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Dungeons are PvE raid activities in which a team of 2 to 5 players work together to defeat mobs within a procedurally generated series of rooms, ending in a boss fight. Players are rewarded based on their performance within the dungeon with Mort Skull.png Dungeoneering XP and items within chests. The rewards scale up with the difficulty of the dungeon; the more difficult missions can drop some of the strongest items in the game.

Currently, the only released Dungeons are the Catacombs and its Master Mode. Two other Dungeons are hinted at, with a desert and forest theme.

If someone starts a party for the entrance and has several Combat/Skill UI 15 players but joins floor 1 then the rest of the party will be left and the party leader will get to solo the floor.



Dungeons consist of a series of connected rooms. The main goal of each Dungeon run is to unlock each door, beat The Watcher guarding the way to the boss room, and defeat the boss. Along the way, special Dungeon Mobs will spawn and attack the player. Certain Dungeon rooms will also contain special items and buffs to help players accomplish their goal.


Each Dungeon is a series of rooms, connected by doorways. The path to the Blood Room is always guarded by a series of Wither doors, and the Blood Door at the end; the Fairy room will always generate along this path.

The size and number of rooms in each dungeon depends on the listed size:

Dungeon Size Size in rooms
Tiny 4x4
Small 5x5
Medium 5x6, 6x6

Within each Dungeon, the following special rooms will always generate:

  • 1 starting room - Green Room
  • At least 2 puzzle rooms - Purple Room
  • 1 mini-boss room - Yellow Room
  • 1 Fairy room - Pink Room
  • 1 Blood room - Red Room
  • 1 Trap room (Floor 3+ only) - Orange Room

The rest of the space is filled in with normal rooms - Brown Rooms.

Special rooms are always generated in 1x1 space, and generate at the end of a chain of connected rooms. Normal rooms can generate in 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 2x2 or L-shaped space.

Dungeon Mobs spawn in all normal rooms. Their spawning locations are set, and in some cases their type, as in Lonely Spider spawns in the spider room.

Each room also has a number of Dungeon Secrets, which appear in fixed locations. Each Secret, when found, awards the player with loot or a team-wide buff, and adds to the score for that run.

A Magical Map of the Dungeon replaces the SkyBlock Menu once the Dungeon begins. This map shows the location of all rooms as well as their completion status. It is taken away once entering the boss room. When right-clicked, it functions as a SkyBlock Menu.

Gear Mechanics[]

Most items obtained from Dungeons with stats are Dungeon items; normal items can be converted to Dungeon items with Essence. Dungeon items can be differentiated from normal items in the rarity, for example, "RARE DUNGEON SWORD".

Dungeon items receive stat buffs according to the dungeon level of its user. In addition, certain items can be upgraded with Essence, which applies up to 5 stars to the item. Each star adds a 10% stat buff to that item, up to 50%. The dungeon level and star stat buffs are additive; if a player has a 20% stat buff from levels and 50% from stars, the total stat buff will be 70%. If a slayer item is converted into a dungeon item with essence, it can be used within Dungeons even if the player does not have Slayer Level requirement of that item.

The following stats are boosted by both Dungeon levels and stars:

The following stats are only boosted by stars:

For the following stats, it is unknown how they are boosted:

Most Dungeon items, including converted items, require a certain Dungeon level to use. In addition, gear dropped from mobs from a floor have the same Dungeon level requirement as the requirement to enter that floor, but only in that Dungeon. For example, a Zombie Knight Armor piece dropped from The Catacombs - Floor VII will require The Catacombs.png Catacombs 14 to use, as well as The Catacombs.png Catacombs 24 within Catacombs.

