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This is the first large Dungeon patch after release!
Quite a few changes, here are the headlines:

  • Floor 4 release
  • Large changes to magic items and mana regeneration
  • Changes to aggro system
  • Few general changes

Floor 4Edit

It's out! And includes:

  • New Boss: Thorn
  • New Boss Rewards
  • New mobs and items from those mobs
  • 2 New secret chest rewards
  • Ice Essence is now added
  • New regular rooms with new special mechanics (we also added some new rooms to previous floors)
  • 1 New Puzzle room and 1 new Danger room (and 2 new mini-boss rooms)
  • Floor 4 Watcher improvements
  • Ophelia now has Floor 4 Items and Potions
  • Floor 4 Journals
  • Thorn Boss Milestones

And more!

Magic DamageEdit

With the release of 0.8, we introduced a lot of new ability items with intelligence scaling.
While we do believe those were a fun addition to the game, they are clearly outshining every other item in the Dungeons and making mage by far the best class.
Many changes were made to magic items and their scaling:

On top of that we changed how Mana Regeneration works inside dungeons.
Mana Regen will now be nerfed by 90% inside Dungeons, however players gain back mana when hitting enemy monsters.
Every hit on an enemy mob gives back 5 mana + 1% of your total mana. (This is a first draft and we will most likely tweak those values over the next few days based on testing and feedback.)
This works on all melee attacks, arrow hits and mage beams (ranged attacks).
Using abilities should now require a bit more strategy, let us know what you think about those changes!

General ChangesEdit

Many tweaks, new features and bug fixes are rolling in this patch:

  • Aggro system should now work a lot better, but it is currently disabled during boss fights because of issues we could not fix on time.
  • No Pain No Gain enchantment buffed from 2 to 10 orbs.
  • Fixed a damage bug that would apply the Berserk melee damage buff to all kind of damage, and the Archer melee debuff to all kind of damage. (so Archer would deal less arrow and ability damage due to that).
  • Item Ability messages will now appear in the action bar instead of the chat.
  • We are experimenting with magic damage reduction on some Dungeon monsters, for starter the Chaos Guardian and Withermancers will now take reduced damage from abilities.
  • Fixed a bug with Lost Adventurers killing themselves with Gapples after the 4th one (negative healing).
  • Fixed an issue that would complete many Dungeon rooms after beating the watcher.
  • Fixed Adaptive boots having the wrong price.
  • Decoys are now immune to player damage.
  • The Silent Death' lore now shows that it refreshes on kills.
  • The Guardians now respawn faster during the Professor fight.
  • Unstable version of the lost Adventurer now deals lightning damage and the Holy version heals.
  • Any monster above 100k health will now have "k" and "M" representing their health.
  • Removed a silverfish puzzle variant and added a box puzzle variant.
  • Fixed boss chest rewards giving the wrong Undead Essence numbers (always stuck at 1).
  • Spirit Mask got a few stat buffs and is now a Dungeon item.

Thanks for reading!
Please test the mana changes and give us your feedback, keep in mind this is the first draft and we will very likely improve the system based on your feedback.

Additional PatchesEdit

EDIT: Quick patch

  • The mana regen ticks are now rounded up.
  • Non mage classes mana debuff is now 75% instead of 90%.
  • Mob cap during Thorn fight is now 100, from 150.

More changes coming later.
Also a note on mage, I understand some players believe the class is now terrible, but it apparently is still the best performing class in the Dungeons right now. Give it a few days.

EDIT 2: Other quick patch

The Spirit Pet works even when not selected, so when you become a ghost it'll pop up as long as you own it.

EDIT 3: One more quick patch

Probably the last patch of the night. We noted a few more bugs that we will try to fix soon. Tomorrow we will look at class stats and talk balancing changes.

EDIT 4: Nvm one more

That's it for tonight, more planned for tomorrow!

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