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Stone Sword.png Combat is one of the 12 Skills available for players to level up as they perform certain actions that give them Combat XP.

Roman Numerals are used to express its levels in-game.

Although Combat goes from levels 1 - 60 (I - LX), 50 XP is required to reach the first level, meaning there is a "level 0", just like all other Skills.

Leveling XP[]

Combat XP is gained from killing mobs. Each type of mob grants a set amount of Combat XP upon being slain. Mobs killed on a private island do not grant Combat XP.

The amount of Combat XP gained can be increased by:

The table below includes a few examples of mobs and the amount of Combat XP they yield. The amount yielded by mobs not listed here can be found on their relevant page.

Image Mob Level XP
Enderman.png Voidling Extremist 100 900
Wolf.png Wolf 15 12
Ghast.png Ghast 17 63
Wolf.png Old Wolf 50 45
Silverfish.png Silverfish 1 5.3
Spider.png Splitter Spider 2 6
Spider.png Weaver Spider 3 6
Spider.png Dasher Spider 4 10
Slime.png Rain Slime 8 4
Skeleton.png Skeleton 2 6
Skeleton.png Jockey Skeleton 3 9.5
Zombie.png Zombie 1 6
Crypt Ghoul.png
Crypt Ghoul 30 32
Golden ghoul.png Golden Ghoul 60 50
Enderman.png Enderman 42 28
Endermite.png Endermite 40 25
Obsidian Defender.png Obsidian Defender 55 40
Enderman.pngEnder Chest Zealot.pngPortal Frame Zealot.png Zealot 55 32
Watcher.png Watcher 55 40
Bat.png Bat 3 33
Creeper.png Sneaky Creeper (Gunpowder Mines) 3 8
Lapis Zombie.png Lapis Zombie (Lapis Quarry) 7 12
Zombie Pigman.png Pigman (Pigman's Den) 10 20
Slime.png Emerald Slime (small) 5 12
Slime.png Emerald Slime (medium) 10 15
Slime.png Emerald Slime (large) 15 20
Diamond Skeleton.png Skeleton (Diamond Reserve) 15 20
Miner Zombie One.png Zombie (Diamond Reserve) 15 20
Miner Zombie Two.png Zombie (Obsidian Sanctuary) 20 24
Enchanted Diamond Skeleton.png Skeleton (Obsidian Sanctuary) 20 24
Goblin 25 9
Ice Walker.png Ice Walker (Great Ice Wall in the Dwarven Mines) 45 40

Minion XP[]

Leveling Combat with Minions is a passive way to slowly increase Combat Level.

Item Minion XP per item
String +0.2
Spider Eye +0.3
Rotten Flesh +0.3
Blaze Rod +0.3
Ghast Tear +0.5
Gunpowder +0.3
Bone +0.2
Ender Pearl +0.3
Slimeball, Slime block +0.2, +1.8
Magma Cream +0.2


Warrior is an ability exclusively unlocked by leveling up the Combat Skill. Each level of Warrior level 1-50 grants 4% additional Mob damage, and levels 51-60 grant 1% additional Mob damage.

Each level of Combat grants one level of Warrior. For example, if you were on Combat level 15, you would therefore also be Warrior level 15.

Leveling Rewards[]

Combat has a maximum level of 60.

Level Additional Mob Damage Additional Crit Chance
1-50 4% 0.5%
51-60 1% 0.5%

The cumulative rewards at Combat level 25 are:

The cumulative rewards at Combat level 50 are:

The cumulative rewards at Combat level 60 are:

Here are the special rewards, and the level at which they are granted:

Level Special Reward
1 Access to Spider's Den
5 Access to Wardrobe
6 Access to Auto-Pickup
12 Access to The End
15 Access to The Catacombs - Entrance
24 Access to Crimson Isle
25 Access to Void Sepulture

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