General Mechanics[]

Certain mechanics are tweaked within Dungeons:

  • Every time you hit an enemy, you regain 1% max + 5 mana. This applies to:
  • This does not apply to:
    • Item abilities (Spirit Sceptre ability, etc.)
    • Class abilities (Explosive Shot, etc.)
  • The Purse is not displayed; the bonus from items buffed by the Purse (Emerald Blade, Crown of Greed[Confirm]) will not work. Shops in the dungeon will first take from the purse, then directly from the player’s bank.
  • Any ✦ Speed above 100 is reduced by 2/3.
  • The following enchantments are changed:
  • The following items are changed:
    • The item abilities of Explosive Bow and End Stone Sword do not work.
    • All fired arrows do not respect invincibility frames, but deal reduced knockback.
  • The player is not allowed to do the following:
    • Warp to private islands. (Warping to the Hub and other locations is still allowed.)
    • Ride mounts such as the Horse.
    • Use /ah, /et, /av or /bz with the Cookie Buff on.
  • Players may only consume or splash 1 potion during a Dungeon run.
    • Healing, Mana and Stamina potions are exceptions.
    • Players can receive effects from multiple potions if they are splashed or consumed simultaneously.
    • God Potions may not be consumed.


Each Dungeon contains a number of Floors. Each Floor is harder than the previous by about 50%, but drops stronger loot.

Catacombs 7 + 1 Entrance
Master Mode Catacombs 7

In order to enter a floor, the player must have completed the floor before it at least once and has to have the required dungeon level.

Floor Requirements
Floor Requirements Floor Requirements
Entrance Stone Sword.png Combat 15
Floor 1 The Catacombs.png Catacombs 1 Master Mode

Floor 1

The Catacombs.png Catacombs 24
Floor 2 The Catacombs.png Catacombs 3 Master Mode

Floor 2

The Catacombs.png Catacombs 26
Floor 3 The Catacombs.png Catacombs 5 Master Mode

Floor 3

The Catacombs.png Catacombs 28
Floor 4 The Catacombs.png Catacombs 9 Master Mode

Floor 4

The Catacombs.png Catacombs 30
Floor 5 The Catacombs.png Catacombs 14 Master Mode

Floor 5

The Catacombs.png Catacombs 32
Floor 6 The Catacombs.png Catacombs 19 Master Mode

Floor 6

The Catacombs.png Catacombs 34
Floor 7 The Catacombs.png Catacombs 24 Master Mode

Floor 7

The Catacombs.png Catacombs 36

Certain Dungeon items require the player to have completed a floor before it can be used. For example, Shadow Assassin Armor requires a Catacombs - Floor V completion.


Currently, there are 5 playable classes within Dungeons:

  • The Healer uses their healing abilities and tools to keep the team alive and dealing damage.
  • The Berserk specialises in close-quarter combat, relying on life-steal and high melee damage to defeat enemies.
  • The Mage relies on high Intelligence levels and magic damage to shut enemies down with magic weapons. Its Mage Staff ability deals formidable single-target damage from a safe distance.
  • The Archer’s ranged weapons allow it to take down high-health enemies from a safe distance.
  • The Tank keeps the team safe by drawing enemy attention away from and taking damage on behalf of more vulnerable members of the team.

Each class gains class-specific buffs and abilities within Dungeons. The power of those buffs and abilities are increased by leveling up those classes. Class abilities can be used with the Dungeon Orb, or by pressing the drop (ultimate) or drop stack (regular) key with an Orb in inventory.

If within a dungeon run there is only 1 instance of a class, the class buffs are increased by 100% of their base stats. For example, if an Archer level 25 (50% base extra arrow chance, 25% additional extra arrow chance from levels) is the only Archer in a run, their extra arrow chance will be increased to 125%.

Class Passives
Renew: Your healing abilities heal the target for 50% additional HP.
Healing Aura: Passively heals all living teammates within a 8 block radius for 1% ❤ Health per second.
Revive: Spawns a fairy that follows you and uses it's energy to revives dead teammates, while no-one is dead it will stick around and provide support. Vanishes for 100 seconds after reviving a player.
Orbies: Enemies that you help kill have a 15% chance to drop an orb that anyone can pick up. The orb heals the player that picked it up and grants them a random buff.
Soul Tether: Clicking on a teammate creates a tether connecting yourself to them. Tethered teammates received 0.5% of your maximum health as healing every second while they are within 30 blocks of you. Every 5 melee hits you deal while tethered will heal both players for 1% of their maximum health.

