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Discord is an instant messaging and voice chat app/site mainly used by gamers that offers a lot of features not to be found on most messaging apps. It displays the game you're playing, allows for the creation of servers which can have multiple text and voice channels dedicated to different topics and more.

Like most websites, discord has bots. Bots are similar to normal accounts, except they're controlled by code. Some of those bots make your Skyblock experience easier and here is a list of them:

Bot name Link Uses Default prefix
CommunityBot https://top.gg/bot/854722092037701643 Offers an in-depth networth calculation, networth leaderboard, displays various player stats, let's you check the 10 lowest BINs, extensive bazaar price checker, recommends the cheapest minions to upgrade and shows which accessories you are missing! More features coming in frequent updates. .
Skyblock Simplified https://hypixel.net/threads/skyblock-simplified-home-of-official-skyblock-simplified-reforge-optimizer-bot.3493132/ Optimizes reforges, lists missing talismans from cheapest to most expensive, lets you see other people's stats, and lets you see entire guild stats and more sbs
Project Alpha https://top.gg/bot/656739867404795934 Calculates networth, lists missing talismans, optimizes stats, views a player's profile, and views item prices alpha
Jerry https://top.gg/bot/614661627513536526 Checks the price of items in auction and bazaar, can also be used to detect scammers $
Statisfy https://statsify.net/ A general Hypixel bot, can display Hypixel stats and stats for other games s!
Hypixel Skybot https://top.gg/bot/630106665387032576 Searches player stats, auctions of a player, price of item in the bazaar, price of an item in lowest price BIN, timers for everything, recent updates, best item to flip, memes, and more! !