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Effective Health (EHP) is the amount of health that the player effectively has when considering both ❤ Health and ❈ Defense in union. EHP is a useful metric for calculating which armor is better than another armor.

The best way to increase EHP is to increase whichever stat is lower (Health or Defense); however, there are exceptions. If one would have to choose between 50 ❈ Defense or 10 ❤ Health, one should probably go with the defense no matter how low your health is.


Effective Health is calculated using the following formula:


For example, if ❈ Defense is 200 and ❤ Health is 100, the formula is:

= = 300 EHP

With 300 EHP, meaning with 100 ❤ Health and 200 ❈ Defense, the player can take as much damage without dying as someone who has 300 ❤ Health and 0 ❈ Defense could.


 calcpage  = Calculator:Effective health
 template  = Template:Calculator/Effective_health
 form      = ehpCalcForm
 result    = inner

 param     = health|Your Health|100|int|1-999999
 param     = defense|Your Defense|0|int|0-999999
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True Defense and True Damage

When normal damage is applied, ❂ True Defense will not reduce ❁ Damage. However, if facing a foe that deals ᚏ True Damage, then the EHP formula should replace any reference of ❈ Defense with ❂ True Defense, but otherwise it is calculated the same way.

List of important armor sets and their EHPs

Note: Full set bonus maxed if applicable.

If decimal amounts of ❤ Health and ❈ Defense come into the equation, they are not rounded. This means some numbers are possibly inaccurate by about 0.1% or so.

The EHP formula falls apart a bit when dealing with Protector Dragon Armor because the formula assumes that the player is at full health, but Protector Dragon Armor gets more defense when at less than full health. To remedy this, inputs were added into the formula for the health of full health Protector and the defense of half health Protector in order to create an "Effective Effective Health" for it. It's still an imperfect estimate, though. The armor abilities are calculated on sets such as old armor.

Also Note: Diver's Armor with a Level 100 Legendary Flying Fish Pet might be very good, but it requires a high amount of effort in order to obtain the pet, as well as being outclassed EHP wise by other armor through the use of another pet (such as the Blue Whale).

Armor Base Health 100 Full Growth V (+300 HP) Full Growth V + all Fairy Souls (+700 HP)
No armor 100 EHP 100 EHP 800 EHP
Iron Armor 175 EHP 700 EHP 1400 EHP
Diamond Armor 200 EHP 800 EHP 1600 EHP
Lapis Armor 352 EHP 1012 EHP 1892 EHP
Hardened Diamond Armor 430 EHP 1720 EHP 3440 EHP
Armor of Magma 1054.5 EHP 1609.5 EHP 2349.5 EHP
Golem Armor 1067.5 EHP 2117.5 EHP 3517.5 EHP
Emerald Armor 2170 EHP 4030 EHP 6510 EHP
Perfect Armor Tier I 600 EHP 2400 EHP 4800 EHP
Perfect Armor Tier V 920 EHP 3680 EHP 7360 EHP
Perfect Armor Tier X 1320 EHP 5280 EHP 10560 EHP
Perfect Armor Tier XII 1480 EHP 5920 EHP 11840 EHP
Ender Armor (Hub World) 526.5 EHP 1336.5 EHP 2416.5 EHP
Ender Armor (The End) 1276 EHP 3916 EHP 5236 EHP
Superior Dragon Armor 4215.75 EHP 6515.25 EHP 9581.25 EHP
Shadow Assassin Armor 3590.5 EHP 4880.5 EHP 6600.5 EHP
Protector Dragon Armor 3025 EHP 5075 EHP 6775 EHP
Old Dragon Armor 3300 EHP 6300 EHP (Note: the full set bonus of old dragon armor boosted growth by 10 health per level.) 8700 EHP
Titan's Armor 5737.5 EHP 7762.5 EHP 10462.5 EHP
Diver's Armor w/o

Legendary Flying Fish Pet

2800 EHP 4900 EHP 7700 EHP
Diver's Armor with Level 100 Legendary Flying Fish Pet 4312 EHP 7744 EHP 11264 EHP
Wither Armor 8446 EHP 10906 EHP 14186 EHP
Maxor's Armor 4300.5 EHP 5710.5 EHP 7590.5 EHP
Goldor's Armor 10298.25 EHP 13283.25 EHP 17263.25 EHP
Storm's Armor 4300.5 EHP 5710.5 EHP 7590.5 EHP
Necron's Armor 5032.5 EHP 6682.5 EHP 8882.5 EHP
Adaptive Armor 2121.75 EHP 3156.75 EHP 4536.75 EHP
Necromancer Lord Armor 9,064 EHP 11,704 EHP 15,224 EHP

Mastiff Armor(No Defense)

Armor 50% Crit Damage 100% Crit Damage 200% Crit Damage 400% Crit Damage
Mastiff Armor 4500 EHP 7000 EHP 12000 EHP 22000 EHP

Effective Health per second

Effective Health per second or "EHP/s" is the EHP that a player heals per second.

The formula is the same as EHP but applying it to the Health regenerated every second.

For example, if Defense is 200 and regeneration is 100, the formula is:

EHP/s is mainly related to tank builds but is also important for any other class. The higher the player's EHP/s is, the longer survivability the player will have in combat.

An example of the relevance of EHP/s is two players, one with 2000 EHP and 250 EHP/s and the other with 1000 EHP and 500 EHP/s. If they both take 500 EHP in damage per second, the second person would not die as easily due to their ability to heal all the damage before taking more.

The best way to increase EHP/s is by using a Zombie Heart or any of the variants. Natural Regeneration is not ideal as it is not optimal in combat and it is only a small amount of EHP/s.

The Life Steal enchant also counts towards EHP/s and it's one of the main components of it.

Another way not listed there is summoning Zombies with a Reaper Scythe and have them dealing damage. By doing that, the player will have another big "passive" method of regeneration.


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