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❈ Defense is one of the core player statistics. It determines how much Damage reduction the player has. The more ❈ Defense a player has, the less damage is taken from attacks.

Defense does not reduce ᚏ True Damage; that is reduced by ❂ True Defense.


Chart showing damage reduction.

The more ❈ Defense the player has, the less bonus damage reduction the player will have.

The formula for damage reduction is

damage reduction. For example, if Defense is 200, the formula is

or ~67% damage reduction, meaning with 200 ❈ Defense, the player takes 33% of the damage from monsters that would normally be taken with 0 defense.

This leads to a misconception that higher ❈ Defense is useless because the damage reduction only goes up slightly. This is incorrect, for as the difference from 0% to 50% damage reduction may seem more substantial than the jump from 90% to 95%, both are equal in that they double EHP (Effective Health Points) (100-200 vs 1000–2000)

 calcpage  = Calculator:Damage Reduction
 template  = Template:Calculator/Damage_Reduction
 form      = dmgReductionCalcForm
 result    = inner

 param     = defense|Your Defense|100|int|0-999999
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Effective Health

❤ Effective Health (EHP) is the amount of damage enemies need to deal to the player to kill them when ❈ Defense is factored in. If one has 100 ❤ Health and 200 ❈ Defense, they will be able to take 300 damage before dying, as shown below.

The formula for EHP is


For example, if ❈ Defense is 200 and ❤ Health is 100, the formula is:




300 EHP, meaning with 100 ❤ Health and 200 ❈ Defense, the player can take as much damage without dying as someone who has 300 ❤ Health and 0 ❈ Defense could.

EHP is a useful metric for calculating which items are better than others in allowing the player to survive attacks.

EHP does not factor in ᚏ True Damage attacks, which are affected by ❂ True Defense.

Increasing Base Defense

Players do not have any base ❈ Defense by default. It can be increased by:

Increasing Bonus Defense

There are several ways to gain additional bonus ❈ Defense. They include, but are not limited to:


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added ❈ Defense.