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PATCH   [May 4] Crimson Isle Achievements and Bug Fixes
Updated: 2022/May 4

Hey all,

Today we've got some fun new achievements and a few Crimson Isle bug fixes for you all!
It's worth noting that we've done our best to make most of these achievements retroactive due to this later release so make sure to visit your private island and wait a few minutes for them to come through if you've already completed them.

  • Dojo Grand Master | Obtain the Black Belt from Master Tao in the Dojo
  • Dojo Master | Reach the highest grade in any of the Dojo challenges
  • Declaring Allegiance | Join a Crimson Isle Faction
  • Kuudra Conundrum | Defeat Kuudra
  • Scam? | Pay 1,000,000 Coins for a Fairy Soul
  • Ring Ring… Who’s this? | Buy an Abiphone
  • Shining Scales | Fish up a gold star trophy fish
  • Amalgamation | Fuse 2 items to increase attributes
  • Suited Up | Wear all forms of equipment at the same time
  • I own this place! | Kill all the mini-bosses on the Crimson Isle
  • Vanquished | Kill a vanquisher
  • Blaze Wrangler | Grapple 5 blazes at once
  • And 5 more secret achievements...
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Essence not dropping in Dungeons.
  • Fixed Goblin armor giving more than 100 intelligence.
  • Fixed Odger telling you to go to wrong area.
  • Fixed Synthesizers equipping instead of opening their menu on right-click.
  • Fixed Small and Large Nether and Lava Fishing Sack skins being reversed.
  • Fixed Gauntlet of Contagion causing extreme lag.
  • Fixed Mythological creatures spawning in Dojo challenges.
  • Fixed being able to one shot dropships in the Kuudra fight.
  • Fixed the Kuudra end of fight reporting the wrong percentage complete.
  • Fixed being able to use the Orb of Healing (and deployables) on players in Dojo challenges.
  • Fixed Orb of Healing saying there was an error even when there was no error.
  • Expanded the Rescue Quest door guards range a little bit.
  • Fixed players in the mage faction getting a S tier daily rescue quest when it's disabled.
  • Fixed Blaze Bulwark not working on Blazes.
  • Fixed Soulbound items turning into Co-op Soulbound items when donated to the museum.
  • Fixed more typos!

That's all for now, thanks again for continuing to report these bugs to us!

Achievements & Bugs: @TheMGRF
Bugs: @TheBirmanator