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Guilds are a huge part of the Hypixel Network. A lot of guilds tend to focus on Hypixel Skyblock instead of other games. Joining such a guild is beneficial due to easier advertising, dungeon/dragon parties and more. Here is a list of quite a few guilds, along with their requirements and a bunch of other details.

Note: Feel free to add your guild to the list, but be sure to add it at the bottom of the table and don't remove other guilds unless they got disbanded or something similar. Also, don't be shy to add missing info.

Guild name Requirements Guild Owner Discord Services Famous People
Aspect of The Bumble
  • 10k weight (Senither)
  • Catacombs Level 40
Leocthl https://discord.gg/aotb ⭐Partnered Discord Server

⭐4K+ Members Active Discord

⭐Guild Bridge (Discord to Minecraft)

⭐First ever Dungeon based guild, used to be #1 Dungeon Guild until Leocthl quit.

⭐Great community and friendly

Leocthl (decently popular YouTube channel)
Cobble Crew
  • Minimum total of 1,300,000 Slayer XP
  • Skill average of 33
Akinsoft(recently quit, this might affect guild processes somewhat) CamboQT
Money Moves
  • 34+ AV Skill Level
  • 1M+ Slayer EXP (total)
MrW0nka https://discord.gg/xENgu2B #5 HySb guild according guild leaderboard. Some nice people however, this guild is also known for it's toxicity towards other guilds.
Skybl0ckgods all API enabled COVID_69 https://discord.gg/86CUsJn
Flexing Chimps 48 Skill Average

2M Slayer EXP

Catacombs 31

MonkeDeadly https://discord.gg/qqv6Nn3 #1 HySb guild on the guild leaderboard, amazing community full of bright people. Egom


Trouble Brewing 40 True Skill Average

1.5M Slayer

lejittt https://discord.gg/XHJBdN7 #3 HySb guild according to guild leaderboard, limited community. Iceblades11
Lost in Space - 1,500,000+ Slayer XP

- 45+ Skill Average (Combat 50 Preferred)

- Catacombs 34

SimpleOrigin https://discord.gg/RByUfkU Nice community sometimes. Ranked #3 from Senither's Hypixel Skyblock Guild Leaderboard. Has many rats in the guild. Refraction



SkyBlock Simplified - Avg skill lvl 36

- slayer xp 800k

- cata 25

grmgtijyti https://discord.gg/GDnv4Cz Active discord server with 900+ members, currently undergoing a large exodus of endgame players to Big Boy Diamonds, Creators Club, and Flexing Chimps.

(Cause "Charity" was Taken)

- Avg Skil Lvl: 20

- Slayer XP: 75k

- Catacombs: Lvl 12

- Skyblock Networth: 100 Mil

LayLocks https://discord.gg/fKGyngXhrM
Drachen Kult Community

(6 guilds)

A total of 6 German guilds, which are divided into different levels of progress

Drachen Kult: Endgame

Drachen Wächter: Lategame/Midgame

Drachen Zähmer: Midgame/Earlygame

Drachen Kader: Earlygame

TheBestOfMM https://discord.gg/ZvmBzQftZS
  • German Community
  • 6 guilds
  • crafting services
  • trading services
  • support and ticket services
  • active chat and voice channels


Skyblock Lounge [Retained for historical reasons] VIP+ rank or higher

Skill Average 28

Catacombs 28

Derp Clan No requirements,it's for new players and end game players to help each other. moeon Free money on join (if the owner's online),Carrying services,guiding services and more.(all are free)
Krumpin Some Blocks We are primarily a small and friendly European guild, although people of any nationality can join.

No requirements needed, anyone can join.

