Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki
PATCH   [May 16] Various SkyBlock Bug fixes
Updated: 2022/May 16

Hey Guys - in the last week we've release a series of various bug fixes. Here they are:

  • Fixed a crash with Thunderlord and Gauntlet of Contagion
  • Fixed duplicate skin between Magmag and Whipped Magma Cream
  • Fixed a number typo in on the Spooky Pie item regarding how it's obtained.
  • Fixed the Skeleton Lord armor being inconsistent in it's set bonus lore
  • Fixed the Fear Mongerer on Stranded selling an item that cannot be used (bat firework).
  • Fixed a typo on the Compact enchantment upgrade message
  • Fixed a grammar error when dying and losing one coin
  • Fixed the Refined reforge lore mentioning enchanted blocks when it meant enchanted ore
  • Fixed Ember Armor working without having it equipped
  • Fixed Pickonimbus uses being lowered by unbreakable blocks
  • Fixed skill ranking requirement showing when it shouldn't
  • Fixed island size upgrade in the community shop size being off
  • Fixed low-health slimes dropping slimeballs when being turned into magma cubes in stranded
  • Fixed certain mithril ores in the Dwarven Mines not doing what it should (dropping gold, not counting towards commissions)
  • Fixed flower minions not being upgradeable from the minion menu for tier 12
  • Fixed Final Destination, Reaper, Revenant, and Tarantula armor sets not registering kills in stranded
  • Fix some carpentry table recipes not being craftable even if you have all the items
  • Fix melon and pumpkins minions sometimes not performing their offline simulation
  • Fix items getting deleted if they are dropped on your spawn point and you pick them up before your inventory is applied
  • Add an option to Odger to open the trophy fish menu when on the main quest to reclaim lost fishing rods
  • Fix some parts of the hub island not having a zone
  • Fix ordering of Kada lead recipes
  • Fix arrows ignoring the personal deletor when the quiver is unlocked
  • Fix flares not dropping loot if the killing blow isn't on the main blaze
  • Fix flare not counting towards the bestiary if the killing blow isn't on the main blaze
  • Fix minions total resources generated not getting reset when using the quick-upgrade option
  • Fix lots of typos/grammar issues