The Dwarven Mines is a location that is focused on Stone Pickaxe.png Mining. It has several new minerals, including Mithril and Titanium. The Heart of the Mountain can be upgraded here. Having Stone Pickaxe.png Mining XII and completing Rhys Quest is required to enter this location.

How To Navigate[edit | edit source]

To travel to the Dwarven Mines, players need to complete a quest at Rhys, a NPC in the Obsidian Sanctuary. This quest asks players to collect 3 of 7 different enchanted ores each, which can be found in the Deep Caverns. When a player gives Rhys the required materials, he will teleport them to the Dwarven Mines, and unlock the option to travel there in the Lift Operator.

Players will arrive in the Dwarven Village where they can purchase better pickaxes, among other things.

For simple navigation and quick locating all required areas the player can use the Minecart Tunnels as described below.

After exiting the village, players will see Mithril veins on the walls, ceiling, and floor of the Mines. These can be mined by a pickaxe with at least Breaking Power 4, rewarding Mithril and Mithril Powder. Occasionally, a Titanium Ore may spawn after mining a block in a Mithril vein, which will require a pickaxe with at least a Breaking Power of 5.

Players can then proceed across a bridge to the Royal Palace. There, players can talk to the Dwarven Kings, which will allow players to start Commissions.

The Mist, at the bottom of the Dwarven Mines, is filled with Ghosts, invisible charged Creepers, that can be damaged, although they are one of the strongest Mobs in the Game and should only be fought by Endgame-Players. The deal huge amounts of Damage and are likely to oneshot unprepared Players. As there are no other things located in the Mist, new Players should avoid falling into the Mist.

Minecart Tunnels[edit | edit source]

In order to find specific places easier, the player can use the entrance to the tunnels located at Compass.png40, 200, -95, which go through every place of the Dwarven Mines and offer an exit in every area. This is useful for finding the area of your Commissions and can prove especially useful for players new to the location.

Major Events[edit | edit source]

Every 20 minutes real-time from when the server started (so the same ingame time every ingame day for each server, but not for all servers), an event will trigger, which rewards Stone Pickaxe.png Mining experience, Heart of the Mountain experience, Mithril Powder, and/or Bits. See Garry in game for additional information. For events that are in a specific location, 20 seconds before the event starts, a message in chat will allow players to teleport to Garry, who will then allow players to teleport to the target location.

Note that whilst mobs that regularly spawn take ability damage, most event mobs take highly reduced or no ability damage.

2x Powder[edit | edit source]

This event doubles all powder gains in the Dwarven Mines for all players for the duration, including Mithril Powder. If a Powder Ghast spawns during this event, powder gained from it will also be doubled.

Raffle[edit | edit source]

Raffle Tickets will spawn as dropped items around a specified location. Players collect as many as possible and deposit them into the box. Upon completion, all players are rewarded, with three lucky players receiving 3x rewards. Depositing more Raffle Tickets than other players will increase a player's chance to get 3x rewards.

Goblin Raid[edit | edit source]

Goblins spawn around the target location. Players must kill 1,000 total Goblins to finish the event and will receive extra rewards by having at least 25 kills.

Superprotectrons may spawn in the middle of Goblin packs, protecting nearby Goblins from damage. They take damage in increments of 1 and will reward 10 kills towards players' personal count if they contribute to its death.

Goblins spawned from this event are immune to ability damage and take highly reduced damage while a Superprotectron is nearby.

If players are unsuccessful in defeating the required number of goblins in the allotted time, participants will receive 50% reduced rewards.

Killing Goblins in the Goblin Burrows will count towards the Counter as well, making it an easy way for weaker players to farm them without having to worry about getting them stolen during the event.

Minor Events[edit | edit source]

Randomly, minor events can trigger. These events are smaller in scale. The chance for these events can be increased in the Heart of the Mountain skill tree.