EivinasM No real services offered, however we do help each other out as much as possible, whether it'd be crafting, slayers, commissions in dwarven mines or anything else.
TeamBrainDead ➥Skill Average: 35+

➥Slayer EXP: 400k

➥Catacombs: ~24+

➥Try be active

DonzoGamer https://discord.gg/j6SfF8rYFv Provide good some good tips and help
  • crafting services
  • trading services
SkyKings Skykings

➥5000 Weight

Skykings Academy

➥2500 Weight

Skykings Superior

➥1500 Weight

Skykings Legend/Origins/Royal

➥500 Weight

SkyKings Diamond / Ultra / Glory

➥ All API On

Jacktheguy https://discord.gg/skykings Large Discord server (6500+ members), developed anti-scammer bot, good community, multiple guilds
MineTogether We are looking for active German Players with:

Average-Skill: 35+


Catacombs 28+

If you don't have the listed Requirements you can join our Discord and we can look what we can do for you.

Blackrecruit https://discord.gg/aFJs9K2
  • Former #3 Guild in Germany
  • Crafting, Trading and Boosting Services
  • Veteran Players, which can help you in almost every situation
  • Active Discord-Server
Necronic Skilll average 27.5

6/6/6 slayers

catacombs 23


1500 weight

360_nscope https://discord.gg/ZuZ6phFZXF
  • mid-late game dungeons guild
  • active discord server
Atlantica 3000 "weight"

500+ more weight needed every catacombs level away from 30

CVFhyum https://discord.gg/YZnJDCrfK9 Mid-late game guild.

Active discord.



The Heaven Plan

Skill Average 5

Catacombs 5


Play at least once a month

CrystalNom Free Carries 1 - 5 (Only F5 will be S+ and the others will be S)

Crafting Service

Skywiki None as of right now, though this may change in the future.

Read more here:https://hypixel.net/threads/skywiki-hsw-new.4228858/

Hvski https://discord.gg/kUA58RyXWp Many members from the guild are part of this wiki so they can help you with tips on progression or questions about certain items.
Ironman Sweats - 4000 Senither Weight on an ironman profile - Guild visits and all APIs enabled ZachPlaysAN https://discord.gg/ironmansweats

Open to all ironman players

Ironman gamemode main guild consisted of sweats. ZachPlaysAN
Ironman Casuals Option 1:

• Skill average 23

• 5000 total slayer xp

• Catacombs 10

Option 2:

• 1000 Senither Weight

Other requirements:

• 40 weight gain per week (Senither)

• Guild visits and all APIs enabled

Thrawn9001 [1]https://discord.gg/ironmansweats

Open to all ironman players

IMS secondary guild
The Quota Hypixel Level 20 dznq Amazing community and helpful
Post Traumatic Skyblock Disorder Option 1:

True Skill Average 38

Slayer EXP 750k

Catacombs 30

Option 2:

Slayer EXP 500k

Catacombs 27

3750 Weight

SaskiaFlesje https://discord.gg/CR3sjcCK66 Active, friendly, relaxed community. Ranked #29 on Senither leaderboards.
BananaRepublic 35+ Average skill level

Catacombs 26+

300k+ Slayer xp

(3k weight exception)

hoopydoopgoo https://discord.gg/5KmrTjrYng
Exception 25+ Average Skill Level

Catatombs 20+

FlawlessL https://discord.gg/3bAQKJSn Active, trustworthy guild. A good help for players who are struggling to progress.
BananaUnion 20+ Average skill level

Catacombs 14+

50k slayer xp

BradenFleetYT https://discord.gg/5KmrTjrYng
Satiate lvl 20 skill average

cata 14

(If you want to join->join discord then message either TomatoMan or BrokenNitation)

Brokennitation, SamLegends, TomatoMan https://discord.gg/rQcvSFpc This Guild is filled with nice people and good staff.
Necron Wand cata 28 and sa30 AOTCAndronicus https://discord.gg/2UeYtyUtGc Active guild for players looking to easily join good dungeon parties (mainly f7)
LENDA Must Speak Portuguese

Option 1:

➥ Senither Weight: 2000+

Option 2:

➥ Average Skill: 25+

➥ Catacombs Lvl: 20+

➥ API on.

L3ONARDOz https://discord.gg/sxs5FJuUuU

Recruitment Discord, official is for guild members only.

  • PT-BR Community
  • Active friendly guild
  • Focused on reaching TOP 1 brazillian guild in skyblock.
  • Skilled players