Dungeon Stone Abilities
Healing Circle: Launches a healing orb that creates a healing circle where it lands. The healing circle heals friendly players inside for 2% of their health every second. Cooldown: 2 Seconds
Wish: Heals everyone in your group to full health and grants them a shields for 20% of their maximum health. The cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds for every player below 25 health. Cooldown: 120 Seconds

Ghost Abilities
Healing Potion: Throw a potion which heals all teammates in a 10 block radius for 10% of their max health and +100 ❤ Health
Revive: Revive yourself after 50 seconds.

Leveling Bonus
You can level up the healer class while playing as a healer or if you have a teammate that is Healer, you get some of its healer XP as a team bonus.

For every healer level you get:
+ 1% Renew Healing
+ 2 Ghost Healing Potion Health Restored
+ 1% Wish Shield Percent
- 1 Revive Cooldown

For every other healer level you also get:
+ 1% Ghost Healing aura Healing

And for every 5 Healer Levels you also get:
+ 0.1% Healing aura Healing
+ 0.5% Healing Circle Healing
+ 0.5 Healing Circle Radius

+ 1 Healing Circle Duration

Class Passives
Mage Staff: All your melee weapon attacks become ranged. Those attacks deal 40% +5 of their melee ᚏ Damage (increased by your ✎ Intelligence) up to 15 blocks, after which damage is reduced.
Formula for Mage Staff damage is: [1]
Efficient Spells: All abilities have a 25% shorter cooldown.

Dungeon Stone Abilities
Guided Sheep: Shoots a Guided Sheep, dealing damage based on your Mage level!
Thunderstorm: Unleash a Thunderstorm, striking enemies in a 10 block radius for 15 seconds dealing damage based on your Mage level!

Ghost Abilities
Instant wall: Create a 5x3 wall at the block you are looking at which lasts for 10 seconds
Fireball: Shoots a fireball, dealing damage based on your Mage level!

Leveling Bonus
You can level up the Mage class while playing as a Mage or if you have a teammate that is Mage, you get some of its Mage XP as a team bonus.

For every Mage level you get:
+ 5 Intelligence
[100-2000|+ 100-2000] Guided Sheep Damage
+ 80-1600 Fireball Damage

For every other Mage level you also get:

+ 1% Cooldown Reduction

Class Passives
Bloodlust: Your next hit after killing a monster deals 20% increased damage and heals you for 1% of the damage dealt. This Bonus will expire after 5 seconds.
Lust For Blood: Every time you hit an enemy, increases the damage you deal to that enemy by 10% up to a maximum of 50%.

+ 30 Speed
+ 40% Melee Damage

Dungeon Stone Abilities
Throwing Axe: Throw an Axe, dealing the same damage as your highest hit in the last minute. Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Ragnarok: Summon 3 Zombie minions to aid you in battle! Cooldown: 60 Seconds

Ghost Abilities
Buff Potion: Throw a potion which temporarily gives all teammates in a 10 block radius +30 ❁ Strength
Ghost Axe: Throw an Axe, dealing damage based on your berserk level!

Leveling Bonus
For every Berserk level you get:
+ 0.4% Melee Damage
+ 0.4% Bloodlust Damage
+ 1% Throwing Axe Damage
+ [[1]] Ghost Axe Damage
[4000-80000|+ 4000-80000] Ragnarok Summon Health
+ 0.8% Lust For Blood Damage Increase Per Hit

For every 5 Berserk Levels you also get:
+ 0.4 Walk Speed
+ 2 Ghost Buff Potion Strength

For every 5 Berserk Levels starting from level 10 you also get:

+ 100% Lust For Blood Damage Increase Cap

Class Passives
Doubleshoot: 50% Chance to shoot a second arrow.
Bone Plating: Reduces your next incoming hit by 240.0 damage (scales with Archer Level and Critical Damage) Cooldown: 25s

Dungeon Stone Abilities
Explosive Shot: Shoots an Arrow that explodes on impact, dealing the same damage as your highest bow hit in the last minute in a 4 block radius.
Rapid Fire: Shoots 8 Arrows per second for 4 seconds! Arrows deal 80.0% of your highest Bow hit in the last minute.

