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The questline begins at the spawn of the Crimson Isle where Elle is being attacked by 3 blazes which the player must kill. Elle will ask the player to help her collect

  • 4 Magma Chunk Dropped from Magma Cubes just outside the stronghold
  • 3 Blaze Ashes Dropped from regular Blazes in a room to the left of Elle
  • 2 Spectre Dust Dropped from Wither Spectres in a room to the left of Elle

Upon delivering these items to Elle, she will tell the player to explore the island, before running away. In order to trigger the next step in the quest, the player must stumble to the upper floor of either factions community center. Elle will stop the player, insisting they talk to any 4 villagers from each faction with green particles above their head. Finally, Elle will give the player the choice of which faction they would like to join. From here, the questline for both factions differ, although they closely parallel.


Upon choosing the Mage faction, Elle will give the player a Maddox Batphone if the player does not have one in their inventory already. Presenting this to the Dean in her office (-16, 123, -882) will give the player a Letter of Recomendation which allows access to the second floor of the community center, where the queen will formally invite the player to the mage faction.

The players next quest is to buy an Abiphone at (-78,107,-788), use it to call the Dean, talk to Elle at the Crimson Isle spawn, and then follow her to the cliff above the Barbarians Bastion where she thinks the stolen research is. If the player arrives to (-612, 154, -893) before Elle, she will teleport to meet you there. The player must start at the mouth of the skull and navigate through guards to find the stolen research without being seen by the guards, or walking too close and being heard. The stolen research is located at (-684,124,-1048), and if the player is quick they can run there before Elle finishes her dialogue and the guards spawn.

Elle will then call the player, once every few minutes, and then the player must call the dean, meet her in the basement of the community center, and then meet her back in her office, where she will ask you to find her apprentice in the desert. Instead of finding her apprentice you have to talk to Captain Ahone at (-526, 86, -885) who will tell you to keep looking. Then, the apprentice can be found unconscious at (-521, 104,-916), where you must call Captain Ahone with an Abiphone, and wait for her to arrive.

The next quest is to bring 10 Magma Chunk from magma cubes, and 5 Burning Eyes from Flaming Spiders to the dean in her office.

She will tell you to talk to Igrupen (-31, 93, -824) who asks you to help him get his chickens back in the chicken pen by punching or luring them with seeds. The 5 chickens are located at:

  • (-8, 92, -847)
  • (-47, 112, -856)
  • (-48, 103, -824)
  • (-62, 121, -817)
  • (-23, 116, -812)

You also have to talk to Odexar (-112, 99, -844) who gives you a volcanic stonefish to bring to Odger (-373, 207, -810). Odger rejects the quality, and tells you to go fish another volcanic stonefish. He will accept the new fish and give you a trophy to return to Odexer.

The finals series of quests require the player to kill several minibosses and bring their drops to the dean. These include

Next the player has to talk to talk to Captain Ahone who tracks down their lost sulfur to the forgotten skull on the far back side of the island. The player has to defeat Kuudra in order to finish the questline.


Upon choosing the Barbarian faction, Elle leads the player out to the ⏣ Burning Desert in search of sulphur, believing it will win them favor with the Piglins. A corrupted Flaming Spider spawns, which the player must kill. Soon after, Elle discovers an injured Piglin reverted to pig form; curing it with the sulphur dropped by the spider reveals their identity as Ugo, son of the Barbarian chief. Both NPCs must be escorted back to ⏣ Dragontail by clearing mobs from their path. Speaking to Chief Scorn earns the player entry into the Barbarian faction.

He reprimands Ugo for not completing his mission: infiltrating the Mage Faction to steal a war machine they are allegedly building. Elle and the player travel to the ⏣ Cathedral in his place. The player must sneak past the guards to the Dean's office, where the Dean's research can be retrieved from under the table. The research is delivered to the chief, who again reprimands Ugo for neglecting his training. Once again, the player is sent in his place. First, they must travel to the ⏣ Dojo. Speaking to Master Tao initiates three consecutive dojo challenges; Force, Stamina, and Mastery, which they may complete with any ranking higher than F rank (earning higher ranks of belts). Next, they must defeat a Mage Outlaw, followed by a Magma Cube Boss.

After completing Ugo's training, the player runs errands for a couple of other Dragontail residents, obtaining 1 Skeleton Fish Skeleton Fish and 1 Flyfish Flyfish for Lasea, and 1 Heavy Pearl Heavy Pearl for Gris (note that upon activating his quest, Gris will move to the basement of his house when you return).

Eventually, the player is summoned by Chief Scorn, who directs them, Elle, and Ugo to a trail of stolen sulphur leading to the ⏣ Forgotten Skull. There, Ugo and Captain Ahone confront each other, before realizing that a common enemy is stealing sulphur from both of them. The player has to defeat Kuudra in order to finish the questline.