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The Deep Caverns are a dangerous mining area accessed from the Gold Mine where players can collect traditional mining resources as well as obtain rare items.

The area is unlocked by achieving Level 5 in the Mining skill. It can also be accessed directly by a Deep Caverns Portal.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The deep cavern is divided into seven distinctive layers that are progressively more dangerous the deeper players travel. After discovering them for the first time, they can be quickly traveled to from the Lift Operator's elevator shaft.

Lift Operator

Each mine has its own resources and its own hostile mobs, each increasing in difficulty as the player progresses deeper into the caverns. While possible, players with low defense or health should not venture too deep into the caverns as the hostile mobs can be very dangerous, especially mobs in the Diamond Reserve and Obsidian Sanctuary.

In all levels, it is possible for mobs to spawn next to, or even above players, causing harm to the player with no chance to defend against the attack.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Because the lowest floor Obsidian Sanctuary has Lava and Zombies, the Lava can be used to fight a Revenant Horror in combination with a Lava Talisman and a Fire Talisman. There is currently a bug where if you jump into the void near the portal and hug the wall, you will instantly unlock all the sub-mines.

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