Goblin EggRed Goblin EggBlue Goblin EggYellow Goblin EggGreen Goblin Egg
Tasty Cheese
Fishing Rod.png Woods & Fishes Oak WoodEnchanted Oak Wood
Spruce WoodEnchanted Spruce Wood
Birch WoodEnchanted Birch Wood
Dark Oak WoodEnchanted Dark Oak Wood
Acacia WoodEnchanted Acacia Wood
Jungle WoodEnchanted Jungle Wood
Raw FishEnchanted Raw FishEnchanted Cooked Fish
Raw SalmonEnchanted Raw SalmonEnchanted Cooked Salmon
ClownfishEnchanted Clownfish
PufferfishEnchanted Pufferfish
Prismarine ShardEnchanted Prismarine Shard
Prismarine CrystalsEnchanted Prismarine Crystals
ClayEnchanted Clay
SpongeEnchanted SpongeEnchanted Wet Sponge
Carrot BaitMinnow BaitFish BaitLight BaitDark BaitSpooky BaitSpiked Bait
Blessed BaitIce BaitWhale BaitShark Bait
Nurse Shark ToothBlue Shark ToothTiger Shark ToothGreat White Shark ToothShark FinEnchanted Shark Fin
Lily PadEnchanted Lily PadWorm MembraneInk SackEnchanted Ink Sack
Enchantment Table.png Oddities Booster Cookie
Hot Potato BookFuming Potato Book
CompactorDwarven Super CompactorSuper Compactor 3000
Summoning Eye
Protector Dragon FragmentOld Dragon FragmentUnstable Dragon FragmentStrong Dragon FragmentYoung Dragon FragmentWise Dragon FragmentSuperior Dragon Fragment
Holy Dragon Fragment
Enchanted Redstone Lamp
Enchanted Lava BucketMagma BucketPlasma BucketHamster WheelFoul FleshCatalystHyper CatalystPower Crystal
Green CandyPurple CandyEctoplasmPumpkin GutsSpooky ShardWerewolf SkinSoul Fragment
White GiftGreen GiftRed Gift
Refined Mineral
Recombobulator 3000
Jacob's Ticket
Experience BottleGrand Experience BottleTitanic Experience BottleColossal Experience Bottle
Stock of Stonks

Profit Tables

Certain items can be purchased from an NPC and sold at a higher price to the Bazaar for profit.

Item NPC Buy Cost Bazaar Price Profit from 10 Stack flip NPC
Rotten Flesh 8 10.7 1,728 coins Adventurer
Bone 8 4.1 -2,496 coins Adventurer
Gunpowder 10 23.8 8,832 coins Adventurer
String 10 9.5 -320 coins Adventurer
Slimeball 14 15.6 1,024 coins Adventurer
Oak Wood 5 10.8 3,712 coins Lumber Merchant
Dark Oak Wood 5 2.7 -1,472 coins Lumber Merchant
Jungle Wood 5 7.2 1,408 coins Lumber Merchant
Acacia Wood 5 3.5 -960 coins Lumber Merchant
Spruce Wood 5 7.5 1,600 coins Lumber Merchant
Birch Wood 5 2.3 -1,728 coins Lumber Merchant
Cobblestone 3 7.5 2,880 coins Mine Merchant
Coal 4 4.1 64 coins Mine Merchant
Iron Ingot 5.5 8.5 1,920 coins Mine Merchant
Gold Ingot 6 8.4 1,536 coins Mine Merchant
Melon Slice 2 5.2 2,048 coins Farm Merchant
Wheat 2.33 3.5 748.8 coins Farm Merchant
Potato 2.33 2.7 236.8 coins Farm Merchant
Carrot 2.33 2.2 -83.2 coins Farm Merchant
Sand 4 9.7 3,648 coins Farm Merchant
Cocoa Beans 5 3.7 -832 coins Farm Merchant
Sugar Cane 5 3.9 -704 coins Farm Merchant
Pumpkin 8 5.6 -1,536 coins Farm Merchant
Red Mushroom 12 17.2 3,328 coins Farm Merchant
Brown Mushroom 12 18.4 4,096 coins Farm Merchant
Nether Wart 10 6.2 -2,432 coins Alchemist
Rabbit's Foot 10 9.8 -128 coins Alchemist
Spider Eye 12 7.1 -3,136 coins Alchemist
Magma Cream 20 8.7 -7,232 coins Alchemist
Ghast Tear 200 47.2 -97,792 coins Alchemist
Raw Fish 20 19.5 -320 coins Fish Merchant
Pufferfish 40 14.7 -16,192 coins Fish Merchant
Raw Salmon 30 9 -13,440 coins Fish Merchant
Clownfish 100 24.1 -48,576 coins Fish Merchant
Sand 1 9.7 5,568 coins Builder
Ice 1 7.2 3,968 coins Builder
Packed Ice 9 67 37,120 coins Builder
Block of Quartz (sold as Enchanted Quartz) 32 (1280 per enchanted quartz) 1443.8 2,620.8 coins Builder
Gravel 4.33 5.1 492.8 coins Pat
Flint 6 13.9 5,056 coins Pat
Iron Ingot 5 8.5 2,240 coins Iron Forger
Gold Ingot 5.5 8.4 1,856 coins Gold Forger
End Stone 10 8.3 -1,088 coins Pearl Dealer
Obsidian 50 18 -20,480 coins Pearl Dealer
Ice 1 7.2 3,968 coins Sherry (during the Season of Jerry event)
Packed Ice 9 67 37,120 coins Sherry (during the Season of Jerry event)
Ice Bait 12 69.8 35,200 coins Sherry (during the Season of Jerry event)