Ghost Abilities
Healing Bow: Shoots an arrow healing teammates for 20.0% of their Max Health and granting 50 Strength for 5 seconds.

Stun Bow: Temporarily stuns any non-boss dungeon monster for a short period of time when shot.

Class Passives
Protective Barrier: Gain a permanent +25% Total ❈ Defense. Upon falling below 50% health, gain a 10% health absorption shield. Cooldown: 90s
Taunt: Increases the chance for mobs to target you when you are above 25% HP.
Diversion: Divert 80% of the damage taken by your teammates within 30 blocks around you.
Defensive Stance: Grants immunity to knockback from mobs.

Dungeon Stone Abilities
Seismic Wave: A Seismic Wave emerges from underneath you and travels in a straight line. Deals 20000 + 10% every +50 ❈ Defense in damage to any enemy in its path. Cooldown: 15s
Castle of Stone: Fortifies your defense, reducing the damage you take by 70% for 20 seconds. Also aggros all enemies in a 10 block radius. Cooldown: 150s

Ghost Abilities
Stun Potion: Throw a potion which temporarily stuns all monsters in a 10 block radius.
Absorption Potion: Throw a potion that gives all teammates in a 10 block radius 200.0 HP worth of absorption for 3 seconds.

Leveling Bonus
For every Tank level you get:
+ 1 Defense
+ 0.1% Total Defense
[1000-20000|+ 1000-20000] Seismic Wave Damage

+ 10 Absorption Health

The Guided Sheep and Explosive Shot abilities can blow up the same things as Superboom TNT.


Dungeon loot is obtained in three ways: from Secrets, dropped from mobs, or bought from Dungeon Reward Chest.

Death and Revival[]

In Dungeons, instead of dying, players become Ghosts, where they are invisible except for a ghost icon that follows them and is visible to other players. Players also become Ghosts if they leave and return to the dungeon for any reason. In the Ghost state, players can fly freely, but not through walls. They are unable to normally interact with the world, except for killing Fairies in order to revive themselves, and through the use of their respective Ghost Abilities.

In Ghost form, players are unable to use the majority of the features in the SkyBlock Menu, or warp out of the Dungeon. Ghosts cannot attack Dungeon Mobs, with the exception of through their Ghost Abilities. For additional ghost abilities, players can get the Spirit Sword and Spirit Bow, both of which appear in the player's hotbar when the player is dead, if they had the items beforehand. These are usable as normal. They also gain the Haunt ability, which teleports them to a chosen alive teammate. Ghosts are also able to view the Magical Map.

Ghosts may be revived in the following ways:

  • Having a Revive Stone in their inventory prior to death.
  • Having a teammate use a Revive Stone.
  • Killing a Fairy in a Fairy Room.
  • Defeating the corresponding Wandering Soul in The Watcher boss fight.
  • By the Revive passive and Revive ghost ability of the Healer class.
  • Automatically after 15 seconds on Entrance, 45 seconds on Floor I, and 100 seconds on Floor II.

Finishing, Scoring and Rewards[]

The Dungeon is finished when one of the following occurs:

  • The Boss is defeated.
  • All players in the Dungeon have either become a Ghost or left.
  • 70 minutes pass without defeating the Boss.

Players need not complete every room or kill every mob to complete the dungeon.

At the end of the dungeon, a Score is assigned to the run depending on how much of the dungeon has been explored, the number of Secrets found, the number of times the players died, the number of puzzles failed, and the time taken to clear the dungeon. If the dungeon boss is completed, the player is offered up to 6 Dungeon Reward Chests, which contain rewards of loot and Essence and can be opened for a cost.


