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This page has been provided by the wiki as a helpful resource for the players of SkyBlock.

Minecraft modifications are a large part of the Minecraft experience for many players, with modifications ranging from small performance and visual improvements right through to gameplay altering ones.

As Minecraft modifications provide such a wide range of functionality, not all modifications are permitted to be used on Hypixel. The modifications below are used at your own risk. They are highly trusted modifications though and will likely not result in a ban, however user discretion is still advised.

As of March 26, 2021, Hypixel Admin Fr0z3n released a thread clarifying which type of mods may result in a ban. This was done because some features in mods were flagging Watchdog, causing false bans. Mods that would modify packets and automate clicks are some examples.

Mods that alter the following are deemed illegal:

  • Displaying invisible entities (i.e. Ghosts, Fels).
  • Changing player movements.
  • Cancelling vanilla actions like clicking on blocks or interacting with a Player, Monster, or NPC.
    • This does not impact the cancelling of actions such as "not dropping/salvaging certain items".
  • Automatically interacting with interface elements, such as inventories or menus. (i.e. automatically solving terminals/experimentation tables).
Hypixel SkyBlock Specific Mods
Modification Modloader Download Link Currently Supported? Forum Post Head Developer Uses
SkyBlockAddons (SBA) Forge 1.8.9 Download - Latest Yes SkyBlockAddons Biscuit General features to make your SkyBlock experience less frustrating.
Skytils Forge 1.8.9 GitHub Page Yes Skytils Sychic + others A SkyBlock QOL mod, with Dungeon puzzle solvers, Griffin waypoints, auto copy dungeon fails, and much more.
NotEnoughUpdates (NEU) Forge 1.8.9 GitHub Page Yes NEU Moulberry Dungeon chest profit, info on every item in the game and API stalking.
Danker's SkyBlock Mod (DSM) Forge 1.8.9 GitHub Page Yes SkyBlockMod bowser0000 Slayers, fishing, dungeons trackers, API stalking, lots of QOL features.
Dungeons Rooms Mod Forge 1.8.9 GitHub Page Yes Quantzir A Skyblock dungeons waypoint mod, it is currently not bannable and is very useful for early game dungeons players
Cowlection Forge 1.8.9 GitHub Page Yes Cowlection Cow Mostly used for it's Dungeons-related features.
Apec Forge 1.8 CurseForge Yes Apec BananaFructa An insane GUI improvement mod.
SkyBlock Extras (SBE) Forge 1.8.9 Purchase Page Yes AlphaElite A SkyBlock QOL mod, with lots of QOL solvers. It costs $5 USD. Many features are also present in other mods, however they aren't always as fast to update as SBE.
Skyblocker Mod Fabric 1.16.5 Modrinth Yes SkyBlocker Mod xMrVizzy SkyBlock mod with QoL changes such as mana and health bar, Dwarven Mines tweaks, and more.
Skyblocker Mod LIAP Fabric 1.17.1 - 1.18.2 Modrinth
Yes SkyBlocker Mod LIAP Wohlhabend aka LifeIsAParadox Fork of SkyBlocker Mod adding aditional features like visual dungeon solver (f7 terminal, Blaze ...). All Features listed here
SimpleStats Forge 1.8.9 GitHub Page Yes Nooooora A Hypixel mod that allows you to see other player's stats with just one command. Latest version allows you to see Skyblock stats(armor, inventory, networth).
Hyblock RNG Analyzer Forge 1.8.9 GitHub Page Yes Hyblock RNG Analyzer doej1367 Collects item drop data for the wiki (e.g. Dungeon Chest contents, Crystal Nucleus loot, etc.)
General Minecraft Mods
Modification Modloader Download Link Currently Supported? Forum Post Head Developer Uses
Optifine Vanilla & Forge (1.8-1.17.1), Fabric (1.15.2-1.17.1) Vanilla & Forge/Fabric Yes sp614x Performance improvements, zoom feature, ability to use SkyBlock Resource Packs, Shaders and more! (This is not made specifically for SkyBlock)
Patcher Forge 1.8.9 Download Yes Sk1er Tons of QoL features, huge performance improvements, and more. A must have.
Scrollable Tooltips Forge 1.8.9 Download Yes Sk1er Enables scrolling through long tooltips