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Grass.png This item is part of vanilla Minecraft. More information can be found at:
Minecraft Wiki: Blaze
Blazes are ephemeral creatures, constantly consuming themselves. Their ashes are said to bring good fortune.

Blazes are mobs found in the Crimson Isle in the ⏣ Stronghold. They can also be found on the player's Private Island if spawned by a Blaze Minion.

Blazes are also found in the Higher or Lower Dungeon Puzzle Room. These blazes are passive and spawn with 1000-9999 Health Stat Icon.pngHealth.

They also will occasionally spawn during the Bal boss fight, alongside Fire Bats.


Item drops
DropCountDrop RarityChance
Blaze Rod Blaze Rod1-2Common Loot100%
Blaze Ashes Blaze Ashes1Uncommon Loot20%
Rampart Helmet Rampart Helmet1Legendary Loot0.1%
Rampart Chestplate Rampart Chestplate1Legendary Loot0.1%
Rampart Leggings Rampart Leggings1Legendary Loot0.1%
Rampart Boots Rampart Boots1Legendary Loot0.1%
Sword of Bad Health Sword of Bad Health1Legendary Loot0.05%
Flame Dye Flame Dye1RNGesus Loot0.0001%
Non-item drops
Coins Coins20
Stone Sword.png Combat XP120
Experience Orbs Experience Orbs100


When idle, Blazes stay on the ground and slowly wander around. When they sense the player, they fly upwards, and try to remain 0.5-3.5 blocks above their target. Blazes attack players by shooting a volley of 6 fireballs, usually when the player is within 16 blocks, but may sometimes start attacking from as far as 24 blocks. They shoot 5 fireballs in a quick succession, 0.2 seconds between each shot. Afterwards, they stop attacking for about 2 seconds.


  • Due to Blazes having the ability to fly upwards, it is useful to kill them with a Bow.
  • Because Blazes shoot fireballs that set players on fire, it is recommended to bring a Fire Resistance Potion or a Fire Talisman. The Fire Talisman will cause the player to become permanently immune to blazes on their private island, as the fireballs don't deal damage on contact, instead relying on fire damage to kill the player.


  • Blazes that are killed drop 1 or 2 Blaze Rods depending on the level, compared to vanilla Minecraft's 0–1 with a 50% chance.


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