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Drop Chance or Odds is the in-game denotation of how common a drop is from a Mob. Drop chances can be viewed through the bestiary when you have gained enough kills against the mob. It can also be viewed in the mobs wiki page.

Most items will have known drop chances.

Bestiary Mob Drop Chances[]

  • All drops, Rare Loot or up, will still shows "Rare Drop!" in chat even if that is not the rarity.
  • Bestiary mobs do not share the same item drop chances
Odds Drop Chance Description
Common Loot 30.01%-100% Common Loot items are very common. They are usually inexpensive singularly.
Uncommon Loot 1.01%-30% Uncommon Loot items are slightly rarer than Common Loot. They are typically worth more.
Rare Loot 0.11%-1% Rare Loot slightly more rare than Uncommon Loot. They are usually worth a lot more than Uncommon Loot.
Legendary Loot 0.02%-0.1% Legendary Loot items are very rare. They can be worth a lot on the Auction House or Bazaar.
RNGesus Loot <=0.01% RNGesus Loot items are extremely rare. They can be worth millions if sold at the right price.

Slayer Drop Chances[]

All drops, Occasional or up, will still shows "Rare Drop!" in chat even if that is not the rarity.

Odds Drop Chance Description
Guaranteed 100% Guaranteed items are Guaranteed(100%) items. They are usually inexpensive singularly. Items like Revenant Flesh Revenant Flesh, Tarantula Web Tarantula Web, and Wolf Tooth Wolf Tooth have these odds from Slayer bosses. Examples include most Mob drops.
Occasional 20% Occasional items are usually fairly common and cheap items, they only drop every now and then. They usually sell for prices in the thousands. Examples include slayer drops like Foul Flesh Foul Flesh (Sells for 25,000 coins to NPCs each), Toxic Arrow Poison Toxic Arrow Poison (Sells for 2,000 coins each, but the Tarantula Broodfather Drops around 20-64 upon death), and Hamster Wheel Hamster Wheel (Sells for 20,000 coins each to NPCs).
Rare 5% Rare items are inexpensive and slightly common items, selling for prices in the thousands. Examples include items like the Pestilence Rune Pestilence Rune and Bite Rune Bite Rune. Runes like the ones mentioned before can sell for tens of thousands if upgraded to tier 3. Occasional tier items can out-price rare items at times.
Extraordinary 1% Extraordinary items are slightly rare, and semi-valuable items, they usually sell for prices in the tens of thousands up to a couple hundred thousand. Examples include items dropped from Slayer Bosses like an Enchanted Book Enchanted Book with Critical VI or Revenant Catalyst Revenant Catalyst. Some of these items are used in crafting powerful items/weapons like the Reaper Falchion Reaper Falchion.
Pray RNGesus <1% Pray RNGesus items are incredibly expensive and valuable items. They usually sell for prices in the Millions, and are usually used in crafting the best items in the game. Examples include the Overflux Capacitor Overflux Capacitor, which is used in crafting the Overflux Power Orb Overflux Power Orb, the Scythe Blade Scythe Blade, used in crafting the Reaper Scythe Reaper Scythe, and the Divan's Alloy Divan's Alloy, used in crafting the Divan's Drill Divan's Drill.
Note: not all Pray RNGesus items have the same drop chances.
RNGesus Incarnate <<1% RNGesus Incarnate items are unbelievably expensive and valuable items. They can sell for prices in the ten millions+ or even several hundred millions, and are usually used in crafting end-game items. Not only are they hard to obtain in the first place, but most have very high, special requirements for them to even have a chance to drop at all. Currently, there are only 2 items in the game with this drop chance, which are a Warden Heart Warden Heart from the Atoned Horror with at least Zombie Slayer LVL 7 and an Ender Slayer VII Enchanted Book from a Voidgloom Seraph Tier IV with at least Enderman Slayer LVL 7.

Other Drop Chances[]

Item Drop Chance
Fraction Percent
Ender Helmet.png Ender Armor pieces 1 in 1,000 - 1 in 5,000 0.1% - 0.02%
Weak Wolf Catalyst Weak Wolf Catalyst 1 in 200 0.5%
Phoenix Pet.png Legendary Phoenix Pet 1 in 30,000,000 0.00000003%
Lapis Armor Lapis Armor pieces 1 in 200 0.5%
Wolf Talisman Wolf Talisman 1 in 1000 0.1%
Hound Pet.png Legendary Hound Pet 1 in 60,000 0.0016%

Increasing the chances[]

All drop chances are affected by ✯ Magic Find. Additionally, non-slayer drops are affected by the Luck Enchantment. The final drop chance can be calculated using the following formula:


Item: Weak Wolf Catalyst Weak Wolf Catalyst
Base Chance: 1 in 200 = 0.5% = 0.005
✯ Magic Find: +80% = 0.8
Luck Level: 6


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added Drop Chance.