Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki
PATCH   [April 18] QoL Bug Fixes
Updated: 2022/April 18

Hey all!

My name is Landon and I am a new Minigame Developer on the Hypixel Network. The past few weeks, I have been working on fixing some of the more minor SkyBlock bugs, so here is a run down of what we've fixed.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Message received on earning pelts is now grammatically correct.
  • The Spooky Festival Leaderboard message no longer cuts off rewards at the bottom.
  • Fixed NPC Jamie providing false information.
  • Arachne's Fragment's placing message is now correct.
  • Barry's Mayor Perks were formatted incorrectly.
  • Slimes are now referred to as the proper name across the game.
  • Fixed multiple messages prompting the user to visit the hub while on a stranded profile.
  • Fixed the Horseman's Candle prompting the user to use the item in the hub while on a stranded profile.
  • Fixed several Auction House message inconsistencies.
  • Fixed many plurality errors in messages.
  • Fixed a bug when a player would use the auction, their co-op members would be shown their nicked name.
  • Fixed grammatical inconsistencies when there are more than 2 island members.
  • Fixed a bug where the Travel Scroll for the Dwarven Mines and the Dwarven Forge would send the same chat message.
  • Fixed multiple inconsistent chat colored messages.
  • Fixed the MVP++ description in the Community Shop being identical to MVP+
  • The Auto Recombobulator now sends the correct chat message.
  • Updated the message send explaining potion effects sent by specific NPCs.
  • The message sent when removing aPunch Century Cakes is now grammatically correct.
  • Fixed more chat color inconsistencies.
  • Fixed certain messages sending multiple + symbols when receiving rewards.
  • Fixed a bug where the Bazaar 5 stack option would be for 160 items not 320.
  • Fixed Bazaar menus saying Buying when the user is Selling and vice versa.
  • Fixed certain co-op related messages having multiple spaces.
  • Fixed inconsistency in messages relating to Magic Find (between Kill Combos and Rare Drops)
  • Fixed spelling inconsistencies when playing on an Ironman profile.
  • Fixed multiple typos in the lore of Minions.
  • Fixed a typo relating to the Crypt Ghoul.
  • Fixed the Tarantula minion saying "Cave Spiders" instead of "Tarantulas".
  • Fixed typos relating to the Training Dummy.
  • Fixed multiple formatting issues with dialogue sent from the Joyful Viking.
  • Fixed outdated information related to Salvaging (it now accurately displays what is collected)
  • Fixed messaging inconsistencies when attempting to gift to a co-op member.
  • Fixed multiple dialogue typos with NPC Jake.
  • Fixed lore typos with the Great Spook Staff Ability.
  • Fixed Cult of the Fallen Star having extra spaces in dialogue.
  • Fixed multiple coloring inconsistencies in lores relating to the Bank.

QoL Changes

  • Changed requirement to spawn the Carpenter NPC from VIP+ to VIP.
  • The Fel Sword now keeps track of the current kills (and extra damage earned) in the lore of the sword under the explanation of the ability.

That's all for today! Thank you to all the players who continue to submit bug reports to assist our team, these changes would not have been possible without you all. Remember to submit bugs you find here!

I look forward to seeing you all on the network!