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PATCH   [April 25] Rusty Unleashed
Updated: 2022/April 25


Patch notes!

Rusty & Telekinesis

The Telekinesis enchant has been replaced with the Auto-pickup perk unlocked at Combat VI.

[1] Auto-pickup perk unlocked!

Telekinesis has been removed from all items in the guide.

At the moment, auto-pickup behaves the exact same as tele did, but we might change it for slayer, fishing, dungeons, etc...

Because of this change, we had to find a new use for Rusty, the Janitor of the Gold Mines.

He has been promoted to SkyBlock Janitor and now offers a shop with one-time quest rewards, such as ring of love, cheetah talisman, etc...

[2] Rusty's Shop

Material Stash

Item stash is a feature which stores items which couldn't fit items in your inventory when you have to pick them up.

Material stash is the same, but it stores stackable items instead, like sacks.


This feature has been in the game before and we now brought it back.

Other Features

  • Prevent a lot more (abilities) outgoing damage when using Soul Esoward
  • Add a 20s grace period before BIN auctions can be bought

[4] BIN grace period in action

  • Added search and filtering to the enchantments guide menu

[5] Enchantments guide search


  • Reduced Corrupt Bait NPC sell price to 1
  • Changed Corrupted Fragment from 500 to 20
  • Changed Eccentric Painting in the DA to a bundle which unwraps 9x of the power stone
  • Fire and Lava talisman now grant immunity everywhere, except in Crimson isle where it grants damage reduction

[6] Buffed Fire Talisman (and Lava)

Bug Fixes

  • Don't unlock the Dungeon Hub fast travel by default
  • Properly show recombed weapons on Weapon Rack+
  • Stopped using Salmon Armor outside water taking mana away
  • Add an FX when attempting violence on the Chest+ furniture
  • Properly show ether transmission in etherwarp merger recipes
  • Fixed deleting crafted furnitures if your inventory is full
  • Fixed grammar in soul-storing items
  • Fixed Spelunker potion V recipe
  • Fixed clicking auction house sending too many messages sometimes
  • Fixed Grappling Hook (and some other inappropriate rods) consuming baits
  • Fixed Hellfire Rod & Inferno Rod not carrying over enchants/data when upgrading
  • Fixed typo in rare drops / pet drops
  • Fixed clicking chests with an ability item
  • Approximate fishing minions' output when generating >1000 items, like other minions do.
    • This will allow some players to log into the game again. =S


  • Add limit to star sentry dropped starfalls
  • Fixed minion items UUID shift
  • Despawn ghosts when their Y is too high, to save the noobs