Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki
PATCH   [May 11] Sunshade Patch
Updated: 2022/May 11


It's small update!

Sunshade, cause it's hot outside!


  • New Netherrack-Looking Sunshade dropping from blazes in the Smoldering Tombs


  • Spaced out the crimson isle armor sets lore to be more readable


  • Added stacks from crimson isle set bonuses in the action bar

[3]5 Hydra Strike stacks!


  • Added Grandma Wolf pet to Rusty
  • Made the Inferno enchant less uh... buggy. Also clarified its lore!

[4]Clearer description!

  • Update the settings menu with more submenus, making it both cleaner and cooler

[5] [6] Upgraded settings menu!

  • Added a setting to always keep the slayer tracker in the sidebar as XP instead of dynamically adjusting for kills
  • Added Fast Travel Scroll to Crystal Nucleus as a 750 commissions milestone
  • Added Infinite Spirit Leap to Malik for 25k Wither Essence

[7]Like Infiniboom, but different!

  • Added edition to Bingo Card, New Year Cake and Spooky Pie right in the item name

[8]The year is now in the item name!

Other Changes

  • Required kills to spawn T3 and T4 Blaze now 0.75x of what it was
  • Sulphuric Coal now requires 4x less sulphur
  • "In Combat" status timer reduced from 7s to 1s, with an effective annoyance reduction ratio of 100%!
  • You no longer get in combat from Fall, Fire and Suffocation damage
  • Can't auction damaged Pickonimbus anymore
  • Added Dark Claymore to museum
  • Made Tier Boost incompatible with Wisp pets
  • Added a chat message when proccing Double Hook
  • Added a chat message when your buff from Sky Mall changes
  • Renamed the armor reforge called "Warped" to "Hyper" and clarified its lore to mention you get the speed "on teleport"
  • Millenia-Old Blaze Ashes drops much more frequently from Millenia-Old Blazes
  • Lumber Merchant now sells sticks (at an extortionate profit margin)

Tiny Changes

  • Renamed Ink Sack to Ink Sac
  • Bitter Ice Tea is now Bitter Iced Tea
  • Small Fishing Sack is now Uncommon
  • Recolored skins for Absolute Ender Pearl and Aspiring Leap
  • Changed the blood icon in the rune sack filter to a sword

Other Bugfixes

  • Fixed Hydra Strike at 10 stcks stopping Dragon Tracer, Juju and tons of things from working
  • Made item entities merge more frequently
  • Fixed menus from commands being empty on the go back arrow (for example /craftedgenerators then go back)
  • Fixed Auto-pet not proccing while in dungeons
  • Fixed "On Throw Fishing Hook" auto-pet rule proccing with non-rod rods (soul whip, etc),
  • Now showing pet skins in the auto-pet menus (is it a bug? is it a feature? Little of both!)
  • Disable auto-pet in the Dark Auction
  • Removed the damage/healing reduction from around the Colosseum
  • Inferno Demonlord fireballs don't damage innocent bystanders anymore
  • Fixed Beacon stat icon showing the wrong values