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For the game character Bingo Sprite.png Bingo and the Bingo Shop, see Bingo (NPC).
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Bingo is a gamemode that is playable during the monthly SkyBlock Bingo event. The gamemode is accessible through Bingo (NPC) for the first seven days of every real life month.

Players who participate are challenged to reach certain milestones on a new profile to gain Bingo Points. These points can be used in the Bingo Shop to purchase various items.


The gamemode works similar to Ironman with slight differences:

Any items acquired on the temporary bingo profile will be Co-Op Soulbound Items, meaning they are bound to the Co-op and cannot be traded.

To participate, players must create a temporary Bingo profile to fill the Bingo Card. Bingo profiles occupy a dedicated slot so there is no need to delete a profile if the profile limit is reached to participate.

Bingo Card[]

Players can complete goals, which are milestones or tasks. Completing them awards the player with Bingo Points. Additional points can be awarded for completing every goal in a row, column, or diagonal.

Most tasks are Personal Goals, but some are Community Goals, which can be contributed to by any participant. When in the Top 100 contributors for a Community Goal, the player's contribution rank is shown.

Completing every Personal Goal awards the player with a Bingo Card. This can be claimed on any profile from Jerry.

Bingo Rank[]

Ⓑ Bingo Ranks allow the player to buy certain items with a Ⓑ Bingo Rank Requirement at the Bingo Shop.

Ⓑ Bingo Rank I (1) is obtained by spending 50 Bingo Points.
Ⓑ Bingo Rank II (2) is obtained by spending 100 Bingo Points[1].
Ⓑ Bingo Rank III (3) is obtained by spending 150 Bingo Points.

Bingo Buffs[]

This is a list of Bingo profile buffs available to everyone:

These are the tier-based buffs:

Item Transfer[]

Up to 10 items on a Bingo profile can be transferred to a ⊡ Classic or ♲ Ironman Profile. Items cannot be transferred to any other profile types.


View Tasks Per Event[]

All Available Tasks[]

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Name Requirement
Personal Goals
Power Drink Have 15 Potion Effects active at the same time.
E=mc² Obtain a Mathematical Hoe Blueprint.
Strange Effects Kill a Runic Mob.
Carry-On Craft a Large Backpack.
Ender Menace Kill 10 Endermen in 8 seconds.
Forgery Forge an item in The Forge.
New Savings Craft a Piggy Bank.
Lynx Obtain a Lynx Talisman.
An Axe To Grind Put 10 Enchantments on a Raider Axe.
Critical Reach 100% Crit Chance Stat Icon.pngCrit Chance.
Spider Queen Summon Arachne.
Lapis Warrior Wear a full set of Lapis Armor.
Powder Collector Collect 25,000 Mithril Powder.
Collecting Data Reach Bestiary Milestone 7.
Taking Flight Consume a Magical Mushroom Soup.
End Stone Collector Reach 7,500 End Stone Collection.
Gunpowder Collector Reach 20,000 Gunpowder Collection.
Warped Reforger Apply the Warped Reforge to any Armor Piece.
Skill Average Reach a non-cosmetic Skill Average of 10.
Hard Worker Obtain Any Tier 12 Minion.
Slayer (2) Reach Level 5 for any Slayer boss.
Eagle-Eyed Complete a timed Target Practice.
Commission Master Complete 15 Commissions or more in the Dwarven Mines or Crystal Hollows.
Love Is All Around Obtain a Mediocre Ring of Love.
Extra Storage Craft an Large Storage.
Gravel Collector Reach 25,000 Gravel Collection.
Obsidian Treasure Unlock an Obsidian Dungeon Chest.
Reinforced Reforger Apply the Reinforced reforge to an item.
I Am Speed Reach 200 Speed Stat Icon.pngSpeed.
Feather Collector Reach 10,000 Feather Collection.
A Lost Cause Kill a Lost Adventurer.
Brewer Obtain level 20 in the Alchemy Skill.
Setting a Trap Kill a Trapper Animal.
Pair Up! Find 3 Pairs in the Experimentation Table.
Dwarves Defender Kill 25 Goblins in a Goblin Raid in the Dwarven Mines.
Diversity Unlock 40 unique Collections.
Oak Wood Collector Reach 60,000 Oak Wood Collection.
A Best Friend! Craft any pet.
I've Got Chills! Wear a full set of Glacite Armor.
Podium Position Obtain a Bronze or higher Medal in Jacob's Farming Contest.
Titanic Reforger Apply the Titanic reforge to an item.
Spider Eye Collector Reach 50,000 Spider Eye Collection.
Ferocious Reach 3 ⫽ Ferocity.
Fashionable Wear 15 unique Armor Sets.
Slaughterer Kill any tier II Slayer Boss within 120 seconds.
Strongman Reach 150 ❁ Strength.
Sightseer Visit 7 different public islands.
Trouble is Brewing... Brew any level VI or higher potion.
Hot Trails Obtain a Campfire Cultist Badge.
Glowstone Dust Collector Reach 15,000 Glowstone Dust Collection.
Quick Reel Summon 3 sea creatures within 75 seconds.
Multitasking Craft a Cleaver.
Strange Eggs Spawn a Golden Goblin from a Goblin Egg.
Zoop! Craft an Aspect of the End.
Sea Summoner Reach 30% α Sea Creature Chance.
Relic Researcher Find 20 Relics in the Spider's Den.
Weird Flex Gain 5 ❁ Strength from a Training Weight.
Minion Machine (2) Obtain 40 unique Minions.
Mushroom Collector Reach 5,000 Mushroom Collection.
Divan's Chance Place all 5 crystals in the Nucleus in the Crystal Hollows.
Blaze Rod Collector Reach 5,000 Blaze Rod Collection.
Raw Rabbit Collector Reach 50,000 Raw Rabbit Collection.
Rotten Flesh Collector Reach 7,500 Rotten Flesh Collection.
Experienced Throw a Titanic Experience Bottle.
Potatorific Craft a Hot Potato Book.
Taste of Ember Wear 1 piece of Ember Armor
Slayer Reach Level 3 for any Slayer boss.
Pet Hoarder Obtain 6 unique Pets.
Jacob's Ticket Obtain a Jacob's Ticket
Meiser Store 1,000,000 Coins in your Bank.
Healthy Reach 500 Health Stat Icon.pngHealth.
Compact Crafting Craft a Super Compactor 3000
Minion Machine Obtain 25 unique minions.
Ultimate Enchanter Obtain an Ultimate Enchanted Book.
Backpack, Backpack! Obtain any backpack.
Pet Grinder Obtain a [Lvl 100] Pet.
Community Goals
Agricultural Revolution (2) Harvest 10M Crop Blocks.
Scavenger Loot 50M Coins through the Scavenger Enchantment.
Hunter Collect 10k Pelts.
Goblin Slayer Kill 100k Goblins.
Enderman Slayer Kill 250k Endermen.
KABOOM! Blow up 5k Crypts in The Catacombs.
Poseidon (2) Summon 8K Sea Creatures.
Tarantula Broodfather Kill 2,000 Tarantula Broodfather of tier II or higher.
Make it Rain Buy 50k minutes of Rain.
Skilled (2) Gain 500M Farming experience.
Operation: Ore Break 2M Ore Blocks.
Let the StarFall Kill 100k Team Treasurite members.
Skilled Gain 200M Taming experience.
Lucky Looter Loot 20k drops with a chance of 1% or lower.
Clown Collab Defeat Bonzo 1,000 times.
Cave Commodity Gain 1M Heart of the Mountain Experience.
Agricultural Revolution Harvest 2M crops.
Zealous Kill 100K Zealots.
Scarf Offensive Defeat Scarf 800 times.
Poseidon Kill 50K Sea Creatures.

