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The Emerald Blade is an Epic Sword that becomes stronger as the more coins the player carries in their purse. It is unlocked at Emerald  VIII.


Requirements Ingredients Crafting recipe
Emerald  VIII 2 Enchanted Emerald Block +
1 Stick
Enchanted Emerald Block
Enchanted Emerald Block

Emerald Blade

(Requires 51,200 Emeralds in Total)


The Emerald Blade gains bonus Damage Icon.pngDamage the more coins the wielder carries in their Purse.

Damage based on coins[]

Although the damage in the description is rounded to 1 decimal place, it will be rounded to the nearest integer when it actually hits the mob.

The damage bonus from One For All works on the bonus damage.


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 form      = emBladeDmgCalcForm
 result    = inner

 param     = coins|Coins|1,000,000|string
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Coins based on damage[]

Damage Table[]

Money in Purse Damage (+Bonus) Notes
coins 130 (+0)
100 coins 138 (+8)
1,000 coins 144 (+14)
4,096 coins 150 (+20)
10,000 coins 155 (+25)
100k coins 174 (+44)
614.7k coins 200 (+70)
21.4M coins 300 (+170)
43.5M coins 333 (+203) Reaper Scythe's Damage
100M coins 380 (+250)
480M coins 500 (+370) Giant's Sword's Damage
1B coins 574 (+444‬)
14.7B coins 1,000 (+870)
25.6B coins 1,129.9 (+999.9) Maximum damage bonus[1][2]
1T coins 2,630 (+2,500)
263 - 1 coins
9.2Qi coins
137,902 (+137,772) Most likely the limit of coins that could be held in the purse
2.560 x 1034 coins
25.6De coins
1,000,000,000 (+999,999,870)

An Emerald Blade is needed to complete step 8 of the Romero and Juliette quest.

Time to obtain using a minion[]

Days to acquire Emerald.png 51,200x Emerald using an Emerald Minion (by tier, no fuel)
If the player has multiple minions, divide the number of days by how many minions will be used.


  • The maximum damage bonus an Emerald Blade can safely have is 999.9, which takes 25,594,000,000 coins to achieve.
    • It is possible to surpass this bonus, but it will result in glitchy behavior such as immobilizing the player and showing shop GUIs wrongly. Upon switching lobbies, the Emerald Blades will be deleted.[1][2]


SkyBlock Prototype
Aug 2, 20190.7Emerald.png Added Emerald Blade.
Dec 18, 20190.7.5Damage to coins in purse scale has been changed.