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Commands are features activated by typing certain strings of text into the chatbox. Commands allow the server and the player to do certain things that are not accessible in vanilla Minecraft.

SkyBlock-specific Commands[]

The commands listed below are SkyBlock specific.

Command Details
/acceptinvite Accepts someone's island invite if they invited you.
/ah Opens the Auctions menu (requires Booster Cookie). Unlike /ah [username] allows full access including searching listings and managing auctions.
/ah [username]
/auctions [username]
Opens the Auctions of a specific player and allows you to bid for the items listed.


Opens the Anvil menu (requires Booster Cookie).
Opens the Bestiary menu.
Opens the Bazaar menu (requires Booster Cookie).
/calendar Display the SkyBlock events calendar.
/clearstash Removes all items currently in the Stash.
/craftedgenerators Opens the crafted minions menu (the one accessible from the collections screen).
Opens the crafting table (the 3x3 one available from the menu)
/deathcount Displays how many times you have died.


Opens the Ender Chest.
/enterthecrystalhollows Teleports you to the Crystal Hollows (only usable while riding the minecart into the Crystal Hollows)


Opens the Enchantment Table menu (Requires a Booster Cookie).
/garry Teleports you to Old Man Garry in the Dwarven Mines (only available when an event is about to start)
/hub Aliases for /warp hub - Teleports you to the Hub.
/invite [username] Send a player an invite to Guest your island (even if you don't have visiting turned on).
/is Sends you to your own Private Island.
/pickupstash Takes all items currently in the Stash.
/profiles Opens up the profile switcher.
Shows your current playtime.
Opens up Sack of Sacks.
/sbmenu Opens the SkyBlock Menu.
Opens up the Sea Creature Guide (the one accessible from the Fishing skill screen).
Sets the spawn for Guests on your private island to the block you are currently standing on.
Sets the spawn on your private island to the block you are currently standing on.
/togglemusic Turns music on / off for certain areas.
/togglerds Toggles the sound that plays when you receive a rare drop on / off
/viewmuseumrewards Opens the Museum rewards menu
/visit [player] Lets you Guest on someone's island (if they have visiting turned on). You can't /visit people who are in a co-op with you.
/warp [place] "place" can be "island"/"home", "hub" or Travel Scroll places. (See Also: Fast Travel)
/warpforge Warps you to the The Forge area in the Dwarven Mines.
/savethejerrys Sends you to Jerry's Workshop. (Only works when the Season of Jerry is active)


Opens the Storage.

Non SkyBlock-specific Commands[]

The commands listed below could be important to SkyBlock but can be used throughout the network. A list of other main Hypixel commands can be found here.

Command Details
Shows the name of the map you are currently on. (Useful when reporting a bug.)
/whereami Shows the name of the server you are on. (Useful when reporting a bug.)
Gives you an extra option to chat only with people in your party.
/myfilter Filter out words in the chat. Has 4 sub command, "add", "remove", "list", and "clear". Type just "/myfilter" to see details.
Shows what servers you recently played on
/togglechat Toggles chat from other users on / off
/zoo Teleports you to the Prototype Games lobby with the message "This isn't the Zoo, it's the lobby!"
/settings Opens the general settings menu.

View Commands[]

Command Details
/viewrecipe [name] Shows the recipe of an item (even if you couldn't currently access it). To use, item names must be written in all caps, and spaces replaced with underscores. Ex: /viewrecipe DAY_SAVER. Note that some item names are not obvious; for example, to see a crafting table for a Wheat Minion you would type /viewrecipe WHEAT_GENERATOR_2.
/recipes Opens the Recipe Book.
/viewcollection [name] Shows the collection screen of an item. To use, item names must be written in all caps, and spaces replaced with underscores.
/collections Opens the Collections menu.
/viewskill [name] Opens the Skill menu for a specified skill. Must be lowercase.
/skills Opens the Skill menu.
/viewpotion [name] Opens the potion menu for a specified potion. Must be lowercase.
Opens the Pets menu.
Opens the SkyBlock settings menu.
/viewprofilemenu Opens your SkyBlock profile menu.
Opens Quest Log menu.
Opens up the crafting table. /viewcraftingtable only works in the Hub, not the Private Island, but /craft works everywhere.
/viewstash Shows all items currently in the Stash in chat.
Opens the Wardrobe menu.
Opens the Potion Effects menu.
/vieweventrewards Opens the Event Rewards menu.
Opens the SkyBlock Menu.
/viewdungeontype <DUNGEON> Opens that dungeon's reward tree. (Case-Insensitive)
/viewdungeonclass <class> Opens the perks for that class. (Does not work with uppercase letters.)
/viewbosscollection <boss> Should open the boss collection for that specific boss, but names unknown.
/showextrastats Can only be typed once a dungeon is completed, shows extra stats.
Opens the Heart of the Mountain menu.
/viewpotion <potion> Opens the recipes for that potion. (Currently glitched when using uppercase letters in the potion name.)
/viewcommissionmilestones Opens the Commission Milestones menu.
/craftedgenerators Opens the Crafted Minions menu.
Opens the Calendar and Events menu.
/profiles Opens the Profiles Management menu.
/opencannonbuymenu Opens the Buy Snow Cannon menu to buy Frosty the Snow Cannon.
/viewachievementmenu skyblock_spiky View challenge achievements for SkyBlock.
/viewachievementmenu skyblock_combat View tiered achievements for SkyBlock.

Co-op Commands[]

Command Details
/coop <player 1> [player 2 ...] Creates a co-op on a new profile with you and the other players.
/coopadd <player> Adds a player to your current profile.

WARNING: Do not do this unless you trust the player to not steal literally everything on your profile, including all of your money in the bank.
/coopkick <player> Removes the player from your co-op.
/cc <message>
/coopchat <message>
Talks in co-op chat similar to /gc or /ac.
Toggles co-op chat.
/coopsalvage <player> Salvages items for members who left the co-op.
/coopmanage Manage your current co-op.
/coopview <player> View an invitation of a co-op for you.
/coopparty Sends all members of a co-op a party invite.
/coopmode <gamemode> <player 1> [player 2 ...] Create a co-op with the specified gamemode.

Removed Commands[]

These commands were removed/disabled at some point, but were enabled.

Command Details
/killdante A command that instantly killed Slime Dante. It was most likely enabled by accident.
/slimetest [size] A command that allowed players to summon a Slime of any size. It was most likely enabled by accident.

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