  • The Dungeoneering skill is most likely a reference to the skill of the same name in RuneScape. In RuneScape, Dungeoneering is mainly leveled up in Daemonheim, where players complete randomly generated dungeons. Likewise, Dungeons uses similar mechanics possibly inspired by RuneScape's Dungeoneering skill.


SkyBlock Prototype
June 27, 2019First tease of Dungeons in a since-deleted tweet from Hypixel.
Dec 18, 20190.7.5Mob AI technology for what would become the Lost Adventurer and Angry Archaeologist is showcased in a video.
Feb 21, 20200.7.6The overall gist and general mechanics of Dungeons are shared in the update post.
The release date for Dungeons is estimated to be "late March or early April".
May 19, 2020Dungeons testing begins on the Alpha Hypixel Network.
Jayavarmen posts a series of videos explaining the mechanics of Dungeons.
July 1, 20200.7.11Dungeons infrastructure released onto the main server.
The Catacombs and its 11 floors can be viewed in the Dungeon Hub.
July 7, 20200.8Released The Catacombs Dungeon.
Released Catacombs Entrance and Floors 1-3.
July 14, 2020Buffed berserker healing effect and melee damage.
Reduced the cooldown of the Tank Ultimate by 30 seconds
Players are now unable to ride pigs inside Dungeons
Combat level requirements now go up by 1 every floor
Added Boss Collections for all Catacombs bosses
July 15, 2020Arrows now bypass invulnerability frames in Dungeons.
Archer Rapid Fire arrows now have Aiming 1
Journal pages and Dungeon NPCs no longer count as secrets
July 16, 2020Added a queue system for entering Dungeons when servers are full.
July 17, 2020The Dungeon Map now shows 2 kinds of check marks: a white checkmark for when all required mobs have been slain, and a green checkmark for when all secrets have been found in a certain room.
Added a secret counter to the action bar
Containers now can only be opened once. After they are opened, they will remain opened instead of disappearing and their contents will drop on the ground.
July 30, 2020Added Catacombs Floor 4.
Added Ice Essence, which drops from Frozen Adventurers.
Changed mana regen in Dungeons. Players regenerate 90% less mana, but any hit on enemy mobs grants 1% + 5 mana.
Improved aggro system.
Fixed Berserk melee damage buff and Archer melee damage nerf applying to all damage types.
Unstable Lost Adventurers now deal lightning damage; Holy ones heal faster.
Mana regen ticks are now rounded up.
Non-mage mana regen debuff decreased to 75%.
Buffed passive mana regen for all classes: Mage to 20%, Tank and Berserk to 35%, Healer and Archer to 50%.
Added Frozen Adventurers to regular rooms, fixed an issue that was making them too tanky and gave them 1 extra Ice essence drop.
Aug 1, 2020Mort won't give Dungeon Orbs anymore in floor 3 and up if the player does not have one already.
Aug 7, 2020Added the Essence Shop, where players can buy perks for large amounts of Undead and Wither essence.
Players can now enter Catacombs level requirements not higher than their own when creating a party.
Mana regen for all classes reverted to 100%.
Mana on hit no longer applies to the mage staff.
Added magic damage resistance to Dungeon mobs: 10% for most melee, 30% for ranged, 50-80% for magic-type. Certain bosses and mini-bosses have this resistance. Chaos Guardian magic damage resistance reduced from 90% to 80%.
Archer's Explosive Shot now fires 3 arrows in an arc, and can blow up anything Superboom TNT can.
Archer now has an extra passive: Arrow Bounce Chance
Archer Bone Plating cooldown reduced by 5s
Healing Circle is now 1 block wider
Healers can sneak to activate their healing circle beneath them.
Activating the Healer ultimate when a teammate is in the red reduces the cooldown of the Wish by 10s per red health bars.
Berserk's Bloodlust used to increased the Base damage of their sword, it'll now apply post multipliers (essentially a large buff to bloodlust).
The damage scaling per level on every class ability is now 5 times higher. If a class ability would gain 1000 damage on level up, it now gains 5000 damage.
Entering the boss room now fully replenishes the mana pool and resets class ability cooldowns.
Sep 17, 20200.9.1Leaving a dungeon without killing the boss will now reduce the score by 30%
Added stats to Golden and Diamond boss heads. On their respective floor, their stats are doubled.
Dungeons stats are now added to the API
Added upgrades level 3 to 5 for a few Wither Essence shop perks.
Catacombs Floors 2, 3 and 4 are now approximately 5% easier
Added Catacombs Floor 5.
Starting Floor 5, obtaining an S+ rank will unlock the Bedrock chest, that can contain extremely strong items.
Killing mobs in the dungeons will now drop their loot client side.

