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The Booster Cookie is a LEGENDARY consumable that grants multiple benefits that last for 4 days. Multiple cookies can be consumed at once to increase the duration.


A Booster Cookie can be purchased from the Community Shop for 325 SkyBlock Gems.

Elizabeth Sprite Elizabeth will give every player one untradable Booster Cookie for free. This cookie cannot be sold on the Bazaar, Auction House or to Merchants. It can also not be stored in the player's Ender Chest or dropped on the ground. The free booster cookie is available only once per account, not once per profile.

Booster Cookie is the only item that can be bought from the Bazaar in all Profiles.


The Booster Cookie grants the player the following abilities for 4 days:

  • Ability to gain Bits! (See §Bits Available for more details)
  • +25  on all Wisdom stats
  • +15 ✯ Magic Find
  • Keep coins on death
  • Permafly on private islands and gardens
  • Quick access to some menus using their respective commands:
    /ah, /bazaar, /bank, /accessorybag, /fishingbag
    /anvil, /hex, /etable, /potionbag and /quiver
  • Sell items directly to the trades and cookie menu
  • AFK immunity on your island and garden
  • Toggle specific potion effects
  • Access to /accessorybag, /fishingbag, /potionbag and /quiver
  • Link your items in chat using /show
  • Insta-sell your Material stash to the Bazaar
  • Increases Chocolate Factory production by +0.25x

The Booster Cookie's duration is real-time, meaning it will continue to count down even when the affected player is offline.

Command Aliases
Command Alias
/auction /ah
/bazaar /bz
/anvil /av
/etable /et
/accessorybag /ab
/fishingbag /fb
/potionbag /pb
/show /showitem


Consume Booster Cookie?
Consume CookieCancel

Game Message

Condition Random Message
You consumed a Booster Cookie!
You consumed a Booster Cookie! Sweet!
You consumed a Booster Cookie! Delicious!
You consumed a Booster Cookie! Savory!
You consumed a Booster Cookie! Yummy!
You consumed a Booster Cookie! Tasty!
You consumed a Booster Cookie! Delectable!
You consumed a Booster Cookie! Scrumptious!
You consumed a Booster Cookie! Delightful!
You consumed a Booster Cookie! Divine!

Bits Available

Booster Cookies allows players to generate Bits, each Cookie has a limit to how many Bits can be generated, which changes with Fame Ranks as seen in the table below. Bits are generated every half an hour by 5.20833 % of what one Cookie can provide, which can be increased by Bits Talisman Bits Talisman. Additionally, Bits are awarded from defeating Bosses, finishing dungeons or participating in Events in Dwarven Mines that however is a lower amount.

Fame Rank Fame Required Bits Multiplier Election Votes Bits Per Cookie Coins per Bit to break even Cookies (4800 bits/cookie) Gems required USD to next 5
New Player 1.0x 1 4,800 Bits 2,360 coins per Bit
Settler 20,000 1.1x 1 5,280 Bits 2,145 coins per Bit 5 100 5
Citizen 80,000 1.2x 2 5,760 Bits 1,967 coins per Bit 17 400 5
Contributor 200k 1.3x 3 6,240 Bits 1,815 coins per Bit 42 1000 10
Philanthropist 400k 1.4x 5 6,720 Bits 1,686 coins per Bit 84 2000 15
Patron 800k 1.6x 10 7,680 Bits 1,475 coins per Bit 167 4000 30
Famous Player 1.5M 1.8x 20 8,640 Bits 1,311 coins per Bit 313 7500 60
Attaché 3M 1.9x 25 9,120 Bits 1,242 coins per Bit 625 15000 120
Ambassador 10M 2.0x 50 9,600 Bits 1,180 coins per Bit 2084 50000 375
Statesperson 20M 2.04x 75 9,792 Bits 1,157 coins per Bit 4167 100k 750
Senator 33M 2.08x 100 9,984 Bits 1,135 coins per Bit 6875 165k 1225
Dignitary 50M 2.12x 100 10,176 Bits 1,113 coins per Bit 10417 250k 1855
Councilor 72M 2.16x 100 10,368 Bits 1,093 coins per Bit 15000 360k 2670
Minister 100M 2.2x 100 10,560 Bits 1,073 coins per Bit 20834 500k 3705
Premier 135M 2.22x 100 10,656 Bits 1,063 coins per Bit 28125 675k 5000
Chancellor 178M 2.24x 100 10,752 Bits 1,054 coins per Bit 37084 880k 6520
Supreme 230M 2.26x 100 10,848 Bits 1,045 coins per Bit 47917 1.15M 8520


  • There is a purchase limit of 192 Booster Cookies per day.
  • Disabling a Potion effect does not pause it; instead, it simply stops the effect from working on the player. Any duration timers will still tick down as normal, even when disabled.
  • The amount of Bits from each booster cookie is affected by the player's Fame Rank.
  • As part of compensation for the Hypixel Maintenance that occurred from 17 June 2021 to 22 June 2021, players who had a Cookie Buff active when the maintenance took place were compensated with an untradeable Booster Cookie via Villager Sprite Jerry.
  • Attempting to drop a non-normal cookie on the ground will tell the player You may not drop this Booster Cookie!.
  • If you are in a Co-op with player(s) who have not claimed the free cookie, it is possible to get two or more free cookies by placing the free cookie(s) in a chest on their Private Island.
    • This doesnt work anymore. When you try to consume a free Booster Cookie not given to you, the game sends this message: This cookie was given to another player! You may not consume it!


Alpha Hypixel Network
July 25, 2022Booster Cookies now give skill ☯ Wisdom.
Booster Cookies now allow the player to use /hex.
Apr 9, 20240.20Booster Cookies now boost Chocolate Factory production by +0.25x
SkyBlock Prototype
Sep 8, 20200.9Booster Cookie Added Booster Cookie.
Apr 21, 20210.11.4Added Booster Cookies to the Bazaar for Ironman profiles.
Oct 13, 2021Fixed an issue where players with high ping would have their Booster Cookie flight fail randomly.
Aug 18, 20220.14Booster Cookies now allow the player to use /hex.
Changed +20% Skill XP to +20 ☯ Wisdom.
Aug 27, 2022Changed +20 ☯ Combat Wisdom, ☯ Mining Wisdom, ☯ Farming Wisdom, ☯ Foraging Wisdom, ☯ Fishing Wisdom, ☯ Enchanting Wisdom, and ☯ Alchemy Wisdom to +25 ☯ Wisdom for all Skills.
July 12, 20230.19.1Booster Cookies now allow the player to use /show.
Booster Cookies now allow the player to sell their material stash to the Bazaar.
Aug 1, 20230.19.2Added messages indicating when Booster Cookies are about to run out.
Apr 24, 20240.20.1Booster Cookies now boost Chocolate Factory production by +0.25x