SkyBlock Prototype
Mar 9, 20200.7.7Added Bazaar.
Mar 11, 2020Extended the "Manage Orders" menu.
Added a chat notification when one of the player's orders gets filled.
Added confirmation when selling whole inventory.
Changed the "Instant Buy", the "Sell All Inventory" and the Farming category icons.
Added Enchanted Raw Rabbit, Snow & derivatives, Super Enchanted Eggs, Enchanted Packed Ice, Brown Mushrooms & derivatives and Raw Beef & derivatives as products.
Apr 3, 2020Added Hay Bale, Enchanted Hay Bale, Enchanted Seeds, Enchanted Red Mushroom, Enchanted Brown Mushroom, Enchanted Sand, Enchanted Firework Rocket. Enchanted Wet Sponge, Protector, Old, Young, Wise, Unstable, Strong and Superior Dragon Fragments, Enchanted Redstone Lamp, Enchanted Lava Bucket, Hamster Wheel, Foul Flesh, and Catalyst as products.
July 7, 20200.8Added Recombobulator 3000, Holy Dragon Fragment and Fuming Potato Book as products.
July 30, 2020Added Enchanted Bone Block as product.
Sep 8, 20200.9Added Ancient Claw, Enchanted Ancient Claw, Griffin Feather, Daedalus Stick, Booster Cookie, Shark Fin, Enchanted Shark Fin, Shark Bait, Nurse, Blue, Tiger and Great White Shark Tooth, Refined Mineral, and Hyper Catalyst as products.
Oct 30, 20200.9.9Added Ectoplasm, Spooky Shard, Pumpkin Guts, Werewolf Skin, and Soul Fragment as products.
Nov 6, 20200.9.11Moved Slayer and Mythological items from Oddities to Combat.
Moved Enchanted Redstone Lamp from Oddities to Mining (under Glowstone)
Rearranged some items in Oddities section.
Added Jacob's Ticket as product.
Dec 3, 2020Added Tightly Tied Hay Bale, Polished Pumpkin and Mutant Nether Wart as products.
Dec 4, 20200.10Added regular, Grand, Titanic and Colossal Experience Bottles as products.
Jan 12, 2021Added Green, Blue, Purple and Golden Jerry Boxes as products.
Jan 15, 20210.11Added Mithril, Refined Mithril, Titanium, Refined Titanium and Starfall as products.
Jan 26, 2021Added Enchanted Mithril and Enchanted Titanium as products.
Apr 6, 2021A limit (per player) of 1,000,000,000 coins is now in affect for Buy/Sell orders placed into the Bazaar
Apr 21, 20210.11.4Merged Gravel and Flint.
Merged Red and Brown Mushrooms.
Merged Wheat & Seeds.
Merged Chicken & Feather.
Merged all Dwarven-related materials into Dwarven Materials.
Added Treasurite to Dwarven Materials.
Added Dwarven Super Compactor to Compactors.
Added Power Crystal to Fuels.
Added Magma and Plasma Bucket to Fuels.
May 31, 20210.11.5Added Null Sphere, Null Ovoid, Null Atom, Raw Soulflow and Soulflow as products.
July 14, 20210.12Added Hard Stone, Enchanted Hard Stone, Concentrated Stone, and all Gemstones as products.
July 27, 2021Merged Slime and Magma Cream items to Slime Items.
Added Sludge Juice and Yoggie to Slime Items.
Nov 8, 2021Added all Goblin Eggs, Arachne Keeper Fragment, Tasty Cheese, Worm Membrane, and Soul String as products.
Moved Spider Eye, Enchanted Spider Eye, Enchanted Fermented Spider Eye, Soul String, and Arachne's Keeper Fragment into Arachnids (Combat).
Merged Lily Pad, Enchanted Lily Pad, Worm Membrane, Ink Sack, Enchanted Ink Sack into Mob Drops (under Woods & Fishes).
Nov 9, 2021Temporarily disabled Bazaar due to a duplication exploit involving the bazaar. (~5:00 PM UTC)
Reenabled Bazaar. (~6:00 PM UTC)
Nov 27, 2021Temporarily disabled Bazaar. (~12:30 AM UTC)
Reenabled Bazaar. (~1 PM UTC)
Temporarily disabled Bazaar. (~8:00 PM UTC)

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