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The Daedalus Axe is a Legendary Sword that grants +4 ᚏ Damage per Taming.png Taming level (maximum of 200 at Taming.png Taming 50). It also deals +200% damage against Mythological Creatures.



  • The Daedalus Axe's ᚏ Damage depends on its wielder's Taming.png Taming level. The weapon has 0 ᚏ Damage at Taming.png Taming 0 and increases by 4 for every Taming.png Taming level up to 200 at Taming.png Taming 50.
  • The Daedalus Axe copies its wielder's active Pet's stats onto itself. Only the Pet's stats are copied, and not the pet's abilities, even if the Pet's ability grants Stat bonuses
  • Each mob kill with the Daedalus Axe grants 35 coins. This includes mobs killed by other means than by the Axe, such as with Frozen Blaze Armor Frozen Blaze Armor.
  • It deals 200% more damage to Mythological Creatures. This is the same increase as the Sword of Revelations Sword of Revelations, but without the increased damage taken penalty.



SkyBlock Prototype
Sep 8, 20200.9Golden Axe.png Added Daedalus Axe.
Mar 9, 20210.11.2Added +200% damage against mythological creatures and Minos followers.