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PATCH   [April 21] Crimson Isle - The Fixes
Updated: 2022/April 21

During the development of the Crimson Isle update we fixed a lot of bugs around the rest of SkyBlock to not only help improve gameplay but also aid in our performance improvements to make this update possible. This post is an attempt at forming a list of those fixes though not all of them were documented. This list is not extensive and does not cover every bug fix, tweak, or change made alongside the update and does not include changes made since the update's release.

  • Fixed certain NPCs not sitting in 1.8.
  • Fixed some missing sounds in some noteblock songs.
  • Fixed many issues on the Farming Islands:
    • Now shows "Zone" instead of "Loc" in the player list.
    • More zones have actual names that show in the scoreboard now.
    • Updated zone descriptions.
    • Updated Trapper GUIs.
    • Fixed some blocks not being mineable when they should be.
  • Fixed the name of the Viking Shop.
  • Removed the Builder Legacy shop and moved items to the new one.
  • Fixed Blaze Pet perk stacking.
  • Changed how Training Dummies handle their health and deaths.
  • Fixed the back arrow now appearing in the Gemstone Sack after toggling the filter.
  • Fixed Mineral armor not working on some Redstone Ore and Dwarven Gold.
  • Fixed Night Savers giving Day Savers from the menu.
  • Made visual improvements to the Feather Talisman, Ring, and Artifact.
  • Added back buttons to Rosseta's Shop.
  • Fixed Farming for Dummies only applying 4 times.
  • Fixed Squid health bars floating too high above the mob.
  • Leaflet armor now works when in a forest biome!
  • Fixed Pigman and Redstone Pigman increasing kills on Revenant Armor's Zombie Bulwark ability.
  • Added a cooldown to the Snow Shovel.
  • Fixed several issues with the Dwarven Mines Raffle event:
    • Fixed the wrong times being reported near the end of the event.
    • Fixed the title effects not appearing for all players.
    • Fixed rewards not cycling through all players.
  • Auto-Recombobulator now works on more items.
  • Fixed Double Jump boots not using the right amount of intelligence.
  • Fixed Beacon Profile Stats sometimes resetting.
  • Added Mining Fortune support to new blocks:
    • Cobblestone
    • Gravel
    • Glowstone
    • Obsidian
  • Fixed the Master Enchanter achievement not working with new enchantment table system.
  • Fixed the Arcadia achievement not working.
  • Fixed the Crystal Hollows pass showing the wrong time in some places.
  • Fixed Banners crashing players on 1.8.
  • Fixed not being able to interact with some entities using a Fishing Rod on private islands.
  • Fixed the Enchanted Bookshelf turning into a normal Bookshelf when you break it.
  • Fixed Red Sandstone slabs not working with the Block Zapper correctly.
  • Updated the skill descriptions for Combat & Mining.
  • Made the Crystal Hollows Metal Detector distance color use aqua to be more visible.
  • Made Crystal Hollow chests always face the right direction now.
  • Fixed some cases where the Crystal Hollows Jungle Temple would improperly remove and apply effects.
  • Bal Pet's Protective Skin effect now displays "IMMUNE" in the scoreboard.
  • Upon finding a Divan Alloy a new message and sound are sent to all players in the lobby.
  • Skills can now show overflow experience.
  • Updated Superboom TNT's lore to reflect the new insta-break feature.
  • The Dwarven Forge warp now makes you face south (the correct way).
  • Fixed Easter/Summer themed schematics not pasting during the real world event.
  • Staggered the pasting of event shematics.
  • Fixed some farming sprite blocks (flowers) playing double sounds when broken.
  • Fixed Magma Cube/Slime Minion spawning not having enough space.
  • Fixed Magma bow consuming double ammo.
  • Fixed more placeable heads.
  • Fixed inconsistent capitalization in Spooky Event.
  • Fixed several items not counting towards collection XP.
  • Fixed breaking a Jukebox while playing a custom song preventing new songs from being playable.
  • Fixed being able to join outdated versions of SkyBlock when an update is rolling.
  • InfiniDirt Wand can no longer be used on Tile Entities.
  • Fixed the Shop Confirmation setting toggle displaying the wrong amount of coins.
  • Fixed island guests being able to use Reforge Anvils.
  • Blocked /opencannonbuymenu from working if you don't have a Snow Cannon in hand.
  • Fixed soo many typos.
  • Made countless performance changes to every aspect of the game.
  • And many more...

And that's it for today folks!
Note: There will more fixes over the next week for issues directly related to the Crimson Isle update.