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Clock.png See Candidate Jerry/Perkpocalypse for detailed Perkpocalypse time slots.

Jerry is a special Mayoral Candidate that, while elected, is located in the Community Center, which can be found in front of the Hub spawn. Jerry is one of four special candidates that appear rarely.

Mayoral Perks[]

Candidate Jerry is a special candidate, and will run the election according to the Special Candidates Election Cycle. This candidate is speculated to run for mayor next time in the election of Year 232 with all of the 3 possible perks listed below.

  • Villager Sprite.png Jerry
    1. Perkpocalypse: Activates all perks of another mayor every 18 SkyBlock days (6 hours).
    2. Statspocalypse: Increases all stats by 10%.
    3. Jerrypocalypse: Reveal hidden Jerries from logging, farming, mining, and killing mobs.


  • Mining blocks, farming crops, felling trees and killing mobs has a small chance to spawn a Green, Blue, Purple or Golden Jerry. When killing a Jerry, it drops its respective Jerry Box, and the box is not effected by telekinesis.[Confirm] After spawning a Jerry, there is around a 6.15 minute cooldown before another Jerry can spawn[1]. More information can be seen on Hidden Jerry.
  • Hidden Perks are not shown for on the Perkpocalypse Mayor Rotation of Barry Sprite.png Barry. His hidden perks are believed to be not active.
  • Unlike most other similar events, the Jerrypocalypse will trigger on players' Private Islands from relevant activities.

Perkpocalypse Mayor Rotation[]

This section will include which non-special mayoral perks occurred and when they occurred during the mayoral cycle. Each time Jerry was elected, the order of mayors were different. See Candidate Jerry/Perkpocalypse for detailed Perkpocalypse time slots for each one of Jerry's mayor term.

Items from Jerry Boxes[]


First click[]

  • Jerry.
  • Jerry?
  • Jerry!

After the first click[]

  • Jerry.
  • Jerry?
  • Jerry!


  • In SkyBlock year 160, when Jerry was mayor and had the Perkapocalypse Mayor Rotation of Cole Sprite.png Cole, some lobbies in the Dwarven Mines still had the Mining Fiesta perks active even though it ended.


SkyBlock Prototype
Jan 6, 2021Leaked Jerry as mayor
Jan 7, 2021Leaked Jerry's perks
Jan 7, 2021Added Jerry.