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The Blacksmith is an NPC located in Blacksmith's House, in the village at Compass.png-28, 69, -125. They are a service character that will Reforge your gear for a fee, depending on the rarity of your gear.


There is an Anvil next to the blacksmith, allowing the player to Enchant their gear using books at the cost of experience levels. There is also a Reforge Anvil in the Smithmonger, which can save time from travelling to Malik. The player's first Reforge is available for 10 Coal, but all subsequent Reforges will cost the player Coins based on the item's Rarity. The prices are as follows:

Reforge Rarity Price
Common 250 coins
Uncommon 500 coins
Rare 1,000 coins
Epic 2,500 coins
Legendary 5,000 coins
Mythic 10,000 coins
Divine 15,000 coins
Special 25,000 coins
Very Special 50,000 coins


  • Special and Very Special provides the same reforge bonus as Mythic.

During the first week of the reforging rework (July 1, 2020 to July 7, 2020), all prices were halved to allow for a smoother transition between the old system and the new system. However, it was extended and being removed in the 0.9.8 Update.

The Blacksmith's Quest[]

When you first meet the Blacksmith, he introduces you to the service he provides and then gives you one of the first Quests of the game, "Time To Mine".


Primary Condition Guaranteed Dialogue
First Interaction [NPC] Blacksmith: I'm the town Blacksmith! I can reforge items for you, for a price.

[NPC] Blacksmith: Reforging usually costs Coins, but since I'm feeling friendly I can reforge your first item for 10 Coal.
[NPC] Blacksmith: Go into the Mine to collect Coal and return to learn how to reforge items!

First Interaction after completing Objective: Mine Coal [NPC] Blacksmith: Ahh, excellent!

[NPC] Blacksmith: Reforging items allows you to get the most out of your weapons, armor, and other items by applying stat modifiers to them!
[NPC] Blacksmith: To reforge an item, place an item in my inventory. Reforging costs Coins - the more prestigious items cost more to reforge!
[NPC] Blacksmith: However, this time I will reforge any item for the low price of 10 Coal!

Secondary Condition Random Dialogue
During Objective: Mine Coal [NPC] Blacksmith: Mine some more Coal in the Mine!
[NPC] Blacksmith: I will teach you how to reforge items once you mine some more Coal!
Before reaching Stone Pickaxe.png Mining I or Finishing Objective: Mine Coal [NPC] Blacksmith: Reach Mining Level I to gain access to the Gold Mine, north of the Coal Mine.

[NPC] Blacksmith: The Gold Mine is more dangerous than the Coal Mine, but it has better ores and treasures!

Before visiting the Gold Mine or Finishing Objective: Mine Coal [NPC] Blacksmith: Travel to the Gold Mine to spelunk for better ores, including iron and gold!



SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Blacksmith.png Added Blacksmith.
June 20, 20190.3Added dialogue before player completes "Collect 10 coal".
Dec 3, 2019Reforging changed from randomizes to every reforge to every other reforge except the existing one.
June 7, 20200.7.10Added the ability to shift-click items in the interface.