Bingo Points[]

Reaching goals will give the player Bingo Points, which can be spent at the Bingo Shop.

Amount of points that can be obtained by doing tasks
Type of Goal How to Obtain Amount of Bingo Points
Personal Goal Completing a "Personal Goal".

Personal goals can only be completed by the player who receives them.
Community Goal Contributing to a "Community Goal".
Once a Goal is completed, the Community Goal will level up to the next tier.

Community Goals can be contributed to by anyone.

The amount of Bingo Points received by players depends on their contributions to the goal and the tier of the goal.

A goal reaching position #100 or higher will provide Bingo Points for top 1%.

1 2 3 4 5
Top 1%: 5
Top 5%: 4
Top 10%: 3
Top 25%: 2
All: 1
Top 1%: 7
Top 5%: 5
Top 10%: 4
Top 25%: 3
All: 1
Top 1%: 9
Top 5%: 7
Top 10%: 5
Top 25%: 3
All: 1
Top 1%: 12
Top 5%: 10
Top 10%: 7
Top 25%: 5
All: 2
Top 1%: 15
Top 5%: 12
Top 10%: 9
Top 25%: 7
All: 4
Community Diagonal
Completing a row/column of goals/a diagonal of Community Goals (from bottom right to top left). 5
Diagonal Completing all goals of the Community Diagonal (i.e. the main diagonal, from bottom left to top right). 10


  • In the 3rd event (February 2022), community goal with contributions in the position of #100 or higher gives only "All Contributors Reward" rather than the right amount regarding to the percentile. Many screenshots of wrongly-calculated rewards can be found in the forum thread.[2]
    • The lacking bingo points have been complemented in the start of 4th event (March 2022).


  • Despite the Community Shop being disabled, account upgrades (e.g. Accessory Bag upgrade) still take effect.


SkyBlock Prototype
Nov 29, 2021Bingo is leaked on [ADMIN] Jayavarmen's Twitter.
Bingo.png Added Bingo.
Jan 1, 2022Item Transfer capacity increased from 5 to 10.
Feb 1, 2022Bingo profiles now have 30% Skill Experience Boost and all travel scroll warps are unlocked by default.
Bazaar is now completely disabled for bingo profiles.
Mar 1, 20220.12.3Alixer was added.
5 Medium Storages for minions are now given at the start.
An exploit was patched - players will no longer be able to pick up unclaimed items dropped by normal profiles without Telekinesis.
Apr 1, 2022Added Ⓑ Bingo Rank III (3).
Quick crafting is enabled for everyone.
Added Bingo Pet.
Players with Ⓑ Bingo Rank II (2) start with a Grappling Hook.
May 1, 2022Players with Ⓑ Bingo Rank III (3) start with a Personal Compactor 4000.
The Personal Bank feature is unlocked by default.