Whenever a mob drops loot, the system now randomly distribute the item among eligible players. The killer, and all players within 20 blocks of the monster are all eligible for the roll.

Nearby players have a weight of 1, and the killer has a weight of 5 to be selected.
Oct 1, 20200.9.4Added Catacombs Floor 6.
The "Drop Arrow" archer ghost ability is changed to a bow that allows players to heal and buff their alive teammates.
Fixed an issue where the minimap would sometimes be cut on the sides.
Reviving will now replenish your mana fully.
Improved the UI of the Catacombs Menu and the icon of the Dungeoneering Skill.
Fixed a couple edge cases that would cause players to lose their inventory on respawn, and added debugs and alerts to monitor potential new edge cases.
Ghosts are now able to use abilities while in Danger rooms.
Oct 3, 2020End Stone Sword ability is now disabled in Dungeons.
Fixed exploit where players could use ender pearls to avoid entering boss rooms.
Nov 17, 20200.9.13Added Catacombs Floor 7.
The previously planned Catacombs floors 8, 9 and 10 are now cancelled.
Catacombs floors 1-6 are now slightly easier.
Guided Sheep can now blow up anything Superboom TNT can.
Jan 6, 2021Flight exploit with Tarantula Boots in Catacombs Floor 7 boss room fully patched.
Jan 19, 2021Fixed exploit where the Mage ability cooldown reduction perk could apply outside of Dungeons.
Mar 30, 20210.11.3Released Catacombs Master Mode, Floors 1-5.
Added Catacombs level requirements to enter Catacombs Floors 1-7.
Added Diversion and Defensive Stance abilities to Tank.
+15s Castle of Stone duration (from 5s to 15s).
Changed Castle of Stone to reduce only 70% of damage instead of granting total invulnerability.
Added Orbies and Soul Tether abilities to Healer.
Added Bloodlust2 ability to Berserk.
Reduced Catacombs level requirements for many items. Click here to view the full list.
Reduced Essence upgrade costs for many items.
All current catacombs floor will grant more catacombs exp based on how many times that floor has been beaten, up to 150% extra exp granted on floors 1 to 5, up to 100% on floor 6 and up to 50% extra on floor 7.
Decreased damage of minibosses.
Life Steal and Syphon are no longer nerfed in Dungeons.
Fixed Rabbit Hat jump boost exploit in Floor 7 boss room.
Fixed Lesser Orb of Healing and Spirit Mask not working in Dungeons.
Fixed a rare case where one could "complete" a class milestone without having the requirements for it.
Mar 31, 2021Renamed Bloodlust2 ability to Lust For Blood.
Added barrier blocks to Floor 5 boss room to prevent cheese strategies.
๑ Ability Damage is no longer boosted by Catacombs levels.
Apr 21, 20210.11.4Released Catacombs Master Mode Floor 6.
Berserker's passive "Lust for Blood" is now half as effective when there is more than one berserker.
All master mode floors now have the same stacking completion EXP bonus as Regular Floor 7.
Mob loot in Master Mode is now stronger by 3 floors compared to normal mode.


Alpha Release Videos[]