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The Crystal Nucleus is a location in the Crystal Hollows, mainly used to deposit collected Gemstone Crystals from expeditions.


Players can travel to main areas of the map using each of four corners, including the Magma Fields directly below the platform. After the five required Crystals (Jade, Amber, Amethyst, Sapphire, and Topaz) are delivered to their respective statues, a treasure stash will appear opposite of the Topaz Crystal Statue.

Aside from being guaranteed 1 of every Fine Gemstone and 800 HotM EXP, treasure stashes are completely random, meaning each item listed isn't guaranteed to drop. Crystals are reclaimable, but are no longer so once all 5 crystals are placed.


This text is shown when a player enters ⏣ Crystal Nucleus for the first time.

  • Place all Crystals at the statues.

Chat Messages[]

Note: The color of "<type> Crystal" changes based on the Crystal type

Placing a Crystal[]

You placed the <type> Crystal!
 Keep exploring the Crystal Hollows to find the rest!

After placing all Crystals[]

 You've earned a Crystal Loot Bundle!


When all Gemstone Crystals have been placed, a treasure stash will appear opposite of the Topaz Crystal. It will contain 14-20 pieces of loot, as well as 1 of every Fine Gemstone (including Opal) and 800 HotM EXP. A random drop is rolled for each of the 14-20 drops.

Drop Chances
Slot Item Chance
❈ Flawed Amethyst Gemstone6 Flawed Amethyst Gemstone 6x Flawed Amethyst Gemstone 6.58989440%
❈ Flawed Amethyst Gemstone12 Flawed Amethyst Gemstone 12x Flawed Amethyst Gemstone 3.29494720%
❈ Flawed Amethyst Gemstone24 Flawed Amethyst Gemstone 24x Flawed Amethyst Gemstone 1.64747360%
❈ Flawed Amethyst Gemstone40 Flawed Amethyst Gemstone 40x Flawed Amethyst Gemstone 0.65898944%
❈ Fine Amethyst Gemstone Fine Amethyst Gemstone 1x Fine Amethyst Gemstone 0.29654525%
❈ Flawless Amethyst Gemstone Flawless Amethyst Gemstone 1x Flawless Amethyst Gemstone 0.00494242%
⸕ Flawed Amber Gemstone6 Flawed Amber Gemstone 6x Flawed Amber Gemstone 6.58989440%
⸕ Flawed Amber Gemstone12 Flawed Amber Gemstone 12x Flawed Amber Gemstone 3.29494720%
⸕ Flawed Amber Gemstone24 Flawed Amber Gemstone 24x Flawed Amber Gemstone 1.64747360%
⸕ Flawed Amber Gemstone40 Flawed Amber Gemstone 40x Flawed Amber Gemstone 0.65898944%
⸕ Fine Amber Gemstone Fine Amber Gemstone 1x Fine Amber Gemstone 0.29654525%
⸕ Flawless Amber Gemstone Flawless Amber Gemstone 1x Flawless Amber Gemstone 0.00494242%
☘ Flawed Jade Gemstone6 Flawed Jade Gemstone 6x Flawed Jade Gemstone 6.58989440%
☘ Flawed Jade Gemstone12 Flawed Jade Gemstone 12x Flawed Jade Gemstone 3.29494720%
☘ Flawed Jade Gemstone24 Flawed Jade Gemstone 24x Flawed Jade Gemstone 1.64747360%
☘ Flawed Jade Gemstone40 Flawed Jade Gemstone 40x Flawed Jade Gemstone 0.65898944%
☘ Fine Jade Gemstone Fine Jade Gemstone 1x Fine Jade Gemstone 0.29654525%
☘ Flawless Jade Gemstone Flawless Jade Gemstone 1x Flawless Jade Gemstone 0.00494242%
✎ Flawed Sapphire Gemstone6 Flawed Sapphire Gemstone 6x Flawed Sapphire Gemstone 6.58989440%
✎ Flawed Sapphire Gemstone12 Flawed Sapphire Gemstone 12x Flawed Sapphire Gemstone 3.29494720%
✎ Flawed Sapphire Gemstone24 Flawed Sapphire Gemstone 24x Flawed Sapphire Gemstone 1.64747360%
✎ Flawed Sapphire Gemstone40 Flawed Sapphire Gemstone 40x Flawed Sapphire Gemstone 0.65898944%
✎ Fine Sapphire Gemstone Fine Sapphire Gemstone 1x Fine Sapphire Gemstone 0.29654525%
✎ Flawless Sapphire Gemstone Flawless Sapphire Gemstone 1x Flawless Sapphire Gemstone 0.00494242%
✧ Flawed Topaz Gemstone6 Flawed Topaz Gemstone 6x Flawed Topaz Gemstone 6.58989440%
✧ Flawed Topaz Gemstone12 Flawed Topaz Gemstone 12x Flawed Topaz Gemstone 3.29494720%
✧ Flawed Topaz Gemstone24 Flawed Topaz Gemstone 24x Flawed Topaz Gemstone 1.64747360%
✧ Flawed Topaz Gemstone40 Flawed Topaz Gemstone 40x Flawed Topaz Gemstone 0.65898944%
✧ Fine Topaz Gemstone Fine Topaz Gemstone 1x Fine Topaz Gemstone 0.29654525%
✧ Flawless Topaz Gemstone Flawless Topaz Gemstone 1x Flawless Topaz Gemstone 0.00494242%
❤ Flawed Ruby Gemstone6 Flawed Ruby Gemstone 6x Flawed Ruby Gemstone 6.58989440%
❤ Flawed Ruby Gemstone12 Flawed Ruby Gemstone 12x Flawed Ruby Gemstone 3.29494720%
❤ Flawed Ruby Gemstone24 Flawed Ruby Gemstone 24x Flawed Ruby Gemstone 1.64747360%
❤ Flawed Ruby Gemstone40 Flawed Ruby Gemstone 40x Flawed Ruby Gemstone 0.65898944%
❤ Fine Ruby Gemstone Fine Ruby Gemstone 1x Fine Ruby Gemstone 0.29654525%
❤ Flawless Ruby Gemstone Flawless Ruby Gemstone 1x Flawless Ruby Gemstone 0.00494242%
❁ Flawed Jasper Gemstone6 Flawed Jasper Gemstone 6x Flawed Jasper Gemstone 3.29494720%
❁ Flawed Jasper Gemstone12 Flawed Jasper Gemstone 12x Flawed Jasper Gemstone 1.64747360%
❁ Flawed Jasper Gemstone24 Flawed Jasper Gemstone 24x Flawed Jasper Gemstone 0.65898944%
❁ Flawed Jasper Gemstone32 Flawed Jasper Gemstone 32x Flawed Jasper Gemstone 0.23064630%
❁ Fine Jasper Gemstone Fine Jasper Gemstone 1x Fine Jasper Gemstone 0.06589894%
❁ Flawless Jasper Gemstone Flawless Jasper Gemstone 1x Flawless Jasper Gemstone 0.00164747%
Oil Barrel Oil Barrel 1x Oil Barrel 3.29494720%
Treasurite5 Treasurite 5x Treasurite 0.65898944%
Treasurite10 Treasurite 10x Treasurite 0.06595327%
Jasper Crystal Jasper Crystal 1x Jasper Crystal 0.82373680%
Bob-omb16 Bob-omb 16x Bob-omb 3.95393664%
Pickonimbus 2000 Pickonimbus 2000 1x Pickonimbus 2000 3.29494720%
Divan Fragment Divan Fragment 1x Divan Fragment 1.97696832%
Prehistoric Egg Prehistoric Egg 1x Prehistoric Egg 1.64747360%
Helix Helix 1x Helix 1.31797888%
Ruby Crystal Ruby Crystal 1x Ruby Crystal 0.82373680%
Jaderald Jaderald 1x Jaderald 0.47776734%
Gemstone Mixture Gemstone Mixture 1x Gemstone Mixture 0.23064630%
Enchanted Book Enchanted Book 1x Enchanted Book (Fortune IV) 0.23064630%
Wishing Compass Wishing Compass 1x Wishing Compass 0.16474736%
Recall Potion Recall Potion 1x Recall Potion 0.08237368%
Quick Claw Quick Claw 1x Quick Claw 0.01647474%
Precious Pearl Precious Pearl 1x Precious Pearl 0.08237368%
Divan's Alloy Divan's Alloy 1x Divan's Alloy 0.000125%

