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The Crystal Hollows is a randomly-generated Mining area. It is the primary source of Gemstones.


The Crystal Hollows is a mining area from Compass.png202, 31, 202 to Compass.png823, 188, 823, enclosing an area of 621 x 157 x 621. Bedrock walls enclose the mineable area. This area is partially randomly generated; only the Structures within the cave are randomly generated, with the exception of Crystal Nucleus. The cave tunnels are not randomly generated and are the same across all servers.

In order to access the Crystal Hollows, a pass must be purchased from Gwendolyn. The pass costs 10,000 coins and grants access for 5 hours, which continues counting down even when not in the Crystal Hollows. When the pass is about to expire (1 minute before), it can be renewed by clicking the chat message.

Once the pass is purchased, the Hollows can be entered via the Minecart next to Gwendolyn or the Minecart icon in the SkyBlock Menu. Clicking the Minecart in the SkyBlock Menu while in the Hollows returns the player to the Dwarven Mines.

Every 5 hours (15 in-game days), Crystal Hollows servers reset with a cave-in. Before a cave-in, the following messages are displayed in chat:
You can hear mighty rumbles and explosions in the distance...
The ground around you starts to wobble and crack...
You notice the ceiling starting to give way...
A few moments after that, the server restarts and all players will get kicked out and sent to Gwendolyn in Dwarven Mines.


Inside the Crystal Hollows, blocks that are mined do not get replaced by Bedrock, and are instead removed, similar to vanilla Minecraft mining. Blocks can be placed in most areas of the Crystal Hollows. Ores that require a furnace do not require Smelting Touch to be obtained.

Stone is replaced by Hard Stone within the Hollows, which is harder to break than Stone. Gemstones, Mithril, and vanilla ores spawn within the Hard Stone.

Yields from vanilla ores are increased within the Crystal Hollows.

Ore Yields
Icon Ore Base Yield
Coal Ore Coal Ore Coal 4x Coal
Lapis Lazuli Ore Lapis Lazuli Ore Lapis Lazuli 9x Lapis Lazuli
Redstone Ore Redstone Ore Redstone 22x Redstone
Emerald Ore Emerald Ore Emerald 4x Emerald
Diamond Ore Diamond Ore Diamond 4x Diamond

Treasure and Loot Chests[]

Upon mining blocks, there is a small chance to spawn a treasure chest, containing various rewards. These chest can spawn anywhere except near the bedrock wall. The player must aim at the critical particles on the face of the chests 5 times in a row in order to open the chest.

Loot chests on the other hand can spawn in set locations within structures; these chests can be opened directly with a small time delay and contain about twice the gemstones and powder of what a treasure chest gives on average.

The loot within such a certain structure chest is always the same for all players who open it within that Crystal Hollows instance. However, the amount of Mithril and Gemstone Powder within each slot of the chest varies between players.[1] Chests from mining do not share this property.

Treasure and Loot chests will only contain the loot found within the area. For example, Magma Fields chests might contain Yoggie Yoggie, Rough Topaz Gemstone Topaz or Rough Ruby Gemstone Ruby.

Treasure and Loot chests have a 5% chance to be a rare loot chest, which can contain better drops. If the chest is not a rare loot chest, it will contain common loot.

The possible loot is listed below, as well as the chance of the item being rolled as a drop from chests. 3-6 drops are rolled per chest.

Possible Loot[]


Each part of the Crystal Hollows has its own main special location, excluding Magma Fields, which will always generate in every lobby:

Each of these structures house their respective Crystal. A special task must be completed to obtain the Crystal.

Khazad-dûm is the one location that can spawn in any part of the Crystal Hollows, making it harder to find.

There are also smaller structures which generate in random locations. Examples include:

  • A structure which resembles the Deep Caverns, including the lift and the layered structure of the original Deep Caverns island
  • A dragon skull from the Spider's Den
  • A replica of the Dark Auction
  • A miniature version of The Forge including a working forge NPC
  • A copy of the pre-Hub overhaul Tavern

A full list of Structures can be found at Crystal Hollows/Special Locations.

Certain structures contain loot chests. Loot chests always generate in the same positions within the structures, similar to Dungeon Secrets.



Alpha Hypixel Network
June 30, 2021AHN 0.12 Round 1Added Crystal Hollows.
Unknown DateChanged size of the Crystal Hollows from 1024 x 256 x 1024 to 621 x 157 x 621.
Unknown DateFixed all Polished Diorite blocks within the Crystal Hollows counting as Titanium and regenerating.
SkyBlock Prototype
July 14, 20210.12Added Crystal Hollows.
July 20, 2021Updated Hollows map to improve navigation slightly.
Removed Ruby Skull Matching Puzzle room.
Fixed not being able to fish up certain Crystal Hollows sea creatures.
July 22, 2021Updated Jungle Temple to make the parkour easier.
July 27, 2021Added a 5 minute spawn protection area around entrances.
2 Fairy Grottos will spawn per lobby rather than 1.
Improved warping to and from the Crystal Hollows.
Improved pass checks.
Reduced Powder amounts from loot chests.
Fixed loot chest spawning in some rooms.
Updated some rooms with context clues and spacing.
Aug 24, 2021Added background soundtrack.
Nov 8, 2021Newer Crystal Hollows servers will now be prioritised when entering the Crystal Hollows.
The Crystal Hollows now remains open for 5 hours, or 15 in-game days (from 2 hours, or 6 in-game days).
3 Fairy Grottos now spawn per lobby rather than 2.
When the player enters the Crystal Hollows via a warp (not the Minecart track) it will now put them at a random entrance.
Apr 9, 2022Disabled Loot Chests.
Apr 13, 2022Re-enabled Loot Chests.
Loot Chests now immediately give the loot after opening rather than opening a Chest GUI.