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The Dungeon Hub is accessible through the Hub Island via a staircase in the Southwest area, by using the Fast Travel feature in the SkyBlock menu, or by going through the Portal at Compass.png-45, 88, 13. This area has been made as a means to access all existing Dungeons and all Dungeon-related shops in one place.

Damage is disabled in the Dungeon Hub.

NOTE: The Fast Travel warp is not unlocked if you have not gone through the Portal.

Things to do[]

  • Join Dungeons!
  • Play with Friends!
  • Create your own custom party.
  • Meet new friends and organize Dungeon parties!
  • Talk with Ophelia and Malik.
  • Find Fairy Souls (7)
  • Hub Racing (for Wither Essence and Speed Accessories. Located under the main dungeon area)


There are three sub-locations that are accessible in the caves below the Hub:

  • Crystal Core
  • Giant Mushroom
  • Precursor Ruins

Hub Racing[]

Players can do the Hub Racing quest by talking with Guildford and selecting which race location and type.

There are 3 routes to these locations:

  • Crystal Core
  • Giant Mushroom
  • Precursor Ruins

Each route has 4 types of race:

  • Anything (can use Abilities (like AOTE, Leaping Sword), Ender Pearls, and Grappling Hook)
  • No Pearls (can use Abilities (like AOTE, Leaping Sword), and Grappling Hook)
  • No Abilities (can use only the Grappling Hook)
  • Nothing at all (can't use anything, and walking speed is capped at 130)

You can choose whether or not you want a runback. With no runback you will be teleported back to Guildford after reaching the end. So therefore, there are 24 combinations of the race.

For every race the player completes in time, Guildford will give 3/4/5/6 Wither Essence or a Cat Talisman Upgrade.

Players can obtain the Speed Accessories by completing (4/4) at least 1 category in a location. For the rewards the order of the races doesn't matter, only how many locations have been fully completed. Each reward upgrades the previous:

  1. Cat Talisman.png  Cat Talisman - +1 Speed icon.pngSpeed Uncommon Accessory
  2. Lynx Talisman.png  Lynx Talisman - +2 Speed icon.pngSpeed Rare Accessory
  3. Cheetah Talisman.png  Cheetah Talisman - +3 Speed icon.pngSpeed Epic Accessory


SkyBlock Prototype
July 1, 20200.7.11Added Dungeon Hub.