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This page has been provided by the wiki as a helpful resource for the players of SkyBlock.

This page contains a list of sites that may be helpful for your gameplay and SkyBlock experience. This page also include a small selection of mods that can be crucial for some gameplay elements.


Site Description
https://hypixel.net/skyblock-rules/ Hypixel SkyBlock Rules.
https://skyblock.finance A Modern Bazaar Tracker with very Powerful Charts and Comparison Tools
https://skyblock.bz Advanced Hypixel Skyblock Bazaar Flipping Website
https://bazaartracker.com/ Useful Bazaar tracking/flipping website.
https://auctions.craftlink.xyz/ Useful Auction Flipping and average price website. Also has player statistics - leaderboard, bank history ( up to a week ), kills, etc. Note: 'Flipper' function requires their Patreon
https://hypixel-skyblock.matdoes.dev/ Can view stats, average auction house prices, and the bank leaderboard. (often stops working though)
https://sky.coflnet.com Good for filtering results, and a nice interface with many different items. Gives you more control over what you are searching.
Player Stats
https://sky.shiiyu.moe/ Almost identical to sky.lea.moe currently, but also features dungeons info and will update in the future
https://skyblock.matdoes.dev/ Similar to sky.lea.moe, but a lot more info
https://plancke.io/ Focuses more on non-SkyBlock stats, but still useful to check guild members and more (Plancke is a server admin)
https://notifly.zone/ Shows all the player's achievements/quests in all Hypixel games - including SkyBlock.
Timer for Events
https://hypixel.inventivetalent.org/ Various timers for in-game activities
https://ugly-guy.github.io/calendar/ A table showing exactly when the next events will happen and how long they will last (IRL time)
Player Counts
https://hytrack.me/ See player counts for all Hypixel minigames (including SkyBlock)
Guild and Player Leaderboard
https://hypixel-leaderboard.senither.com/ See player and guild stats for Skills, Slayers and The Catacombs
https://hypixel.net/threads/qol-spreadsheet-revived-api-imported-accessories-pets-more.2461091/ Spreadsheet for next cheapest Accessory and Pet as well as some Skill information
Forum Sections
SkyBlock Forums SkyBlock forums
Submitting Bug Reports Submitting bug reports and looking at previously submitted bug reports
Island Showcase Island showcases and private island builds
Guides and Strategies Skyblock related guides and strategies including useful spreadsheets, websites and general guides
SkyBlock Patch Notes SkyBlock Patch Notes forum articles

Hypixel Skyblock Resource Packs[]

The title above (Resource Packs) will link to the separate article where all possible resource packs can be detailed. To simplify this page has included only the most popular skyblock texture pack at the current time. It is suggested that the Modification Optifine (see below) is installed and Minecraft version 1.8.9 is used for the following modpack. Please add other resource packs to the page listed above unless the most popular texture pack has changed or there is one of similar popularity only.

Name Author Tags Source
FurfSky Reborn The Reborn Team (11 artists) (16x, animated) Continuation of FurfSky+ / FurfSky+ Add-on Hypixel Forums

Hypixel Skyblock Mods[]

The title above (Skyblock Mods) will link to the separate article where all possible mods can be detailed. To simplify this page has included all of the popular Skyblock Mods that require no fee. Most importantly these mods can be used in conjunction to dramatically simplify the Experimentation Table and Necron Puzzles.

Modification Download Link Currently Supported? Forum Post Head Developer Uses
SkyBlockAddons Download - Latest Yes SkyBlockAddons Biscut General features to make your Skyblock experience less frustrating.
Optifine All versions Yes sp614x Performance improvements, zoom feature, ability to use Skyblock resourcepacks, shaders and more!
NotEnoughUpdates Github page Yes NEU Moulberry Dungeon chest profit, info on every item in the game and API stalking.
Danker's SkyBlock Mod Github Yes bowser0000 Slayers, fishing, dungeons trackers, API stalking, lots of QOL features.