(Rolled once per Treasure Stash)
See Divan's Alloy § Obtaining


  • Two Crystals, the Jasper and Ruby Crystals, are not used in the Crystal Nucleus, but are used to forge Perfect Gemstones
  • It is the only location in the Crystal Hollows that generates at a set location.
  • Obtaining the Crystals quickly is known as a "crystal run' and many players do it since it can make large sums of money very quickly.
    • Each crystal run will guarantee at least 179,200 coins (from Fine Gemstones), along with other items.
  • Crystals were used to be reclaimable as well to unlock more treasure stashes, but this feature is no longer avaliable.


  • The Crystal Nucleus is always found at Compass.png512, <y>, 512 (center), with the main platform at Y=106.


Alpha Hypixel Network
June 30, 2021AHN 0.12 Round 1Added Crystal Nucleus.
SkyBlock Prototype
July 14, 20210.12Added Crystal Nucleus.
Sep 13, 2021Added Ruby Crystal Ruby Crystal, Jasper Crystal Jasper Crystal, Gemstone Mixture Gemstone Mixture, Enchanted Book Enchanted Book (Fortune IV), and Quick Claw Quick Claw to possible drops.
Increased Jaderald Jaderald drop rate by 50%.
Increased Flawless Ruby Gemstone Flawless Gemstones drop rate by 50%.
Increased Flawless Jasper Gemstone Flawless Jasper Gemstone drop rate by 30%.
Added reward of 800 HotM XP every time.