Powder Ghast[edit | edit source]

A Powder Ghast will spawn at a random location in the Dwarven Mines. The Powder Ghast takes damage in increments of 1 and rewards Mithril Powder to players who damage it.

Fallen Star[edit | edit source]

Star Sentries come down from a Fallen Star at a random location in the Dwarven Mines every 7 days (e.g. the 7th, 14th, 21th, and 28th.) Slaying them rewards players with Starfall and Mithril.

Daily Events[edit | edit source]

These are events that will reset every day.

Fetchur[edit | edit source]

Every day, Fetchur asks the player to bring him a random item, rewarding the player with 1000 Mithril Powder and 20,000 coins.

Puzzler[edit | edit source]

Once a day, players may talk to the Puzzler to complete a puzzle to receive 1000 Mithril Powder.

NPC Shops[edit | edit source]

Bubu[edit | edit source]

Bubu in the Dwarven Village sells new pickaxes and, which all have enough Breaking Power.svgBreaking Power to break Titanium. He also sells Biofuel for 20,000 coins.

Bulvar[edit | edit source]

Bulvar in the Dwarven Village allows players to purchase Tier XII Stone Pickaxe.png Mining Minions.

All minions require the following to upgrade:

The Forge[edit | edit source]

The Forge is located inside the Dwarven Mines, and can be used after reaching Heart of the Mountain Tier 2. It serves as a way to both refine ores into more powerful versions, and cast items into new, powerful tools. The cost of using the forge is both materials and time, with each activity taking time to process.

At Heart of the Mountain Tier 2, four processes can occur simultaneously, with Tier 4 of the Peak of the Mountain (which requires Heart of the Mountain Tier 5) unlocking an additional slot.

The Royal Palace[edit | edit source]

The Royal Palace is located on the left side of the mines, following the gate with the golden banner.

Inside, the player will find the King. The King changes every SkyBlock day (20 real-life minutes), and there are 7 kings total. Talking to every king will reward the player with the King Talisman. This must be done while each king is sitting on the throne, so the player cannot simply go around the table. This can be done in 120 minutes if the player returns to the palace every 20 minutes. Each commission gives 100 HotM Exp. However, players can earn 900 HotM Exp (for a total of 1,000) as a bonus four times a day (in real time).

Commissions[edit | edit source]

The King will offer the player commissions to complete in order to obtain Heart of the Mountain experience, Stone Pickaxe.png Mining experience, Mithril Powder, and other valuables.

After completing a certain number of commissions, players are rewarded with mining experience and access to a new emissary, the latter acting exactly as the king and can be used to complete commissions.

Fairy Soul Locations[edit | edit source]

1 -21 208 -59 Rampart's Quarry On top of the gate
2 133 103 106 Under a platform
3 155 190 123 Click under the lava
4 -139 219 -86 above some leaves at the top of the hidden lake
5 34 102 88 under some snow behind the massive pillar
6 -203 131 199 back corner of the goblin spawns
7 -7 230 -134 Dwarven Village On the lamp on the ceiling
8 22 127 184 Great Ice Wall Parkour in the Dirt People Room
9 -51 204 49 Secret Room on cliff top with Purple Crystal at X:-25 Y:198 Z:40
10 -108 141 143 Goblin Burrows down the train tracks outside the goblin spawns
11 -115 142 151 Goblin Burrows down the train tracks outside the goblin spawns

Sublocations[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

SkyBlock Prototype
Jan 15, 20210.11Added Dwarven Mines

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The map Dwarven Mines is internally called Deeper Caverns.
  • The Dwarven Mines were initally called the Dwarven Caves. Trying to use the Royal Pigeon outside of the Dwarven Mines will still display the message "You may not use this Item outside the Dwarven Caves!"
  • There is a hole in the ceiling (located in 66, 222, -83) that leads you out of bounds, also there is a text up here says "Why are you up here?" and "The nerve!"
  • The name could be a reference to the game, Skyrim.
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