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The Crimson Isle is a Stone Sword.png Combat Location. It replaces the ⏣ Blazing Fortress; however, it is meant to be a more difficult Combat Island than ⏣ The End, with most of the mobs having several millions of Health Stat Icon.pngHealth.


The Crimson Isle can be accessed only after the player has attained Stone Sword.png Combat Level 24 (XXIV). It is traveled to by the use of a Launchpad found in the back of the Spider's Den.



Factions are a new feature of the Crimson Isle. Players can gain reputation with Factions by killing mobs or doing quests (including Elle's main questline), giving access to special Items and features. There are two factions: the Barbarian Faction and the Mage Faction.


Guards patrol the cities of important Factions. They are passive, until attacked, when they become hostile.


New minibosses spawn around the island. They drop rare loot and spawn quickly after they are killed. Similar to the Endstone Protector they will leave iron blocks near death. Miniboss loot will nearly always be Co-op Soulbound. Minibosses include the Magma Cube Boss, Mage Outlaw, Bladesoul, Ashfang and Barbarian Duke X.

Magma Boss[]

The Magma Boss will spawn in the ⏣ Magma Chamber every 5 minutes after it is killed. It has 200,000,000 Health Stat Icon.pngHealth.


Kuudra is a 4-player fight against a boss, similar to Dungeons. It takes place in the ⏣ Forgotten Skull, and drops rare loot.


Vanquishers are similar to Special Zealots and are mini-withers that have 10,000,000 Health Stat Icon.pngHealth, which have a small chance to spawn after killing any mob in the Crimson Isle. They drop Nether Stars, which are used to buy Kuudra Keys from the Emissaries in each of the Factions' settlements.



Alpha Hypixel Network
Feb 22, 2022Added Crimson Isle. The island cannot be accessed.
Mar 8, 2022The Crimson Isle can now be travelled to.
SkyBlock Prototype
Apr 20, 20220.13Added Crimson Isle.