The Dragon's Nest is a sublocation on the End Island. The area is designed around Ender Dragon fights. It is also the spawn location of the Endstone Protector.

Location[edit | edit source]

In order to visit the Dragon's Nest, the player must first go to The End. From the Spider's Den Left of the Blazing Fortress, there is a launch pad to get to the End Island. Players can also visit The End with a Portal to The End on their Private Island or an end travel scroll.

To reach the Dragon's Nest the player must wind their way through the tunnels until reaching a large door in the lower levels. Alternatively, the player can jump down the central hole in the End Caverns to quickly reach the gate.

Players can also fall from the top of The End where the End Race is completed. This is not recommended as players will take very high amounts of fall damage. It is also slower than falling through the caverns.

Dragon's Gate[edit | edit source]

The Dragon's Gate is the entrance to the Dragon's Nest. Players will colloquially refer to it as "gate" or "the gate." It is sealed off during Ender Dragon fights.

Summoning Altar[edit | edit source]

In the center of the Dragon's Nest lies an altar with 8 empty End Portal Frames. Summoning Eyes can be placed and removed from these Portal Frames. This broadcasts a message to the server that a player has placed an eye. Once all 8 frames been filled with a Summoning Eye, one of seven dragon variants will spawn and the fight will begin.

Teleport Pads[edit | edit source]

There are several teleport pads found on several lower towers that lead to higher areas such as The End Spire, Dragon's View, and The Peak. These locations are all reachable through a parkour wrapping around the Dragon's Nest. Each location has a teleport pad to go back to the pad in which the player stepped in to get to their location.

Mobs[edit | edit source]

  • Zealots are level 55 Endermen with 13000 health each. When killed, they have a (1/420) chance to spawn a Special Zealot that is guaranteed to drop a Summoning Eye.
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