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Dark Oak Wood is a Common item and is one of the six logs available in the game.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Dark Oak Wood is obtainable by breaking down Dark Oak Logs in the Dark Thicket on The Park and from Dark Oak Minions. Breaking Dark Oak Logs grants +6 Jungle Sapling.png Foraging XP. It is the best wood to farm for Foraging XP because of the abundance of wood. Because of this, the price of Dark Oak is much lower than the other woods.

Merchants[edit | edit source]

  • Lumber Merchant

Merchant Price (coins)
1x​ 5x​ 10x​ 32x​ 64x
Lumber Merchant coins 25 coins 50 coins 160 coins 320 coins

Dark Oak Wood Collection[edit | edit source]

I50Dark Oak Minion Recipe
II100Dark Oak Leaves Trade
III250Portal to Dark Thicket Recipe
IV1,000Roofed Forest Biome Stick Recipe
V2,000Enchanted Dark Oak Wood Recipe
VI5,000Roofed Forest Island Recipe
VII10,000Enchanted Book (Growth IV) Recipe
VIII15,000+2,500 Foraging Experience
IX25,000Growth Armor Recipe

Usage[edit | edit source]

Dark Oak Wood can be used as a basic building block on the Private Island and for some basic crafting. It is also used for crafting Dark Oak Minions and can be sold at a Merchant for 2 Coins per block.

Crafting Ingredient[edit | edit source]

Crafting Recipe Results Notes
Dark Oak Wood10Dark Oak Wood10Dark Oak Wood10
Dark Oak Wood10Wooden AxeDark Oak Wood10
Dark Oak Wood10Dark Oak Wood10Dark Oak Wood10

Dark Oak Minion I
Dark Oak Minion I-IV The other ones (V-XI) require Enchanted Dark Oak Wood.
Dark Oak Wood32
Dark Oak Wood32Dark Oak Wood32Dark Oak Wood32
Dark Oak Wood32

Enchanted Dark Oak Wood
Enchanted Dark Oak Wood
Roofed Forest Island
Dark Oak Wood16Dark Oak Wood16Dark Oak Wood16
Dark Oak Wood16Ender Pearl16Dark Oak Wood16
Dark Oak Wood16Dark Oak Wood16Dark Oak Wood16

Portal to Dark Thicket
Portal to Dark Thicket
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