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Resource packs are bundles of assets that change the look, feel, and even sound of Minecraft. Through their use you are able to give life to custom SkyBlock gear that would otherwise look the same as vanilla equipment. Some resource packs have been specially made for Hypixel SkyBlock and can be extremely useful as they help to differentiate between similar items. This is particularly useful for helping to prevent Scams.

Due to how custom assets for SkyBlock work, OptiFine is required for all of the resource packs.

This page is only for Hypixel SkyBlock specific resource/texture packs, not general vanilla ones. Please feel free to add your own pack here!


The list is not in any particular order, though more popular or widespread packs are moved to the top.

Name Author Tags Source
FurfSky Reborn The Reborn Team (10+ artists, including @Furf__) (16x, animated) Official continuation of FurfSky+ Hypixel Forums
HQ's SkyBlock Texture Pack Packs HQ (12 Artists) (x16, x32, animated) Hypixel Forums
Vanilla+ TBlazeWarriorT (x16, animated) Hypixel Forums
Hypixel+ ic22487 (16x) Hypixel Forums
Hyblock @_abbie (x16) Hypixel Forums
SkyPixel @mikestah (x16, Discontinued) Hypixel Forums
EvoSky @-ORAMBO- (WIP, 3D) Hypixel Forums
SkyBlock 3D Swords Hypixel / @castcrafter (from Warlords, 3D) Hypixel Forums
Ectoplasm's @Ectoplasm (WIP, x16, animated, Discontinued) Hypixel Forums
'Yet another SkyBlock resource pack' @MarcosSegon (3D) Hypixel Forums
Buhpoi's @buhpoi (x16, Discontinued) Hypixel Forums
SkyBlock Tweaks @PirzolaTM (x32, Discontinued) Hypixel Forums
Socialiist's 1.8.9 pack @socialiist (x16) Hypixel Forums
Ragnarok's @Ragnarok9402 (x64, Discontinued) Hypixel Forums
Flytre7's Overhaul @flytre7 (x16) Hypixel Forums
FAR Block @Farkonong (x16) Hypixel Forums
Enhanced SkyBlock Textures @VortFX (x16, animated) Hypixel Forums
ThatGravyBoat's Faithful Pack @ThatGravyBoat (x32) Hypixel Forums
Steinblock 1.8.9 Mix Pack @EnteStein (x16, animated) Hypixel Forums
DuckBlock @duckiscool69 (x16) Hypixel Forums
Ugurtngr's Faithful Pack u/Ugurtngr (x32) Reddit Link
Simplistic Skyblock @wildcard_gamer (x16) Hypixel Forums
SkyPack @AstronoCraft-Space-Gaming (x16) Hypixel Forums
New Skyblock Texturepack @zirkill007 (x16, WIP, Swords) Hypixel Forums
ActuallyAssets @MotorGorilla1 (x16, Weapons, UI) Hypixel Forums
Agro skyblock @notrodan (16x, short swords, animated) Youtube Video
Skyblock Dream @SrVinter (x16) Hypixel Forums
HoneyComb @ItzEnd3r (x32, WIP) Hypixel Forums
Potassium Skyblock Weapons @NobodyAskedLol (16x, animated) Hypixel Forums
Dukmig Cloud @duckmig (16x, animated) edit of furfsky+ Hypixel Forums
Skyblock Overhaul @sporkspoon / @saikage (32x, 16x WIP) Discord Server
RNBW+ @Rainbowcraft2 (16x, UI) Hypixel Forums
Nameless @Smolegit (16x, animated, WIP) Hypixel Forums
SBBW Skyblock Pack The SBBW Team (16x/32x, animated) [Requires Optifine and NEU] Discord Link
Simply SkyBlock Recat013 (32x) [Requires Optifine) Planet Minecraft Link
Worlds and Beyond Skeletony (16x, animated) [Requires Optifine] Mediafire Link
xCyni's Skyblock Pack xCyni (32x, animated) [Requires Optifine] Discord Server


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